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20 Best HTML CSS Loading Animation Preloaders

CSS Loading Animation
Yashwant Shakyawal

If you want to create Loading animation in CSS. Here is a collection of 20 Best HTML‌ CSS Loading Animation Preloaders for the website. These are the Best HTML‌ CSS Loading Animation Preloaders with pure CSS/CSS3 for your next project.

You can use Best HTML‌ CSS Loading Animation Preloaders for inspiration. These are so smooth and has the perfect flow to make it.

Let’s check out the below detail!

List of The Best HTML CSS Loading Animation Preloaders:

1. Jelly Box 
4. Simple Loader
5. Copper Loader
6. Redirecting Loader
7.  Monkey Swinging Loader
8.  SlidingSquareLoaderView
9. Nutanix Loading Screen
10. Preloader SVG animation
11. Preloader 
12. Pizza Loader
13. Hand animation
14. Micro Animation
15. Egg Loader
16. Bookshelf loader
17.  Spinners
18.  Kylo Ren
19. Loading Page
20. Newton’s Cradle Loader

You can check the video:


1. Jelly Box – CSS Loading Animation

Jelly Box

This is a Pure CSS jelly box loader.
Credited by Fabrizio Bianchi


2. PLAY FILL LOADER – CSS Loading Animation


It is a Smooth play fill loader with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Credited by Chris Gannon




Everybody loves LEGO LOADER and nobody likes waiting.
Credited by Chris Gannon


4. Simple Loader

Simple Loader

This is the best example of a drum-like preloader in the middle classical repeatable part.


5. Copper Loader

Copper Loader

The minimalist design, fully animated with soothing animation and after effects, It is applicable to almost any business.


6. Redirecting Loader

Redirecting Loader

It is an Animated Redirecting Loader user to another page.
Credited by Mr. Alien


7. Monkey Swinging Loader

Monkey Swinging Loader

Monkey Swinging Loader Playing around with Duik. Being fun and entertaining, it can entice users while they are waiting for the page to load.


8. SlidingSquareLoaderView


Marvelous sliding square loader view inspired this Design All items have the same gradient and it changing on depending items position.


9. Nutanix Loading Screen

Nutanix Loading Screen

Nutanix Loading Screen with Strategy Blue Pumpkin Blue Screen.


10. Preloader SVG animation

Preloader SVG animation

To offset the plug was done by duplicating the motion path, transferring the path data.


11. Preloader


Preloader with bubbling. You can use it for your project.
Created by Raul


12. Pizza Loader

Pizza Loader

Rotating Pizza Slice Preloader
Created by Chris Gannon


13. Hand animation

Hand animation CSS Loading Animation

Hand animation with pure CSS.
Created by r4ms3s


14. Micro Animation

Micro Animation CSS Loading Animation

Micro Animation For Brewery Website.


15. Egg Loader

Egg Loader CSS Loading Animation

For your project Egg Loader.
Created by Chris Gannon


16. Bookshelf loader

Bookshelf loader CSS Loading Animation

Codevember – Day 6 – Bookshelf loader
Created by Grélard Antoine


17. Spinners

Spinners CSS Loading Animation

Fun with loaders/spinners
Created by Jakob Lewis


18. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren CSS Loading Animation

A Star Wars Kylo Ren CSS Page Preloader made with HTML and CSS only.


19. Loading Page

Loading Page CSS Loading Animation

Loading Page on your website and displays a loading progress screen.


20. Newton’s Cradle Loader

Newton's Cradle Loader CSS Loading Animation

Newton’s Cradle Loader
Created by Steven Traversi


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