5 Best Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins In 2021

Best Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins
30 Nov 2020

This article contains the best collection of Best free WordPress Shortcode Plugins In 2021. Shortcodes provide a handy approach to add custom content material to your website. You can add and create multiple elements such as buttons, boxes, sliders, responsive videos, tabs, tables, accordions, columns, and much more by using these plugins.

WordPress introduced the shortcode API with the discharge of WordPress 2.5 six years ago. Many themes and plugins (including lots of our own) use shortcodes to permit customers to customize their sites and display content material where they prefer.

There are so many premium shortcode plugins available in the market but in this article, you get the top 5 free versions of wordpress shortcode plugins for your site.

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes Ultimate Free WordPress Plugin

Starting with one of the best wordpress shortcode plugins available on wordpress. Shortcodes Ultimate plugin has a collection of multiple shortcodes that you can use in the text widgets, post editor, or in template files to create and add multiple elements. All these shortcodes are used to create tabs, buttons, boxes, sliders, responsive videos, and much, much more. It has more than 50+ visual shortcodes that you can use for your site. In addition, this plugin is Gutenberg-ready and works great with any wordpress theme.


2. Widget Shortcode

Widget Shortcode

One more plugin Widget Shortcodes is one of the most famous free WordPress shortcodes plugins available in the market. This plugin needs a widget Id and you don’t need to think so much, this plugin generates the code for you by which you can give the title to your widget id simply by using the “title” parameter. Also, this plugin gives you the functionality to hide the widget title.


3. Shortcoder


Another wordpress shortcode plugin with ultimate features and functionality. Shortcoder plugin provides you the functionality to create multiple custom shortcodes for HTML, JavaScript, and other snippets. You can also give different names to shortcodes so that you can easily remember them and use them in any place where the shortcode is supported. It offers you multiple editors such as Code, Visual and text modes. Also, the best is that you can disable shortcode on desktop, mobile devices, and globally whenever you want.


4. WP Shortcode

WP Shortcode

WP Shortcodes plugins allow you to create and add responsive buttons, boxes, tabs, pricing tables, column layouts, attractive sliders, and much more to your wordpress site. You can do all these tasks related to shortcodes with a click of a button. previously these plugin is available only for premium members but now everyone can use this plugin. It offers over 24 useful shortcodes that you can easily use for your theme.


5. Arconix Shortcodes

Arconix Shortcodes WordPress Plugin

Arconix Shortcodes plugin is also a wordpress shortcode plugin like any other shortcode plugin available on wordpress. You can use this plugin to add different kinds of boxes, tabs, buttons, sliders, tables, accordions, columns, and much more more. It offers you 6 style shortcodes and 6 utility shortcodes which you can use to add and create multiple elements. Elements made by using shortcodes are responsive in nature and looks great in any type of device.


This superb collection of 5 Best Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins are specially selected for reducing your efforts in the search for a good one.

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