30 Best Free Software To Watermark Photos For Windows

Best Free Software To Watermark Photos
Yashwant Shakyawal

Here is a record of 30 Best Free Software To Watermark Photos For Windows. These free snapshot watermarking programs permit you to add text watermark and photograph watermark topics. A few of this program can watermark a single photo, while some can batch watermark pix. You could set your own text and pix to watermark graphics. You could also personalize the watermark by means of specifying the textual content dimension, text color, font, design, transparency, rotation, and so on. Some also assist you to practice other results to watermarks, like a gloss, glow, and shadow results. That you would be able to additionally add some targeted characters, like Copyright, Registered, constrained, Trademark, Per Thousand symbol, and cross symbol.

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Some help you place watermark at any place headquartered to your choice, different assist you to put the watermark at predefined locations on graphics. You could additionally outline-offset vicinity for a watermark. Some applications to watermark photos participate in smart processing and add watermark centered on the color intensity, depth, and so forth. Experience !!

1. IrfanView


IrfanView is a popular freeware that can be utilized so as to add textual content and picture watermark. You could add a watermark to a single photograph or batch watermark pictures. Aside from that, it will also be used to view and make some minor enhancing to snapshots.


2. FastStone Image Viewer


FastStone Picture Viewer is one other good freeware so as to add text and photograph watermark to snapshots. That you may also batch watermark pix here. It means that you can set a watermark photo of your alternative, set opacity, and shadow. It can also be used to participate in enhancing snapshots, utilizing a number of results.


3. Alamoon Watermark


Alamoon Watermark is available in freeware variation that permits you to add textual content watermark on photographs. That you can add your possess text, prefer font color, font measurement, watermark function, and watermark opacity. You could additionally convert picture layout and resize snapshot if required.


4. ShareX


ShareX is popular software that is used to capture screenshots. That you can add watermark to screenshots captured with the aid of making just a few tweaks to the settings. It can be used so as to add textual content watermark, image watermark, or each to captured screenshots.


5. ZScreen


ZScreen is a free screenshot program, which can be used to watermark screenshots. It’s a wide screenshot software, with lots of configurable choices. Which you could either capture the entire display, active window, or chosen window or subject. Once an image is captured, which you can either put it aside to a laptop or upload it to the net.


6. Image Watermark Studio


Image Watermark Studio is a watermark program that’s available totally free for individual use. It can be used to batch watermark images. That you could add textual content watermark or photo watermark to picture documents. Add some special signs to the watermark, like Copyright, Trademark, and Registered.


7. XnConvert


XnConvert is an image converter program that is free for private use. It supports up to 500 snapshot codecs. Apart from converting snapshots to different codecs, it may be used to batch watermark images by using making use of a textual content watermark and snapshot watermark.


8. Image Tuner


Image Tuner is a program that’s free for private use. Utilizing this freeware that you can add batch text watermark and picture watermark to pix. In the case of a textual content watermark, you can decide the font, dimension, color, a function of a watermark, rotate the watermark, and add margins to the watermark.


9. ImBatch


ImBatch is a straightforward photo processing program that is free for individual use. It may be used to add text watermark and image watermark to the graphics in batch. It is advised to keep a backup of the fashioned photographs because the watermarked graphics change the common file.


10. WaterMarkLib


WaterMarkLib is a freeware that can be utilized so as to add text and photograph watermark on pictures. The freeware variant doesn’t help you batch watermark pix. You can follow a watermark to any vicinity of an image. The watermarked image may also be saved as JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, DIB, RLE, TGA, and so forth.


11. uMark 5


UMark 5 is yet another free application to add watermark to images. With the free variation, that you would be able to process the highest of 50 images and as much as 2 watermarks at a time. It may be used so as to add textual content watermark and photo watermark.


12. Fast Watermark


Fast Watermark is yet another easy watermark freeware. It may possibly add a text watermark. There’s yet another alternative available that allows you to set an image as texture even as applying a watermark.


13. BorderMarker

Portable TSR Watermark

BorderMarker is a freeware to edit portraits in batch. It can be used to resize a photo, exchange JPEG exceptional, add borders, rotate images, etc. Aside from these, it may also be used so as to add watermark to portraits. You can either add textual content watermark or photo watermark to images in bulk. While including watermark, which you can change parameters of a watermark, like a region, rotation, color, transparency, shadow, and so forth.


14. BImageStudio


BImageStudio is yet another free program to add textual content watermark and photograph watermark in bulk to the snapshot records. Here that you can set watermark at four predefined positions or set vicinity manually through specifying margins.


15. Easy Watermark Studio Lite


Easy Watermark Studio Lite can be used to batch watermark up to 30 pix at a time. Which you can add textual content watermark topics. Though the choice to add photograph watermark can also be available, it didn’t work in the course of testing.


16. MODI


MODI can be used to batch watermark graphics with text or photo. There are a few other modifiers on hand which is able to aid you batch process images with effects, like auto level, auto-rotate, black and white, frame, close IR, noise reduction, resize, sepia tone, sharpen, unsharp mask, and vignette.


17. Redimensionneur


Redimensionneur is yet another freeware that can be utilized so as to add text watermark and image watermark in batch to photos. Watermark can also be personalized in one of a kind ways, like watermark font, text dimension, style, background color, textual content color, and opacity.


18. Exif wMarker


Exif wMarker is one other excellent watermarking software that’s free to make use of. It means that you can insert text, file information, EXIF information, IPTC knowledge, and pictures in the header and footer as a watermark. Watermark results like define, glow, emboss, size, opacity, text font, text size, shadow, color, alignment, background, margins, etc.


19. Star Watermark


Star Watermark is to be had in freeware variant which you need to use to add watermark to portraits. It also allows you to batch watermark graphics. Within the free version, there are some limitations that can help you add text watermark handiest.


20. Portable TSR Watermark

Portable TSR Watermark

Portable TSR Watermark is a freeware version of the watermarking program, that is free for private use. It may be used to watermark single pics and batch watermark graphics. Add photo watermark, text watermark, results, or pass influence as a watermark.


21. Picture Stamper


You can use Picture Stamper to watermark portraits in batch. Each picture watermark and text watermark can also be added to the snapshots whilst.


22. Best Free Image Converter


Best Free Image Converter is a freeware which you should use so as to add textual content watermark and photograph watermark to graphics in batch. In the case of text watermark, you could specify the watermark dimension and set quite a lot of text choices, like textual content color, textual content measurement, font, shadow, transparency, rotation, etc.


23. cdWorks PHOTO HELPER


CdWorks snapshot HELPER by customized DataWorks is available in freeware variation. Using this software, you could watermark photographs comfortably. Batch watermark choice is just not furnished within the free version. Before you watermark any snapshot utilizing this software, you will have to make a duplicate of the customary picture, because the watermarked photo replaces the original image.


24. ImageXYZ


ImageXYZ is a freeware to add watermark to images. Load a photo so as to add watermark textual content.


25. CopyRightLeft


CopyRightLeft is a free software that you can use to batch watermark portraits. There are detailed options to customize text watermark with the aid of letting you add shadow and glow. You could additionally set the rotation attitude, history color, foreground color, shadow color, glow color, font, glow intensity, and a peak of a zone.


26. EasyImageSizer


EasyImageSizer is a free software to watermark images in bulk. It will probably add watermark via including overlay text and overlay pictures to existing photographs. Regularly the overlay textual content and images may not figure out as you wish so that you must are attempting a number of occasions to get the desired outcome.


27. JACo Watermark


JACo Watermark is yet another just right watermark program. It may be used to batch watermark photos. That you can set a textual content font, textual content dimension, text style, text color, anti-aliasing, watermark vicinity, and padding option.


28. Picasa


Picasa is a popular picture viewer and photograph editor application. It may be used to batch watermark portraits. It watermarks images intelligently, founded on the color and intensity of an image.


29. Digi-Annotator


Digi-Annotator is a freeware that can be used to watermark photos utilizing text and photographs. Here you can watermark the handiest single photograph at a time. Which you could change watermark textual content’s font, color, label color, border style, and change transparency.


30. ImageBatch


ImageBatch is a straightforward freeware to add bulk watermark with text or picture to special picture formats, like PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP.


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