25+ Top Free jQuery CSS3 Progress Bar Plugins

Top Free jQuery CSS3 Progress Bar Plugins
Yashwant Shakyawal Yashwant Shakyawal 16 Dec 2016

Today we have 25+ Top Free jQuery CSS3 Progress Bar Plugins for you. JQuery is a collection of libraries for JavaScript which mean you can do the front finish progress of elements like a progress bar, drop down record very quite simply. Here you are going to find JavaScript and jQuery codes which you should use on your internet site to show the loading of your downloads, uploads or any undertaking completion. These below scripts are all free to download.

JQuery and JavaScript could not support historical browsers however all modern-day browser are geared up with the full help of the duo. Keep tuned for next topic on pure CSS development bars with nothing rather than HTML and CSS codes making them globally usable on all browsers.

1. Round Avatar with circular progress bar


Including growth bar on mouse click is something different and this jquery plugin does simply hat. Make your group growth bar a good way to show a skill percentage on the avatar on click and this percentage will also be set in HTML file.


2. Cool Number Progress bar


This can be a visually attractive growth bar showing a quantity in your HTML templates and it is going to seem high-quality on any design. There is no percentage character but you can add it conveniently with a paragraph “p” tag right after the growth tag used on this download file.


3. Circular Progress Bar


A circular animation with controllable development bar can be used in your internet design projects.


4. Checkout Progress Bar


A responsive CSS growth bar with a fine fluid show with 5 steps of fee and signup completion for the yr 2014.


5. Pixel Progress Bar


A little with a square format the progressing tip of the animation makes this growth bar far more attractive.


6. Pace – Automatic page load progress bar


An automated web page development bar. Incorporate p.C..Js and a theme of your choice to your page and you might be carried out! Percent will routinely monitor your Ajax requests, event loop lag, file capable state and elements for your page to decide on the development.


7. Buttons With Built-in Progress Meters


These will likely be best for showing development whilst submitting varieties or loading content material by way of AJAX. They are going to also use CSS3 patterns and transitions to make them handy to customize.


8. Animated Goal Progress Bar jQuery plugin


This plugin makes it possible for you to create an animated growth bar utilizing jQuery. Simply fill in the required input and the plugin calculates the growth of your intention and animates the bar. That you may specify textual content to put earlier than and after the amount raised.


9. Free progress button styles


A collection of flat and 3D growth button styles where the button itself serves as a development indicator. 3D styles are used for displaying the development indication on one side of the button while rotating the button in standpoint.


10. ProgressJs – Themeable progress bar library


ProgressJs is a JavaScript and CSS3 library which helps developers create and manage development bars for every object on the web page.


11. ngProgress – Youtube Style Bar


NgProgress is a provider for angular for showing loading popularity of anything. Use instances can also be fetching external assets, showing an action taking an extra-than-typical size or easy loading between the page views.


12. Pure CSS Progress Bar


A progress Bar implemented thoroughly making use of CSS three gradients, shadows, and border-radius, with a touch of animation. The cause of this assignment is to demonstrate the capabilities CSS3 in modern-day net browsers, and as such this progress bar is styled utterly utilizing CSS.


13. NProgress – Slim Progress bar


A nanoscopic development bar. Featuring practical trickle animations to convince your customers that something is going down! Influenced via Google, YouTube, and Medium.


14. Circular Progress


A JavaScript round growth widget, dependency-free and configurable.


15. Nanobar.js


Very very lightweight progress bars (~730 bytes gzipped). No jQuery needed.


16. Angular-loading-bar


The concept is modest: Add a loading bar/growth bar at any time when an XHR request goes out in angular. Multiple requests within the equal time interval get bundled collectively such that each response increments the development bar by the right quantity.


17. Free jQuery Percentage Loader


JQuery.PercentageLoader is a jQuery plugin for displaying a development widget in a more visually hanging manner than the ever-present horizontal growth bar / textual counter. The plugin takes minimal set up and is inconspicuous and flexible to use.


18. Free Circular Progress Bar – jQuery plugin


A circle jogging development bar with unlimited options to manage the float of withering downloads or uploads.


19. Simple Free jQuery CSS3 Progress Bar

Simple Free jQuery CSS3 Progress Bar

This development bar makes use of the HTML5 customized information-* attribute to allow for quick updating to a development bar animated via Zepto (or jQuery). The animation is wrapped in a window. Resize function to reanimate if the browser measurement is changed.


20. CSS 5 steps progress bar

CSS 5 steps progress bar

CSS only growth bar in 5 steps. JS is handiest used for animating the demo.


21. jQuery Progress bar profile completion

jQuery Progress bar profile completion

Utilizing a progress detail for a profile completion bar. Introduced click states to peer favored behavior; within the wild the consumer would click a “retailer” or “next” button which might animate the growth bar for that reason.


22. jQuery Image Preloader Progress Bar

jQuery Image Preloader Progress Bar

Growth bar with changeable skins displaying web page load percent.


23. jQuery Form Progress Bar

jQuery Form Progress Bar

Simple form development bar. Thought from the dribble.


24. Free YouTube Progress Bar

Free YouTube Progress Bar

The progress bar was once simplest visible in a single browsing session, I assume it was once an A/B experiment.


25. Flat Pie Charts and Progress Bars Templates

Flat Pie Charts and Progress Bars Templates

Animated flat pie charts development bars with description and worth. Can be utilized for interactive infographics to your website, Adobe Muse project or iBooks. Which you could easily edit font, colors, and values. Records a thoroughly editable inside Adobe part CC.


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