Best Android Calculator Apps 2021

10+ Best Android Calculator Apps 2016
Yashwant Shakyawal

Today we have Best Android Calculator Apps exclusively for you. Each person wishes for a calculator. Due to the fact that of this, there have been many calculators by way of the years and so they’re truly beautiful easy to search out. Most persons use them to figure out stuff like how much to tip at eating places and scholars actually ought to have them for college. Think it or not, Android can clear up your entire needs on this example. Listed here are the high-quality calculator apps for Android!

1. Calculator


[Price: Free]
Google Calculator is customarily the great alternative for individuals who want something simple. It facets a fabric Design-motivated interface with excellent, colossal buttons and it works as an alternative speedily. You could get some scientific calculator use out of it nevertheless it won’t suffice for something more than the basics, fairly. It’ll work just as well on drugs because it does on a mobile phone and there may be even Android wear support.


2. Digitalchemy

[Price: Free / $2.99 each]
Calculator Plus and Fraction Calculator are two of the Best Android Calculator Apps they usually accomplished up by way of the equal developer. Calculator Plus is the more simple alternative of the 2. It points to an extended memory function that will do not forget virtually your whole calculations and the app will actually show its work in some circumstances. Fraction Calculator is a calculator design specifically to show you fractions.


3. Handyman Calculator

handyman calc

[Price: Free / $4.99]
Handyman Calculator is one of those Best Android Calculator Apps that has a ton of makes use of. This one has a center of attention on quite a lot of forms of construction and carpentry to aid make these procedures easier. You’ll in finding modes to help you determine a type of things including perspective, electrical, unit conversion (density, temperature, and lots of others), and quite a lot of build substances.


4. Financial Calculators

financial calc

[Price: Free]
Financial Calculators is a series of calculators to help you’re making an experience of your funds. It facets dozens of modes that may help you quickly and without difficulty calculate anything from 401k contributions to pupil loan reimbursement, house mortgage interest, and even how many taxes you owe out of each and every paycheck. There were a couple of bugs pronounced with a few of the modes, however, the large majority of them work perfectly.


5. HiPER Scientific Calculator

hiper calc

[Price: Free / $2.49]
HiPER Scientific Calculator is likely one of the higher calculator apps, specifically for educational use. It has most of the basic scientific calculator services, a built-in unit converter with over 200 models, and even some obscure elements like a random number generator, variations, and so on.


6. WolframAlpha

wolfram alpha

[Price: $2.99]
Wolfram Alpha is frequently the Best Android Calculator Apps. It doesn’t necessarily fit into the calculator apps paradigm on the face of it, however, it may be used as one if needed. What Wolfram Alpha without a doubt does is exhibit you a ton of know-how about stats, math, physics, chemistry, engineering, and other STEM-related things.


7. Graphing Calculator + Math PRO

[Price: Free / $3.49]
Graphing Calculator by means of Mathlab is among the extra in-depth calculators available. It’s meant for educational functions and has a ton of stuff baked in to support men and women study maths better. You’ll have entry to 9 workspaces to do one-of-a-kind problems without leaving one behind, 3D pics to look higher representations of the info, and you can even retailer capabilities and expressions for future use.


8. RealCalc Plus

real calc

[Price: Free / $3.49]
RealCalc has been one of the steady and risk-free calculator apps on Android for years. It packs a ton of points, together with modes for levels, radians, and gradians along with binary, octal, and hexadecimal modes. There are additionally user-customizable constants and conversions to aid make matters easier. With the exception of that, very nearly all scientific calculator services must be a gift.



If you have checked our awesome list of Best Android Calculator Apps then we hope it will be pretty useful to u as all these apps are precisely selected from the google play store after analyzing their ratings and reviews. Enjoy!!

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