Tryout HostingRaja WordPress Hosting Services

Tryout HostingRaja WordPress Hosting Services
26 Feb 2020

Imagine being live in minutes, all ready to go. No need to worry about managing your hosting, browsing old interfaces in the panel or finding out how to install WordPress. We do everything for you in one click. You’ll be saving time and money with our HostingRaja managed WordPress hosting.

WordPress 24/7 Support.

The customer support team is there to assist you with your WordPress questions and inquiries all day, all day. With 24/7 help, you will have constant peace of mind, as our WordPress experts will address in no time any issues relating to your new website. To the customer success team, no job is too big or too small!

Forget about the time-consuming and over-complicated WordPress setups that were used in the past. After our easy form has been filled out, just open your control panel of hosting, enter your information and with a click WordPress is installed.

Built for Performance

Don’t be afraid to trust the lightning-fast WordPress hosting from HostingRaja. Use HTTP/2, PHP7.4, NGINX and custom-designed, pre-installed WordPress caching plugins, we achieve unbeatable load speeds for all our customers. Your web visitors won’t have to wait before text, graphics or files are ever loaded again.

Enchanted Security

Detects, defends and destroys cyber-attacks performed on the websites of our clients by recruiting the best security technology. Our relationship means all websites that are hosted with we are protected by all-in-online protection, offering full-stack security against all automated attacks.

Ready for Developers

Not your first WordPress development? You are in luck then! Hostingraja takes a proactive approach to hosting developer-owned websites, rather than simply keeping the files tucked
away in the cloud. Enjoy GIT and WP–CLI, and gain maximum control over your development in WordPress.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure everybody around the world will simply love the speed, affordability, and ease of our WordPress dedicated hosting that we’re offering a Money-Back Guarantee trial for 30-Day.

Host your website with no upfront costs, and get the most out of all the features and benefits of our members. They’re a win-win in the situation.

Why is it special to our WordPress hosting for India?

WordPress is huge. Of all established websites, 28 percent use the WordPress platform as their preferred content management system. Why? For what? It’s simple and easy to learn and provides you with a world of possibilities once mastered. Hundreds of plug-ins, templates, and other resources help WordPress users build classy online stores, forums, portfolios, and websites of other kinds. WordPress is used by some of the world’s biggest companies. Be part of the community, and now launch your blog!

Diverse and versatile

Since WordPress is an open-source platform, it has been used in several different projects. Talented developers have found ways of using this CMS with incredible results. E-commerce,
blog or portfolio. WordPress does it all but can do even more with HostingRaja!

Cheap WordPress hosting a straightforward path to success

Through making our service accessible we put power to the people! Even a total newbie can start building a website in minutes with WordPress! Your online journey starts only a couple of clicks away. Don’t let that get to you!

Hosting with HostingRaja made for Success

WordPress will give you everything you need. An SEO-friendly platform that will help you reach the top of the search results, tools for building a website with function and form, plugins and features for all knowledge base articles, tutorials, projects, and a support team that won’t leave you alone in a bind.

Is WordPress hosting stable enough for Hosting?

If you don’t take security seriously, you can’t call yourself a great Web hosting provider! That is why we are investing in our solutions to safety. Our first line of defense is a state-of-the-art security provider for servers. Our servers are equipped with advanced malware detection and deletion software, intrusion detection and DDoS attack security. We also benefit from network honeypots and other features that ensure protection against potentially fatal attacks. You can sleep easily, with HostingRaja knowing you are free.

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