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Magento AMP New Standard for Mobile Web

Magento AMP
Yashwant Shakyawal

Probably, the great part of the Internet users desires to use websites with a quick load-speed. In addition to this, people are certainly after impressive sites that include a lot of high-quality videos and images that come alongside with intuitive navigation and thrilling effects.

To say the truth, we cannot say that all of these tricks mentioned on the top are extremely easy to be reached by website owners. Sometimes it will take not more than three seconds for the website visitor to look through the website and click it off immediately. Actually, it’s pretty obvious but people don’t slow down their websites pointedly, they try to enrich a number of functions and, in such a way, capture the attention of various users, increase sales and fight off various competitors.

The Internet has transformed into a myriad of websites that are poorly adapted for use. Thus, plenty of people who have slow Magento stores, lose lots and lots of their customers. If you want to boost your mobile traffic and realize a profit, you should certainly set your eyes on the innovative solution that will allow your content to load in a flash.

In general, this useful solution is called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and has a goal to speed up the mobile performance of the online-store and provide users with a quick appearance of the content. This feature was created taking into consideration modern-day technologies with the help of different talented partners.

You could have probably imagined this complex process of making such kind of technology but, actually, an AMP page is considered to be nothing extraordinary – just an HTML page with a few extra tricks.

With the help of the AMP JS JavaScript Library, it became possible to make an online-store load within seconds. AMP has control over all processes in the load chain and it gives priorities to the most crucial elements. In such a way, the third-party content will appear on the screen only after the main one.

So, how AMP technology will boost the functionality of your eCommerce Magento store?

Zemez team wants to give customers the opportunity to try this robust feature out and thus, we made the AMP module for Magento 2.2.

This module will influence the load-speed of your Magento store and make the pages appear at a fast clip. It includes special UX and UI design concepts that will allow such pages as Category and Product ones to be loaded at first.

Your visitors will immediately see all products with their descriptions and pictures. It will be also possible to open the content directly from the Google Results together with all banners, attributes, and videos.

Those who will open your online-store right on their mobile or tablet browser can also work with AMP pages that will be loaded in a few seconds.

If we were to talk about rankings in the search engines, AMP will make it possible for your online-store to be included on the top in Google Results Page. In addition to this, users will know that your website includes AMP taking a look at the unique sign near the link.

In such a way, AMP will assist you in increasing your website traffic and mobile sales together with it. It doesn’t matter what mobile gadget your visitors use – your content will always be shown in a shot.

Some Reasons to Implement AMP

There you can take a look at results of using AMP in eCommerce:
Greenweez had:

Wego.com accomplished:

Milestone made:

Source: ampproject.org

All in all, there are only two steps that you need to follow:

Download the AMP template.

    Install AMP module and your new Magento 2 theme.
    Here we go – you’re ready to attract crowds of satisfied customers.

Themes ready with AMP

1. Magetique

This is an amazing theme that comes together with various theme options and layouts variations for building a robust website are available on TemplateMonster.com.


2. Fashions/ash

A trend-perfect theme designed for websites regarding fashion can be downloaded on TemplateMonster.co in the middle of January.


3. Trendy

A stylish theme with various customization and functional tricks will be available on ThemeForest Marketplace soon.


4. Other themes variations:

Mobillaso – Mobile Store.
Illin.co – Tools & Equipment.
Jewelrix – Jewelry Store.
F2 – Fashion Boutique.
If you want to install a new theme and don’t lose your content, feel free to get in touch with us. We are ready to help you with this!

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