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Do you Know about the first computer Virus

author wpshopmart 25 May 2016

Do you Know about the first computer Virus

Answer is: The Creeper Virus

While the technical definitions for bug, worm, and malware may need a bit overlap, it’s usually accepted that the primary kind of pc “virus” occurred in 1971 on ARPANET, the scientific/military network that preceded the trendy net. Creeper was Associate in Nursing experimental self-replicating program that infected DEC pcs across the network — this may be thought-about a computer worm these days.
Written by Bob Thomas at the BBN Technologies science lab, Creeper propagated itself throughout ARPANET by exploiting a vulnerability in DEC PDP-10 computers running the TENEX software. The worm wasn’t malicious and, upon gaining access to a machine and replicating itself, broadcast “I’m the creeper, catch ME if you can!” on the terminal screen. the primary virus removal program, dubbed The Reaper, shortly followed, designed to find Creeper infections.


the term “computer virus” typically suggests that a bug which will replicate itself and unfold from one pc to a different. In fashionable terms, this can be typically done by infecting a file, thus a worm isn’t essentially a scourge. The term bug is additionally utilized in a additional broad sense to explain malware, that the Creeper Virus remains a sound selection for the primary virus — and, it absolutely was created ten years before future viruses (Elk Cloner and Brain), creating it an enormous milestone.

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