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Top 11 Best PHP Frameworks of 2024

Yashwant Shakyawal

Before turning around on our main topic of Free Best PHP Frameworks of 2024, let’s understand the concept of PHP Framework:

Discussing PHP Frameworks: What, When, Why and Which?

What is a PHP Framework?

PHP is the sector’s most standard scripting language for a lot of special motives – flexibility, ease of use, amongst others – however regularly times coding on the personal home page, or any language for that topic, can get alternatively monotonous and repetitive. That’s the place the Best PHP framework can aid.

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Hypertext Preprocessor frameworks streamline the development of net functions written in PHP by means of providing a general structure for which to build the online functions. In other words, personal homepage frameworks aid to advertise speedy software development (RAD), which saves you time, helps construct more steady applications, and reduces the quantity of repetitive coding for developers. Frameworks may additionally help beginners to construct extra steady apps by using making certain suitable database interactions and coding on the presentation layer. This permits you to spend extra time creating the actual internet utility, alternatively of spending time writing repetitive code.

Why Should we use a PHP Framework?

Developers should make use of Hypertext Preprocessor frameworks for more than a few explanations, but the number one cause is for dashing up the development method. Reusing code across similar tasks will shop the developer a titanic amount of effort and time. A framework offers pre-developed modules for performing tedious coding duties, so the developer can spend their time developing the actual utility as an alternative to re-constructing the foundation with every task.

To completely understand our topic, I have a video for you:

Now let’s take a deep concern on our topic:

Hypertext Preprocessor (personal home page) is likely one of the most popular net programming languages and has been utilized by millions of today’s internet sites. According to the W3Techs survey, the Hypertext Preprocessor is utilized by 82% of the majority of the web servers. The intent why a personal homepage is so general is its interactive aspects, quality HTML, and database integration help and handy to be taught.

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1. Laravel – PHP Frameworks

laravel Free Best PHP Frameworks wpshopmart

Laravel is top on our list of Best PHP Frameworks because it’s the fastest trending on market. As you’ll find from the previous chart, Laravel is the most trendy Hypertext Preprocessor framework used by developers these days. Even though it’s only still new (launched on February 22, 2012), it has captured a lot of builders’ attention. Also, the present-day variant of Laravel comes as individual Composer applications. Besides this, it facets with excellent routing, handy authentication, migrations aid, Blade templating engine, and plenty of extras.


2. Symfony

symphony Free Best PHP Frameworks wpshopmart

Symfony is a flexible, scalable yet robust PHP framework for MVC applications. Also, there are a lot of reusable PHP accessories that can be used like protection, Templating, Translation, Validator, form Config, and extra. Like Laravel, it’s also modularized with Composer. Besides this, its goal is to make your web utility construction and maintenance rapid with much less repetitive coding.


3. CodeIgniter

code igniter Free Best PHP Frameworks wpshopmart

CodeIgniter is a free Hypertext Preprocessor framework kept by means of EllisLab. It has the best documentation with the tremendous consumer group. Furthermore, there are lots of aspects that will make you style CodeIgniter on your venture akin to no Hypertext Preprocessor variation clash, just about zero set up, effortless error dealing with, convenient safety and encryption steps, and has wealthy constructed-in libraries and helper.


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4. CakePHP

cake php Free Best PHP Frameworks wpshopmart

CakePHP which is 4th on our list of Best PHP Frameworks is a PHP framework that supports variations 4 and above. Moreover, it is handy to be trained with quick and bendy templating. Besides this, the built-in CRUD (create, read, update and delete) is a handy function in CakePHP on your database interaction. It also has quite a lot of constructed-in features for safety, electronic mail, session, cookie, and request dealing.


5. Zend Framework


Zend Framework is a scalable and whole featured object-oriented PHP framework. Furthermore, it’s now available in variation 2 with tons of recent elements and improvements. Also, it has online training and certification which makes it widespread and used by a lot of company firms. Besides this, with its OOP (object-oriented programming) and design patterns consistency, you could effectively prolong customized classes and use the most effectively what you need.


6. Phalcon


Encouraged with the fastest residing hen of Falcon, the Phalcon framework presents the identical capability which is velocity. Besides this, when benchmarked with other trendy frameworks, it has the quickest time request and lowest reminiscence utilization according to techniques Architect and Phalcon crew test. Moreover, this occurs in view that it was basically written with C/C++ for performance optimization reasons.


7. Slim


Slim is a lightweight micro-framework for Hypertext Preprocessor influenced via Sinatra, a Ruby framework. It has a tiny measurement without an overkill learning curve. Also, it’s constructed with extraordinary routing procedure and specializes in RESTful API with all HTTP ways (GET, publish, PUT, DELETE) supports. Besides this, to make use of it, you need at least a personal home page variation of 5.2+.


8. Yii


Yii Framework is a trendy personal homepage framework with an OOP design system inside it. Besides being easy to put in, it’s also incredibly extensible, enabling you to fit what you need. Furthermore, there are several instruments that can support you without problems tuning your net utility for better performance. Moreover, Yii has developed in integration with a first-class personal homepage checking out the framework, CodeCeption, to scan your application less difficult and rapid. Also, it’s in 8th position on our list of Best PHP Frameworks that’s not mean it’s not a trendy PHP framework. Besides this, Yii is the most popular PHP framework at present.


9. Fat-Free

fat freed

Fat-Free is powerful and handy to use the PHP micro-framework. Developed with the aid of Bong Cosca in 2009, fat-Free is one lightweight framework with lower than 50KB. Furthermore, it was once developed close to completion in Hypertext Preprocessor with major points of URL router, multilingual software help, and cache engine.


10. Kohana


Kohana is a Hypertext Preprocessor framework with HMVC (Hierarchical mannequin View Controller) architectural pattern. Also, it was once developed with PHP OOP in mind, because of this you will have to you’ll get some advantages from it have visibility security, abstracts, computerized classification loading, interfaces, overloading, and singletons.


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11. FuelPHP


FuelPHP is a PHP framework that is written in Hypertext Preprocessor 5.3 and to be capable to make use of you also have to use the identical variant of Hypertext Preprocessor or above. Besides this, it uses a Cascading File system motivated by Kohana. Moreover, Fundamental aspects are A URL routing procedure, RESTful implementation, HMVC implementation, template parsing, form and knowledge validation, ORM (Object Relational Mapper), vulnerability security, and caching method.



PHP highest grooming web development programming in the past year. There so many PHP frameworks are available in PHP. Moreover, we have talked about here 11 Free Best PHP Frameworks of 2024. Thanks for reading this article. You can share your comment below.

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