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10 Best Post Grid Plugins For WordPress In 2024

Post Grid Plugins For WordPress
Yashwant Shakyawal

Displaying content is super essential for a website, and how you showcase your content is the key to attracting visitors. There are many ways to improvise your content display and one of them is through WordPress plugins. WordPress has got every type of plugin for enhancing the engagement of your website. If you have heard about the essential grid plugin, you might have a slight idea of how content and images can play a significant role in strengthening your website’s presence. Here I shared a collection of the 10 best post grid plugins for WordPress which will full fill your dreams.

What is a WordPress Grid Plugin?

WordPress Grid Plugins help the website owner display different pages and posts in an attractive grid format. After properly integrating the video or image into the grid, it also showcases the external content, such as YouTube videos on your website.

Well, if we talk about the goal of downloading the WordPress-featured post grid plugin, then it is solely for enhancing the engagement of your website. Yes, the essential grid plugins attract visitors to your website in a creative way, thereby helping them spend more time scrolling website posts, images, or videos.

10 Best Post Grid Plugins for WordPress in 2023

Do you wish to download these grid plugins on your website to enhance your WordPress website’s appearance and engagement?

Well, here are my top suggestions for essential grid plugins for modern WordPress websites.

1. Post Grid and Filter Ultimate

A Post Grid and Filter Ultimate are some of the essential grid plugins designed and developed by WP online support. With 6K+ active install users, the plugin has been getting popular amongst modern WordPress site users.


  • Offers two unique layouts for displaying the post grid content on the website
  • Exclusive ten designs for enhancing your grid layouts
  • It opens the posts in a detailed view with a modal popup
  • It is accompanied by filters to easily customize your content or images that you wish to showcase on your website
  • Offers more shortcode parameters for extending the need of your WordPress site
  • Relatively easy to place the content or images in the grid. The simple drag and drop button for changing the post orders.
  • There is least to worry about the theme compatibility as it goes with all your favorite and modern WordPress themes.
  • 100% responsive grid post designs

Post Grid and Filter Plugin

The Modal Popup View with Detailed Post


2. Essential Grid Gallery Plugin

The Essential Grid Gallery Plugin is designed and developed by ThemePunch. It is built with creativity for making your website’s appearance modern and exciting. Installing it on your WordPress website, you can start showcasing the different images, videos, and posts on your webpage.

Essential Grid Plugin


  • It is a premium plugin offering 45+ starter grid options
  • Easily customizable rows, spacing, and columns
  • Customizable speed for the posts
  • 100% responsive essential grid gallery plugin
  • Accompanies with different types of animations
  • Offers three different types of layouts for displaying the posts


3. Media Grid – WordPress Portfolio

If you wish to display your business portfolio in style, there is nothing more attractive and engaging than the Media Grid, WordPress Portfolio grid plugin by LCWeb. It helps your WordPress website to display your business or work portfolio with responsiveness. Let’s catch out on the most exciting features below.

Media Grid Plugin


  • It offers a visual grid builder with manual and dynamic mode for displaying amazing layouts
  • It is accompanied by 14 different types of media support for displaying your portfolio section.
  • Get unique content grids that are easy to filter and customize
  • Infinite item options for helping you to keep uploading with more!
  • Quick setup and integration


4. Trending Post Slider and Widget

Apart from images, if you have got more content to display in an engaging format. Here is what you need! The Trending Post Slider and Widget is designed and developed by WP online support. It has got some exclusive features to make your WordPress website content more exciting for visitors.

Trending Post Slider and Widget


  • Four different layouts for showcasing the grid designs
  • Get 20+ different designs for grid and box layout
  • Do a lot more with 20+ designs that are accompanied by slider and carousel layouts.
  • You can hide and show the posts with categories
  • 100% responsive essential grid plugin
  • Compatible with all the popular WordPress themes
  • Accompanies with a powerful shortcode builder for activating the grid box layout on your website
  • Adjustable image heights
  • Show and hide comments and their count
  • Hide and show the slider arrows/pagination
  • SEO-friendly plugin


5. The Post Grid

Developed by RadiusTheme, The Post Grid is a 100% responsive and SEO-friendly essential grid plugin for displaying your content with categories, authors, and tags. Let’s check out the excellent features on why you should download the Post Grid plugin for your WordPress website.

The Post Grid Layout View


  • It offers four unique layouts for displaying your content or images
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly plugin
  • Create unlimited post grids
  • Display post with category
  • It offers the flexibility to enable and disable the pagination
  • Customize the posts per page as per the requirement
  • Get the layout preview before activating it


6. Content Views

Content Views is one of the most creative plugins for engaging your website content, images, and WooCommerce products. Developed by Content Views, the plugin is available in both free and paid versions. Let’s have a look at some exclusive features of the most-talked post grid plugin!

The Content Views Layout Options


  • Show content in different layouts, including the grid, scrollable, glossary, masonry, timeline, Pinterest, etc.
  • No technical skills are required for launching the plugin on your website. It’s easy and simple following their mentioned wizard procedure.
  • Ditch the basics, as you can control each little content you wish to show on your webpage using the Content Views grid plugin.
  • It helps the owner to display ads for getting started with affiliate earning.
  • 100% responsive
  • Compatible with most of the WordPress themes


7. WP Ultimate Post Grid

When considering the popular WordPress grid plugins for turning your website more engaging, you cannot miss the WP Ultimate Post Grid, developed by Bootstrapped Ventures. It is a 100% responsive plugin featuring your WordPress popular posts with exceptional layouts. Let’s check the exclusive features.

WP Ultimate Post Grid Plugin


  • Displays blog pages in different grid layouts
  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly
  • SEO-friendly plugin
  • Helps with live preview for building the grid
  • Hyperlinks the posts to the main page
  • It offers three different blocks for showcasing content
  • Accompanies with an exclusive template editor section, get multiple templates.


8. Post Category Image with Grid and Slider

When you wish to display your content with images in an engaging way, you should not miss reading about the Post Category Image with Grid and Slider plugin, developed by WP online support.

You can utilize the plugin to display the essential posts, portfolios, or press releases with the specific option to upload your essential grid posts with images. Let’s have a quick look at the features.

Post Category Image with Grid and Slider


  • Offers both the options, grid, and slider in a single plugin
  • Get the stunning designs to display your content with images
  • 100% responsive plugin
  • SEO-friendly design with link target
  • Highly compatible with famous WordPress themes
  • Publish posts with categories
  • 10+ stunning designs with 2 unique layouts
  • Get the limit and customization options for displaying the number of posts per page
  • Hide and show title button feature


9. SmartPost Show

Like the name, the Smart Post Show is an exciting content grid plugin for displaying your content, images, carousels, and videos smartly. The grid interface is designed beautifully by ShapedPlugin, which helps you post the content in a user-friendly format. Here are some quick features to know more about the Smart Post Show, an essential grid plugin.

The Smart Post Show Plugin


  • 100% responsive and mobile-friendly popular grid plugin
  • Compatible with almost all WordPress themes and page builders
  • Customization of posts and content is easy and quick
  • Relatively easy to set up and use
  • Excellent performance on carousel view


10. Featured Post Creative

The Featured Post Creative plugin delivers impressive features for your featured content or video and is getting popular amongst the other WordPress post category grid plugins. One of the best plugins to highlight your featured or recent post with unique designs and layouts.

Featured Post Creative Trending Layout View Plugin


  • It offers 4 different layouts
  • 20+ grid box designs
  • 20+ slider and carousel designs
  • Show featured post
  • 100% responsive plugin
  • SEO-friendly designs
  • Compatible with most of the WordPress themes and page builders
  • Easy to set up and use



So, here we have listed the top ten WordPress essential grid plugins for your website in 2024. Depending upon your post’s requirements, you can install and launch your WordPress featured post plugin. More plugins are available on the WordPress plugin store that is popular for grid post designs and views.

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