20+ Best Ruby Frameworks for Developers 2016

Mahak Mundra Mahak Mundra 26 Oct 2016

Here we have 20+ Best Ruby Frameworks for Developers for you . Ruby is likely one of the most popular languages on which one of the most excellent websites on this planet are constructed upon. Ruby is dynamic, reflective, strong and handy to make use of. What makes it even more enjoyable for the builders are the frameworks you should use to build web sites, apps and APIs. Listed below are 20 of the best Ruby frameworks you should watch out for this year.

1. Ruby on Rails

ruby on rails

One of the vital trendy net frameworks on the earth, Ruby on Rails is an open-supply net framework that permit users to write code by favoring convention over configuration. It focuses on crucial program engineering paradigms and engineering patterns, and relies on MVC (model View Controller) for systematizing application programming.


2. Grape


Grape is a framework is designed to run on Rack or complement present net application frameworks comparable to Rails and Sinatra. It has built-in support for fashioned conventions, including a couple of codecs, subdomain/prefix limit, content negotiation, versioning and rather more.


3. Sinatra


Some of the loved Ruby frameworks available in the market, Sinatra is your pleasant guess for rapidly developing web purposes in Ruby with minimal effort.


4. Camping


Camping is a small internet MVC framework that may store a entire fledgling web software in a single file like many small CGIs.


5. Hanami


Formerly known as Lotus, Hanami is an open source program that is good recognized for simplicity, fewer DSLs, minimal conventions, extra objects, zero monkey-patching and the separation of issues between MVC layers.


6. Ramaze


Ramaze is an easy and straight-forward net-framework that works with any ORM and database toolkit. It really works on the philosophy of preserving simple things easy and making problematic matters possible and fun.




NYNY is a ridiculously small Ruby framework that turns your app into the framework, nothing else. Every app is a Rack middleware, so it may be used within Sinatra, Rails or another Rack-founded app


8. Celluloid


Celluloid is a concurrent object oriented programming framework that’s easy to study even newcomers can provide it a shot. This framework’s force is its capability to let consumer to construct multithreaded programs out of concurrent objects simply as quite simply as you construct sequential programs out of regular objects.


9. Halcyon


A Ruby – JSON net App Framework, Halcyon is a small, speedy, and flexible. Ideal for developing carrier-oriented applications (SOAs) similar to APIs or different non-interfaced offerings.


10. Volt


Volt is reactive framework that’s fascinated with building a rapid software and eschewing the yak shaving. It runs each on the server and customer part by way of Opal and the DOM mechanically updates because the consumer interacts with the page.


11. Cramp


Cramp is a Rask supported framework designed to function with tons of open connections and supplies full-duplex bi-directional communication.


12. Ramverk


Ramverk is unopinionated, constructed for speed, simplicity and decrease reminiscence utilization however still offers developers absolute manage. Superb for small projects constructing rapid APIs however it could possibly without problems be scaled for full-scaled apps .


13. Delayed::Job


Delayed::Job is a Ruby background job framework that was extracted by means of the persons at Shopify. It integrates quite simply with Rails, ActiveRecord, as good as Mongoid for interacting with a non-relational MongoDB store.


14. Sidekiq


Sidekiq is a widespread Ruby history job framework fine identified for its reliability and efficiency. It additionally comes with a built in dashboard allowing you to view your entire job queues and their processing state.


15. SuckerPunch


SuckerPunch is a Ruby job framework that aids in writing thread reliable Ruby code. SuckerPunch operates in procedure, it also shops job state wholly in memory and can operate relatively quick on small duties.


16. Trailblazer


Technically, Trailblazer shouldn’t be a Ruby framework. But we’re together with it right here on account that like other the other Ruby frameworks in this list, Trailblazer helps make utilising Ruby rapid. It does this through making Rails work more efficaciously by using adopting a extra intuitive code structure and via enforcing encapsulation.


17. Nancy


Nancy is an incredibly speedy micro framework that has the identical route performance as Sinatra and founded on Cuba.


18. Scorched


Scorched is Sinatra developed, extra robust, focused and no more cluttered. Internet site and functions of close to any scale will also be developed with this framework because of its set of universal yet powerful constructs.


19. Cuba


Cuba is a Rack headquartered Ruby micro framework firstly motivated by Rum. It was designed to construct and set up simple apps as swiftly as viable, with a small amount of documents and putting off needless functionality.


20. Padrino


Padrino is constructed upon the Sinatra net Library, which is why coding developed net purposes utilising this framework is made simpler and much more satisfying.


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