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Top 6 Best Free WordPress SSL Plugins in 2024

WordPress SSL Plugins
Yashwant Shakyawal

Whenever you are making any type of website then the first thing that will come in your mind is about its security and if your site is more popular then there are many chances of hacking your website. So it is very necessary to keep your site secure from hackers, that’s why people need WordPress SSL Plugins. SSL is a secure socket layer which is used to secure communication network over the computer and it is very essential for online transaction and many other online services between user and web server. When you are doing any online transaction then it is very important to secure your detail from hackers.

So here are some  SSL plugin which helps you to secure your personal data from attackers. Today most of the online users use the site which is secure and reliable so if your website is not secure then how would any user will trust your website.

Nowadays many SSL plugins are available on WordPress so it is difficult to find which plugin should I use for my website. In this article, we are showing you the top 6 best free WordPress SSL plugins in 2024.

List of Best Free WordPress SSL Plugins We Cover:

1. Really Simple SSL 
2. SSL Zen
3. WP Force SSL
4. Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL)
5. JSM’s Force HTTP to HTTPS / SSL
6. Auto-Install Free SSL

1. Really Simple SSL

simple ssl

Really Simple SSL is a highly demandable and trust-able WordPress plugin that automatically detects your setting and configure your website accordingly. For making this plugin lightweight, the options are kept to a minimum, you can easily set up this plugin for your website and secure your website most easily.

This plugin saves your work time most easily. If you want the continuing development of this plugin, you might consider buying the premium option, which includes some awesome features.


2. SSL Zen

ssl zen

SSL Zen helps you to secure your website in the easiest way and it is TRUSTED BY 26,000+ WEBSITES GLOBALLY.

There is no coding knowledge required to run this plugin you just have to install it and then on one click you can redirect your web-traffic to HTTPS and get an amazing padlock on your website URL.

This SSL plugin provides you a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt which is a free non-profit global certificate authority also it Supports Wildcard SSL certificates that will cover all your sub-domains. It also has a pro version that provides you with more automated features.


3. WP Force SSL

WordPress SSL Plugins wp force

WP Force SSL plugin is a very fast and simple plugin for your website it helps you to redirect unsecured HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS version. when you are using this plugin then there is no need for any kind of coding knowledge, You only just need to activate WP Force SSL and it will configure everything accordingly, there is only you need is an SSL certificate.

It is a very lightweight plugin and there are only a few sets to do and all things are ready for you. This Plugin comes with an SSL certificate testing tool to check the certificate is valid, properly installed, and up-to-date. You just click the Test SSL certificate button and it will tell you the status of your SSL certificate.


4. Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL)

WordPress SSL Plugins easy https

Before using Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL) plugin you need to install SSL CERTIFICATE on your website. So after installation of an SSL Certificate on your site, you should use the HTTPS URL of your webpages.

When you use Easy HTTPS Redirection (SSL) plugin then it will automatically set up a redirection to the https version of an URL when someone tries to access the non-https version. So after using this plugin you always forcing your visitor to view the HTTPS version of the page.



5. JSM’s Force HTTP to HTTPS / SSL

WordPress SSL Plugins jsm

JSM’s Force HTTP to HTTPS SSL is a very simple and safe plugin that is best for SEO and there is no coding and setup knowledge required.

You just activate the plugin to force HTTP URLs to the HTTPS version. JSM’s Force HTTP to HTTPS / SSL has only required an SSL certificate and able to handle HTTPS requests.

There is no need for coding, no need to do any setting you just activate it. You can use your plugin on your site easily.


6. Auto-Install Free SSL

WordPress SSL Plugins auto

Auto-Install Free SSL plugin automatically installs a free SSL Certificate for your WordPress website. It also installs a free SSL certificate on all the websites hosted in a cPanel server. It also set up auto-renewal in minutes for all websites on cPanel.

There is no need for any kind of coding experience to use this plugin. Auto-Install Free SSL provides you many features like it not only works on your WordPress website domain but it works also on all the websites hosted on your cPanel. There are few requirements needed for this plugin some of them are curl extension, SSL installation feature enabled, Linux hosting, and OpenSSL extension.

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