10+ Best Python Frameworks 2016 For Web Development

Mahak Mundra Mahak Mundra 04 Oct 2016

In this article we have discuss about best Python Frameworks of 2016 For Web Development. Python is a dynamic, object-oriented language. It is originally designed as an object-oriented language and is delivered some more evolved points within the later. Furthermore to the design rationale of language itself, the Python common library is worth praising, and it even brings its possess server. In different features, Python has ample free data library, free net page template process, and the library interacting with the online server, which will also be designed to your internet software. In this article, we will be able to introduce Python net developers the highest 10 internet software framework founded on Python.

1. CubicWeb


The foremost pillar of CubicWeb is code reusability. CubicWeb pronounces that it isn’t only an internet progress framework but in addition a semantic web development framework. CubicWeb uses RQL Relation question Language to be in contact with the database.


2. Zope2


Zope 2 is an online application framework headquartered on Python, the ancestor of all Python web functions, instruments, and the strong branch of Python. Zope 2’s “Object unlock” process could be very suitable for object-oriented development approach, can reduce the training curve for developers, and may additionally support you find some dangerous services in the software.


3. Web2py


Web2py is a free open supply internet framework written in Python, geared toward agile fast progress of net purposes, with the application of speedy, scalable, dependable and portable database driver, following LGPLv3 open source license.


4. TurboGears

turbo gears

TurboGears is an additional MVC sort internet utility framework situated on Python. TurboGears developers stated the task is a “megaframework”, due to the fact it’s product of the existing subprojects.


5. Pylons


Pylons is an open source internet utility framework, using the python language. It extends the appliance of WSGI specifications, improves the perform of reusability and will be split into separate modules. Pylons is usual of the state-of-the-art internet utility framework, similar to Django and TurboGears.


6. Grok


Grok is an internet software progress framework for Python developers. Grok makes a speciality of agile progress, which is an easy utilising and powerful development framework, based on the technology of Zope 3.


7. Web.py


Web. Py is a light-weight open source Python net framework. It’s flexible, easy and really strong, even without any restrictions when getting used. At reward net. Py is greatly used in many large websites, reminiscent of Spain’s social networking websites Frinki, Yandex which homepage has an natural of 70 million visits, and so forth.


8. Pyramid


Pyramid is also a light-weight open supply Python web framework, which is a part of the Pylons venture. Pyramid can only run in Python 2.X, Python 2.4 or later versions. There’s no license when utilising a again-finish database, and it also is not going to drive to make use of some designated template systems within the development.


9. CherryPy

cherry pie

CherryPy is an internet software progress framework situated on Python, that commonly simplifies the work of Python internet developers.It supplies a friendly HTTP protocol interfaces for Python builders.As everyone knows, HTTP is the pillar of WWW protocols.




Flask is a lightweight net software framework, utilizing Python. It’s headquartered on the WerkzeugWSGI toolbox and Jinja2 template engine, using the BSD license. Flask is also known as “microframework”, seeing that it makes use of simple core, and uses the extension to add other facets.


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