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20+ User-Oriented VLC Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows And MacOS

User-Oriented VLC Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows And MacOS
Yashwant Shakyawal

Honing keyboard shortcuts is the great technique to be productive on a windows laptop or Mac. Keyboard shortcuts make it less complicated and turbo to participate in duties without reaching for the mouse. Together with desktop systems, there are various cool keyboard shortcuts specific to 3rd party apps. One such app that packs in some quite useful keyboard shortcuts is VLC Media participant. The appliance is the go-to resolution relating to staring at videos for many and if you’re one of the vital lots, here are 22 priceless VLC keyboard shortcuts for home windows and macOS you should use:

1. Fullscreen

Windows: F

macOS: Command+F

The quality approach to watch your favorite movies in VLC is by way of coming into the fullscreen mode. Well, this easy shortcut makes it a snap to make use of some of the used features of VLC.

2. Exit FullScreen

Windows: Esc

macOS: Esc

If you’re going to enter fullscreen mode, you then ought to get out of it as good. The getaway key will support you quickly exit fullscreen.

3. Pause/Play

Windows: Spacebar

macOS: Spacebar

It can be relatively traumatic to click on the pause button whilst you all of a sudden ought to pause and handle anything or swiftly pause the video at a distinct scene. That you can press the Spacebar key to speedily pause the video and press it again to resume from the equal scene.

4. Turn On/Off Subtitles

Windows: V

macOS: S

Subtitles are priceless for figuring out a movie in foreign languages or just to make certain you don’t omit whatever stated within the video. That you may quickly activate or off subtitles with the keyboard shortcut.

5. Jump Forward/Backward

Windows: Ctrl+Left/Right (short), Alt+Left/Right (Medium). Shift+Left/Right (Long)

macOS: Command+Ctrl+Left/Right (short), Command+Option+Left/Right (Medium), Command+Shift+Left/Right (Long)

VLC enables you to rapidly move forward or backward using keyboard shortcuts, so you won’t have to make exact clicks simply to repeat the scene you missed. Additionally, it offers a couple of shortcuts to maneuver forward or backward at your own percent. Here short manner 3 seconds, medium means 10 seconds and long means a 1-minute leap.

6. Control Volume

Windows: Ctrl+Up/Down arrow

macOS: Command+Up/Down arrow

Volume is among the most sensitive functions of any media player, you certainly not comprehend when you may want it to be ear piercing or soothing. You need to use the shortcut in VLC to swiftly flip down or expand volume. Pressing and hold the volume shortcut will rapidly move the slider, so are trying tapping a couple of occasions to easily modify.

7. Mute

Windows: M

macOS: Command+Option+Down

Adjusting quantity is predominant, however rapidly muting the volume is very useful as well. Suppose your mother’s calling at the same time your volume is just too high? Comfortably use the mute keyboard shortcut to mute the volume.

8. Open File

Windows: Ctrl+O

macOS: Command+O

You should utilize this shortcut to speedy entry the open media window. Here, that you may browse your computer to appear for media files and play them in VLC media participant.

9. Change Aspect Ratio

Windows: A

macOS: A

Established for your display decision, the playback window in VLC would possibly not fit competently on the display. Fortunately, which you can swiftly trade the aspect ratio utilizing the shortcut to set the window to your choice.

10. Manage Subtitle Delay

Windows: Decrease “G”, Increase “H”

macOS: Decrease “H”, Increase “J”

It can be fairly rough to make certain the subtitles sync with the video, and the developed-in sync system can be difficult to experiment with. The shortcuts are much less complicated to use and permit you to speedily increase or minimize subtitles prolong and see the outcome in actual-time.

11. Manage Audio Delay

Windows: Decrease “J”, Increase “K”

macOS: Decrease “F”, Increase “G”

Much like subtitles, syncing audio with the video generally is a significant hindrance as good. Fortunately, the shortcuts to increase or decrease lengthen make it simpler to sync audio.

12. Move Frame By Frame

Windows: E

macOS: E

You could make your video move frame via body to peer every element of a scene. Simply press the E key to move the video per frame.

13. Hide Controls

Windows: Ctrl+H

macOS: Command+H

For those who don’t need to go fullscreen however you want the video to soak up most of your display to do away with any distractions, you can easily disguise all of the controls in VLC. You should utilize this shortcut to quickly hide the controls or carry them back if they’re hidden already.

14. Access Preferences

Windows: Ctrl+P

macOS: Command+P

If you happen to like messing around with VLC’s preferences to make it work in line with your wants, then this little shortcut will definitely save you two clicks.

15. Manage Bookmarks

Windows: Ctrl+B

macOS: Command+B

VLC enables you to bookmark a video at certain playback time so that you could easily proceed with watching a video from where you left it. If you wish to take full abilities of this feature, you have to enter the Bookmark manager, on the whole, to switch between media documents. This shortcut will aid you to save time and make bookmark managing easier.

16. Open and Save Playlist

Windows: Open “Ctrl+L”, Save “Ctrl+Y”

macOS: Open “Command+L”, Save “Command+Y”

There is a just right hazard you already have multiple playlists to play. You need to use the open playlist shortcut to open your whole playlists and manipulate them. Which you can also keep a newly created playlist utilizing the store playlist shortcut.

17. Play Next or Previous Track in List

Windows: Next “N”, Previous “P”

macOS: Next “Command+Right Arrow Key”, Previous “Command+Left Arrow Key”

If you find yourself having fun with your playlist, it can be a bit frustrating to make use of the mouse to play the proper monitor. You can use these shortcuts to swiftly play the subsequent or prior monitor in the list.

18. Change Zoom Mode

Windows: Z

macOS: Z

That you could press Z to swiftly cycle between Zoom mode. The modes comprise Double, Quarter and half off. Zoom will only work when VLC is within the window mode.

19. Access Effects and Filters Menu

Windows: Ctrl+E

macOS: Command+E

Results and Filters are arguably one of the accessed windows in VLC Media player, as all the syncing and video/audio editing choices are present right here. The shortcut will surely help you get there turbo.

20. See Playback Time

Windows: T

macOS: T

For those who speedily need to see how a lot of time has elapsed and the way a lot of time is left at the same time in full screen, there’s no ought to transfer the mouse cursor. With ease press T and you are going to see the playback time on the highest right corner.

Ditch the Mouse and try these VLC keyboard shortcuts

These are most useful VLC keyboard shortcuts with the intention to most likely make you productive and support takes common moves on the media player quickly. Of direction, it’ll take you a while to master all the keyboard shortcuts but when you get a grasp of it, things will turn out to be rather a lot turbo for you. Well, that’s all from my facet however we’d love to hear from you. Do let us know the keyboard shortcuts you use probably the most on VLC Media player.

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