21+ Best Free WordPress 404 Plugins 2016

Best Free WordPress 404 Plugins
shubham jain shubham jain 21 Oct 2016

For an authority internet site, having a appropriate and custom 404 error web page is enormously major, as it’s a exhibit of how you plan to manage an error. 404 error usually are not excellent on your web site’s search engine optimization and user experience. The nice part is that they’re rather convenient to repair with WordPress 404 redirect plugins.This is the collection of best free WordPress 404 plugins for WordPress customers. If you happen to established a new plugin, created a brand new custom post sort, or registered a customized taxonomy, then gaining access to the new URL could effect right into a 404 error considering your .Htaccess file shouldn’t be up to date. These are simply few of the numerous feasible explanations that may cause existing content to exhibit 404 error.

1. All 404 Redirect to Homepage

All 404 Redirect to Homepage

The 404 error pages hurts the rank of your web site, this smart plugin is a simple option to control 404 error pages via utilising 301 redirect. Seem at the following diagram which signify the 404 errors per time, we see an develop of error rate in the last time interval. Our easy plugin will solve this via looking to redirect all 404 error pages to residence web page or any personalized page, see the manipulate panel for the plugin within the subsequent image.


2. 404 to 301

404 to 301

In case you care about your internet site, you should take steps to preclude 404 error as it affects your search engine optimisation badly. 404 ( web page now not located ) error are customary and all of us hate it, even search engines like google do the same! Install this plugin then sit down back and chill out. It’ll maintain 404 errors! Mechanically redirect, log and notify all 404 page errors to any web page utilizing 301 redirect for seo. No more 404 blunders in WebMaster softwar


3. 404 to Start

Should you don’t just like the normal 404 web page than which you can redirect all 404 web page not found errors permantly (or temporarily) to the begin page or another site/page you adore.This will aid you resolve issues with external bad links which are not below your have an impact on.


4. 404 Redirection

This easy plugin permanently redirects all 404’s to the fundamental blog URL. There may be a number of explanations why you could need to do that, but the essential intent is to siphon Google web page Rank (TM) from lacking pages to the homepage. Permanently redirect all 404’s to the essential blog URL. The primary cause is to salvage Google PageRank (TM) from missing pages.


5. 404 Redirected

404 Redirected enables WordPress admins to have control over their dead links and redirects from within the admin panel. 404 Redirected files all URLs that customers have visited and makes it possible for the admin to simply create 301 and 302 redirects to legitimate pages on their website online. Redirects may also be created centered on the exceptional viable fit for the URL the vacationer was undoubtedly trying to arrive.


6. Custom 404 Pro

Custom 404 Pro

Enables users to exchange the default 404 page with a custom page from the Pages section within the Admin Panel. Or you could specify a complete URL to redirect on 404. Override the default 404 web page with any page from the Admin Panel or a customized URL.


7. Easy 404 Redirect

Easy 404 Redirect

Create automated redirects for 404 visitors and don’t lose viewers. Recommend a particular web page when a traveller land on your flawed pages. Generally they make errors when write your url. Make sure your customers come continually to your site! Language on hand handiest in english.


8. Genesis 404 Page

Genesis 404 Page

Customizing the contents of the page now not located web page in any WordPress theme may also be complex, and quite often involes modifying the 404.Personal home page template file. The Genesis Framework already abstracts the default content material of the page right into a operate, and this plugin can unhook that and exchange it with your own custom title and content.


9. Custom 404 Error Page

Custom 404 Pro

Set any web page to be used as the 404 error web page below “Settings > reading”. Use any static web page as the 404 error web page. If you wish to have higher, responsive and trendy 404 web page design you must without doubt install 404 error page Of direction that you would be able to add your possess historical past photo and alter the color scheme!


10. 404-error-monitor

This plugin logs 404 (web page not discovered) error to your WordPress website. It additionally logs valuable informations like referrer, person tackle, and mistake hit count. It is utterly suitable with a multisite configuration.


11. Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage or Custom Page

Simply redirect 404 error web page to a further URL. This plugin may be very helpful in your web site seo rating. It can be redirect broken hyperlink to homepage or custom web page and drop your website ranking. That you could investigate Google Analytics log to see your 404 error pages.


12. Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage

Redirect 404 Error Page to Homepage

Simple redirect WordPress plugin, all 404 error pages are redirected to homepage. Google could reduce PageRank of site if there are 404 error pages(web page no longer discovered), this plugin will repair that hindrance and help to fortify your websites rating.


13. Forty Four – 404 Plugin for WordPress

Forty Four - 404 Plugin for WordPress

Add a really perfect lightweight 404 page aside from automatic 404 to 301 redirect for search engine optimization. Examine logs and assign customized redirect for each and every 404 page hyperlinks. It doesn’t load the pointless scripts, css, pictures and other links to 404 page. Viewers shouldn’t have got to wait too lengthy for the page to load if it can be not available! By means of doing this approach you can lower the requests and loading time.


14. Groups 404 Redirect

This plugin redirects 404’s triggered by means of hits on pages which can be protected by using agencies. The redirection settings can be adjusted in Settings > groups 404. Visits to included pages can be redirected to. It’s a special post, or the WordPress login and the redirection can also be utilized for limited classes, tags and different taxonomy terms.


15. 404 Page by SeedProd

404 Page by SeedProd

The 404 page via SeedProd plugin allows you fast and with ease mounted a custom 404 page on your website. Simple and bendy, the 404 web page plugin works with any WordPress theme you might have established on your website online.


16. 404 Error Logger

Logs 404 (web page now not determined) mistakes in your WordPress site. This can be priceless for monitoring down broken hyperlinks or missing content material. You could optionally file additional knowledge similar to IP addresses, person marketers and referrers.


17. 404 Redirect

Maintain extra visitors and search engine optimization juice by using redirecting all 404 error request to a designated page. Distinctive from other equivalent plugins the 404page plugin does no longer create redirects. That’s quite essential on account that a right code 404 is delivered which tells search engines like google and yahoo that the page does no longer exist and has to be removed from the index.


18. 404page – your smart custom 404 error page

404page - your smart custom 404 error page

Create your customized 404 page as a average WordPress web page utilizing the whole energy of WordPress. You should use a custom web page Template or custom Fields, that you would be able to set a Featured photo – everything like on every different web page. Then go to ‘look’ -> ‘404 Error page’ from your WordPress Dashbord and pick the created web page as your 404 error page. That’s it!


19. AskApache Google 404

AskApache Google 404

AskApache Google 404 is a candy and simple plugin that takes over the dealing with of any HTTP error that your blog has sometimes. Essentially the most long-established form of error is when a page are not able to be found, due to a foul hyperlink, mistyped URL, etc.. So this plugin makes use of some AJAX code, Google Search API’S, and a few tips to display an awfully precious and Search-Engine Optimized Error page. The default displays Google Search results for pictures, news, blogs, movies, internet, customized search engine, and your possess website.


20. Google 404

Google 404

The Google 404 widget is a rapid and handy approach to embed a search field for your custom 404 web page and furnish customers with priceless knowledge designed to help them find the expertise they need. Where it may well, the Google widget can even endorse different approaches for the person to search out the knowledge they want, as a result growing the probability that they are going to proceed to explore your site.


21. HTD 404

This a insurgent plugin that doesn’t use WordPress’s 404 hook. It was once developed for issues or plugins that rationale problems with the hook itself. This plugin will without problems enable you to point to a web page to serve up if you happen to get a 404 error. Also it marks it as 404.


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