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30+ Feather Logo Concepts To Inspire You 2024

Feather Logo Concepts To Inspire You
Yashwant Shakyawal

In terms of designing emblems, 30+ Feather Logo Concepts To Inspire You could be drawn from any object. Feather is one such object which has been used time and again. We have visible tons of emblems offering special versions of feathers. And still, there are tons of undiscovered approaches to make use of this object for designing a new brand.

In step with normal belief, the feather has several meanings including lightness, wisdom, nature and so forth. Therefore, you can readily use the feather to design trademarks for any ingenious agency, cleansing product, atmosphere related product, offerings or campaigns and undoubtedly, anything concerning birds. If you are looking for inspirations or references for your next feather emblem design, then this is the put up for you. In today’s submit, we have gathered 30+ feather logo principles that you simply shouldn’t pass over at all. Go by means of the ideas and get some fresh inspirations.



This very colorful brand was clearly designed for a cell beauty supply product corporation. Including eight feathers in total, the emblem appears strong.


2. Harutiunian & Partners


Designed for a legislation corporation, this emblem involves the first letter of the company. And the feather is throughout the letter. The whole package looks very promising.


3. Feather Logo Concept


It is a cleverly designed emblem. Nonetheless, you will have overlooked the backside a part of the feather at the first glance. In that case, look again!


4. Steel feather


The logo conveys a pleasant look, which is, without doubt, a high-quality contact. Combining feather and metal, this emblem is perfect for making use of in any handicraft, manufacturing enterprise etc.


5. A Russian Logo


Initially designed for an air give process brand, this brand combines a feather and a love sign. The use of color may be very specific in this logo.


6. A freelance writer’s guide


Because the name suggests, this logo was designed for a creator’s guide. Using more than one feathers in exclusive colors has provided an excellent version within the brand.


7. Plume


Designed for a trend store, this magical feather emblem appears very attractive. The accompanying font has introduced further attraction to the logo.


8. eQuill


Offering a creator’s quill because the letter ‘e’, this logo is superb for utilizing in the ink, publishing or writing enterprise along with person writers.


9. Poème


With the red history and the matching font, this feather emblem supplies an excellent visible distinction. This might be easily utilized in any female services or products.


10. The Writer’s Vantage


Besides the feather, this logo also entails an ink box and a clock. All of these characterize the corporation for which the logo was at the start designed, The creator’s Vantage.


11. Cynthia Stewart Author


This logo appears each as a feather and a chicken. By using combining more than one element, the clothier tried to show his passion for nature and birds.


12. Phoenix Feather


Featuring the definition of a feather, this emblem also has a paper-like historical past. With a high-quality font and color, this logo would be simply used in any inventive designing.


13. Stella Gabbiano


This gorgeous looking brand used to be designed for an inside designing manufacturer. The usage of an old-style font is certainly an excellent touch.


14. Down & Feather


Here’s another of these colorful feather trademarks. This one was once designed for a pillow company. Whilst the color is high-quality, I suppose the typography section would be increased.


15. Feather Pen


Offering a feather and a pen, this emblem shall be the first-class option for writers, promoting companies or any other ingenious industry.


16. Featherfly


At first look, I proposal it is a humming chook! Instead of this striking similarity, this colorful brand looks very interesting.


17. Foto Skrydis


On this logo, the fashion designer wanted to exhibit that the feather is flying. Via making use of multiple attractive colors, he has efficiently made it a designated one.


18. ThemeFloc


The title clearly shows that it is a brand for a theme-founded website. The slogan of the brand goes very good with the total concept.


19. Wise Owl Club


This feather brand conveys plenty of messages. The various nature of the emblem has made it an excellent option for using in any inventive project.


20. Feather


If you are looking for a dependent brand on your chain boutique retailer or an elite boutique industry, this would be a pleasant option for you.


21. Feather Logo


This brand could be easily used in cleaning corporations or every other imperative product or offering along with mattress and pillow manufacturers.


22. Parrotheart


In this logo, the clothier has created a heart-shaped object by utilizing parrot feathers. The colorful logo appears very warm and appealing.


23. Record Label Logo


As you could wager, this emblem was designed for a file label company. The geometric shape of the feather has extended the total appeal of the emblem.


24. Kontekst


The striped feather of this brand demands shut attention from the viewers. The logo was designed for a copyright company.


25. Gilly Grey


Presenting an as an alternative abstract feather, this regular feather logo used to be designed for a village apartment furniture corporation.


26. Xanthic


On this brand, the feather is used to form the letter X. For that reason, it might be with no trouble used for any brand identify which begins with that letter.


27. Leisureno


Leisureno has come from the word leisurely. The brand used to be designed for use in organizations concerning nature, ecology, cleansing offerings etc.


28. Santopalato Restaurant


Unlike different logos of this put up, this emblem used to be designed for a cafe. The satisfactory font choice has extended the total enchantment of the emblem.


29. Flame letter


The feather on this emblem is designed in this type of way that it appears as if is on a fireplace. This passionate design is accompanied via a matching font too.


30. Parengo Publishing


At first, designed for a web-based publishing residence, this brand aspect a feather after the manufacturer name. I have got to say, the fashion designer has cleverly used the feather here.


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