32+ Best Moto CMS Food Templates For Hotel, Cafe, Restaurant etc 2017

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author Mohit M 16 Mar 2017

The premium 32+ Best Moto CMS Food Templates are aided with CTools and masses of high stop functions like the Search Engine Optimization to growth views on your net website online, multi language help for people speaking other languages, use of excessive first-rate photos for your net site, type of user alternatives, and so on.You may additionally appearance Restaurant PrestaShop Themes.

1. Honey Website Template with Animated jQuery Slider

Apiculture is an interesting and beneficial hobby, due to the fact honey isn’t always only a candy product we love to eat, but it is a medicinal remedy of many illnesses. Beekeeping as a career isn’t always that easy as it seems to be, but it could carry a regular and exact earnings. The more you promote your commercial enterprise, the more a success and profitable it’s miles


2. Frozen Food Website Template with Dark Background

Frozen food has already been modern for a long term and nowadays the providers of frozen fruit, meat and seafood are on their pinnacle. It is a good method to maintain products sparkling for a long term. If you need your company to be even greater successful than it’s far, you need to strive on-line equipment, like a expert business card internet site, as an instance.


3. Clean Cooking Website Template with jQuery Slider

Culinary is an artwork that many people need to master. Millions of ladies locate satisfaction in cooking for his or her husbands and children, many humans suppose they are able to master a career of cook and earn money on it. Thereby, culinary schooling facilities are famous today and received’t lose their positions in future, specially if to apply current equipment for promoting and enterprise development.


4. Tea Website Template Done in Saturated Colors

This tea website template completed in saturated colors is designed with a mild background similar to the colour of weak green tea. The slides on the home page illustrate the snap shots of glass cups with tea, herbs, vegetation, fruit. This slideshow is going to promote your tea collection – just write your own textual content there and fill the popup pages with something interesting to read for users.


5. Creative Bakery Web Template with Tasty Pictures

There are people of two categories when it comes to food – those, who eat to live and those who stay to eat. The humans, who like their food to be tasty and convey them satisfaction, should like this creative bakery web template with tasty photos. This theme is perfect for shops of baked merchandise, domestic bakeries and cafes.


6. Flat Healthy Food Website Template with Vibrant Images

This flat healthy food website template with vibrant pictures is a special design for cafes, restaurants and shops, in which customers are supplied with healthy meals.


7. Catering Services Website Template with Red Background

With several easy steps you may build a internet site your self, do you need to recognize how? We invite you to check this catering services internet site template with purple heritage. It is easy-to-use and you will apprehend its precept of work straight away.


8. Honey Website Template with Products Catalog

Honey is sweet, it’s far healthful and really useful. This honey website template with products catalog will assist you with a web site design, if you are a beekeeper, promote honey for clients or buy honey products.


9. Pasta Website Template in Orange Colors

Here is ideal news for eating place owners, chef chefs, culinary experts, food manufacturing corporations and meals deliveries. This pasta internet site template in orange colorings will make you easy-to-discover on the Internet and could get many customers for you.


10. Cooking Website Template with a Photography Background

Professionals operating in a food enterprise are the primary ability users of this cooking website template with a photography history. The subject matter is suitable for restaurants, cafes, cooking recipes portals, non-public chefs’ personal pages.


11. Water Filters Website Template

Drinking sufficient smooth water at some point of the day is an essence for bodily and intellectual fitness. Nevertheless, the actual problem isn’t always the quantity, but a pleasant of water that we drink. All people, who’re involved about the water best in their houses and offices use water filtering systems.


12. Bakery Website Template with a Nice Creamy Background

When creating a food-associated internet site, one need to keep in mind that mouthwatering appeal will work properly and encourage site visitors, so here we’ve a pleasing and tasty bakery website template with a pleasing creamy history.


13. Honey Website Template To Sweeten the Web

Honey has many clinical makes use of: it’s far healthful for our skin, eyesight; it strengthens immunity, kills viruses, improves blood waft, and extra. It is a herbal product, that’s healthful, tasty and so candy than can replace all present sweeteners, consisting of sugar. Here is a outstanding internet site to help bee keepers with selling and merchandising of their products – honey internet site template to sweeten the net.


14. Bakery Website Template with jQuery Slider

If you need to create a tasteful website for your bakery, but aren’t familiar with net improvement strategies, we need that will help you. We have already designed a base on your destiny project – bakery internet site template with jQuery slider. Further you will want simply to make a few simple moves within the admin panel and specific design is prepared.


15. Tea And Teaware Website Template with Circular Menu

We are proud to present you this tea and teaware internet site template with circular menu, which is a exquisite example of flat and minimum internet design.


16. Personal Chef Cook Website Template

Red colour stimulates urge for food, isn’t it precisely what you want to get out of your private webpage? We have a high priced purple design here- private chef cook dinner website template. This topic is for personal chefs, who understand how essential a internet site is in today’s international, in which everything is digitized. Clients will appearance up for meals services at the Internet, no longer somewhere else.


17. Tea Collection Website Template Designed in Green and Gray Tones

Tea drinking conduct fluctuate global, but great tea is valued in any way of life. If you intention your emblem to reach the sector’s market and want to sell it in every nook of the Globe, you need to have a advanced website, so that you can up your professionalism and reliability for your clients’ eyes. This tea series website template designed in green and gray tones is a mighty tool to serve you as a base to your webpage.


18. Ice Cream Factory Template with a Background Slideshow

Ice cream is the great-loved meals in summer season for lots people everywhere in the Globe. This melting tasty satisfaction comes in many sorts and is produced via many specific factories. Would you love to make the internet site of your ice cream producing nation the most popular on the Internet? Then we’ve got something very unique for you – ice cream manufacturing unit internet site template with a background slideshow.


19. Frozen Seafood Company Website Template

Fish consists of many critical vitamins which might be a extensive part of a healthful food regimen. It is a fable that frozen seafood is worse than fresh due to the fact it’s far of a bad best. It is a wrong statement and the standard reason for that is the shipping time period – you in no way recognize how long it takes to deliver fresh merchandise for your kitchen.


20. Sophisticated Bakery Website Template

The main principle we ask you to observe even as choosing a platform in your website is its appropriateness for your enterprise. If you are not sure, you’re constantly allowed to use a unfastened demo of every MotoCMS template. This state-of-the-art bakery internet site template may not provide upward push to doubt, in case you personal a bakery, cafe or coffee house.


21. Catering Website Template with Menu Arranged in Photo Gallery

Catering offerings could make an unforgettable reception, espresso spoil or some thing is needed for clients. As a rule, organizations which give those services have a internet site, wherein all viable editions of occasions company are defined. If you still try to make this business without a help of online aid, you need to rethink your advertising and marketing plan.


22. Cream-Colored Dessert Bakery Website Template with Carousel Gallery

Do you have a sweet teeth? Perhaps you want everything related with desserts then. If yes, upload on your tasty listing some other quality component -cream-colored dessert bakery internet site template with carousel gallery. This template is an example of appropriate bakery, café or cake residence internet site. You may additionally use it as an legitimate useful resource in your business, or make it a private page, in which you could put very own recipes, cafes reviews, cute pix etc.


23. Beekeeping Website Template with Yellow Design

This beekeeping internet site template with yellow design can be of a exquisite importance for beekeepers, who promote honey merchandise and would like to proportion enjoy with one-minders. The identical accurate this template can be for bee farms, where there are numerous sorts of bees kept and lots of various honey products made.


24. Recipes Website Template with Wood Textured Background

This recipes website template with timber textured background will make your site visitors hungry and encourage them to cook dinner something straightaway. You may use this template as an online recipe book however additionally as a webpage to your eating place.


25. Bakery Website Template with Orange Header

Tasteful layout is a have to for bakery websites. How do you locate this bakery internet site template with orange header? To our taste it seems as a substitute scrumptious and charming.


26. Water Filter Brand Website Template

Water filters are easy to put in and preserve today, however the challenge for plenty human beings is still to pick out the perfect model or device. You can interest many customers to your emblem if you have this water clear out logo internet site template. It is an assistant in showcasing special filters with the images and traits descriptions.


27. Winery Website Template with Wood Textured Navigation Menu

Website is a hallmark of its owner well-being and enterprise fulfillment. Poor web site design has no risk to engage many site visitors, whilst a expert good-looking design can double the employer’s customers list relaxed. This vineyard internet site template with wooden textured navigation menu may be used by wine producers or distributors with the intention to make the logo famous and requested-for among customers.


28. Bakery Web Template with Gentle Pink Design

Sweets are the supply of happiness, they convey us delight and cheers us up. If you’re making delicious and artfully adorned pies, cakes, muffins, chocolates you’ve got to expose a lot of these to human beings, authentic connoisseurs will noticeably estimate your expertise. One of the techniques to realise this concept is on-line presentation by using the means of a remarkable internet site.


29. Food Delivery Website Template with Vintage Colors and jQuery Slider

This meals shipping internet site template with antique colours and jQuery slider is an ideal desire for eating places and meals delivery services. This type of enterprise is famous now and may be so for all time, as restaurants are correct places to have a date, a business assembly or just to have a dinner with your partner. At the identical time very regularly people need to eat food from their favorite area without leaving a residence and then food transport offerings are the first-rate answer


30. Catering Website Template with Vertical Menu Bar

This catering website template with vertical menu bar is a must-have selling tool for any agency presenting outstanding catering offerings. This template gives you the distinction you count on from MotoCMS.


31. Bright Yellow Cooking Moto CMS Food Templates

Food blogs are very famous these days, as there are all opportunities to submit a new recipe comfy, spoil it down into sections and of course supplement with mouse watering photos. A splendid quantity of girls like these blogs due to the fact each of them like cooking something new, making experiments and attractive the own family with tasty meals.


32. Bakery Website Template with jQuery Slider and Brown Background

Do you feel this tasty scent coming from your laptop? It’s this bakery website template with jQuery slider and brown history, which is overflowed with the smell of newly baked bread and cakes.


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