10 Best Free WordPress Countdown Plugins In 2021

Best Free WordPress Countdown Plugins
Yashwant Shakyawal

Countdowns are one of the best ways to build urgency, scarcity, and excitement that drive more clicks which results in increased sales. Also, it helps you to highlight your upcoming events, offers, and their deadline. Well, now the question arrived is that how you add countdown timers on your site. So for that, I shared a list of the 10 best free WordPress countdown plugins that you can easily use to add limitless timers on your WordPress website.

The best part of these free WordPress countdown plugins is you don’t have to pay anything they are totally free and also you don’t have to be professional to use them. Anyone can easily use them with or without any coding skills.

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So now without any further delay lets have a look at our list:

1. Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate

An easy-to-use and powerful plugin to add a beautiful countdown timer to your site. This plugin allows you to add an attractive and creative countdown timer to your site within minutes without any coding skills. It comes with some awesome features like unlimited countdowns timer, fully responsive, countdown in pages/posts, background color and width options, and many more.


2. HurryTimer

HurryTimer Free Countdown Plugin For WordPress

HurryTimer is a responsive multipurpose plugin that allows you to add a fully functional countdown timer to your site. It creates an urgency that drives more clicks which results in more website visitors which will further increase your sales. More features of the plugin are WooCommerce integration, live customizer, call to action button, and many more.


3. Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown

Widget Countdown

This plugin is the ultimate choice to create and add a stunning-looking countdown timer on your wordpress website. You can easily add beautiful timers to your posts/pages and widgets within minutes without the use of any single line of code.


4. Countdown & Clock

Countdown & Clock

The countdown is a perfect solution to add highly customizable countdown timers to your business site within just a few minutes. No matter you are a beginner or a professional anyone can easily use this plugin with or without any coding knowledge. With the shortcode support, you can easily add timers to any post or page of your site.


5. Finale Lite

Finale Lite Free Countdown Plugin For WordPress

Finale Lite is a feature-rich WordPress plugin best suitable for WooCommerce to add sales and discount countdown timers on your site. It helps you to create an urgency that will motivate people to take fast action and avoid missing out on your offers.


6. Evergreen Countdown Timer

Evergreen Countdown Timer

Evergreen countdown timer helps you to create unlimited attractive countdown timers for your site and funnels. This plugin is one of the best solutions available in the market to create limitless countdowns without so much effort. You can also integrate this plugin into your email marketing funnel to make your sales funnel unique and impressive.


7. Sales Countdown Timer

Sales Countdown Timer Plugin For WordPress

Sales Countdown Timer helps you to add a wonderful-looking countdown timer to your site within no time. It helps you to maximize the revenue of your sales campaigns by creating urgency and scarcity for your customers. It allows you to easily add a countdown timer in single product pages and also in shop pages.


8. Qi Addons

Qi Addons

Qi Addons is a set of 60 new widgets for Elementor, including a fully customizable countdown clock and calendar. Remarkably user-friendly; style it as you like within minutes without any coding skills.


9. Countdown Timer For Elementor

Countdown Timer for Elementor

It is an elementor add-on that helps you to showcase the countdown timer on your site in a simple and easy way. It helps you to create a Countdown Popup that attracts more visitors. This plugin adds widgets to the elementor page builder and it works only with the elementor page builder. If your site is not using elementor page builder this plugin is useless for you.


10. JetElements


Elementor Countdown Timer widget has a bunch of helpful features to increase visitors’ engagement. You can use different formats, sale banners or popups, and enjoy easy setup and styling.


3 thoughts on “10 Best Free WordPress Countdown Plugins In 2021

  1. Chaiyaporn says:

    it not support on mobile, please test before reviews

    1. wpshopmart says:

      Which plugin? Can you tell us name ?

  2. FYI: Several of the recommended plugins are recorded as not verified as compatible with the recent versions of WordPress.

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