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10 Best TV Show Tracking Apps 2018 On App Store – Amazing Movies & TV Shows

Best TV Show Tracking Apps
Mahak Mundra Mahak Mundra 11 Nov 2016

Are you looking for Best TV Show Tracking Apps? Here you can get 10 Best TV Show Tracking Apps 2018 On App Store. All of us love amazing movies & TV shows.

However, for those who’re as colossal keen on gazing films and television shows, as i’m, chances are, you may have challenge remembering when a particular episode is airing. Yet another drawback is, identifying which other movies, and tv shows you could like.

All these issues will also be solved through apps that track television suggests and films. So, here are 10 free apps for Android, and iPhone that can aid you hold a monitor of films and TV shows that you have watched, that you wish to have to observe, and the ones that you simply could like:

1. Fan TV – Best TV Show Tracking Apps


Fan television is Best TV Show Tracking Apps for both Android, and iOS, which elements a particularly slick interface for monitoring movies, and tv shows. Within the app, movies and television indicates are categorized by way of filters equivalent to “New Releases“, “Now Streaming” for films, and “recent Episodes“, “Fall suggests“, and so on for tv suggests. This makes it easy to find new films, and television shows to observe.


2. iShows TV


IShows is all about tv indicates. The app features a first-class curation of television shows which you could search for, through its fine search characteristic. Upon getting searched for a television show, you should use the app’s filters to get results which might be most valuable to you. That you can conveniently add television shows to your watch-list, by way of tapping on the “+” icon next to their identify. This provides the television indicates to your house screen. Here, that you may quite simply mark episodes as watched.


3. Goodshows


An extra good app that you should use to keep a monitor of the tv suggests that you want to look at, or are presently gazing – Goodshows combines great user interface with intuitive gestures, and navigation. You can seek for tv suggests that you wish to have to observe, or that you’re already gazing. Which you could then add them to your watchlist. Right here, that you would be able to swipe correct on the identify of the exhibit to mark it as watched.


4. TV Show Time


Television exhibit Time is but a different Best TV Show Tracking Apps that you should use to monitor your favourite tv shows. It allows for you to add tv shows that you wish to have to watch, or you might be observing, and notifies you when a brand new episode of the television indicates you’ve introduced is available. It may additionally allow you to be aware of when one among your favourite tv shows is coming again on the air. This can are available quite handy for those who watch a number of television suggests, and don’t need the trouble of remembering the air dates for every single one among them.


5. Next Episode


Yet yet another high-quality app for keeping monitor of films, and tv indicates – next Episode is a free app available for both Android, and iPhone. The app does have in-app purchases for the pro variation, which gets rid of the banner commercials from the app, enables notifications and widgets, and offers you the capacity to request the developer so as to add suggests which may be missing from the catalog.


6. Todo Movies 4


Todo Movies is a neat app for tracking movies. The app launches up with the “become aware of” section, the place there are a number of curated lists of movies. Lists like “top 10 Comedies of 2016”, and “50 films to look at before you Die”, are all a part of this detect reveal. There are a number of such lists, and you’ll certainly find some thing (or more) worth staring at from this reveal itself.


7. SeenIt


SeenIt is an iPhone app that permits you to monitor tv shows that you simply watch. The app makes use of Trakt.Tv to manage this knowledge, and you’ll want a Trakt.Tv account to get started with the app. That you would be able to seek for tv shows inside the app, after which mark episodes as watched. The exceptional phase about this app, is that permits you to mark all episodes of a season as watched, with a single faucet.


8. MovieList


MovieList is a different iPhone app that may support you hold monitor of movies that you have watched, or need to watch. The app launches into an totally minimal interface, with best two buttons. Which you could tap on the “+” icon, to seek for movies that you need to watch. Once you search for a movie and add it to the app, it is displayed in a list within the home reveal itself.


9. TV Series


Tv Series is Best TV Show Tracking Apps that may aid you monitor episodes, and air dates for the tv indicates that you watch, or wish to watch. The app is free to download, however comes with in-app purchases. That you would be able to prefer to log in to the app, sign up for the app, or you could readily skip the log-in/signal-up approach all together. That you could seek for television indicates that you’re gazing, and add them to your collections.


10. SeriesGuide – Best TV Show Tracking Apps


SeriesGuide is an additional just Best TV Show Tracking Apps for Android instruments, that permits you to control and monitor television suggests you like to observe, or wish to watch. Which you could add new shows within the app easily, utilizing the featured indicates within the app, or by browsing within the app itself.


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