12 Best Free Windows DICOM Viewer Softwares

Yashwant Shakyawal

Here is a record of 12 Best Free Windows DICOM Viewer Softwares. These applications help you view DICOM records of quite a lot of types in extraordinary ways. That you would be able to open a single frame or multi-body DICOM documents right here. Which you could also load a single DICOM file or a couple of DICOM files from a folder.

The viewing instruments to be had in these kinds of the program help you play DICOM slideshow in loop, zoom, rotate, flip, pan, and scale pics. Many of these DICOM viewer applications present tools to measure distance and angles.

Some of these applications also show patient understanding tags along with graphics. Right here which you could view the entire entered understanding, corresponding to sufferer identity, identity, DOB, intercourse, Age, Weight, study date/time, File description, health care provider info, dilemma, and way more.

Annotation instruments are additionally present in a lot of these DICOM image viewer applications. Utilizing these tools which you can draw shapes, circles, polygons, add textual content, and freehand drawings on a DICOM photograph.

As excellent DICOM converter software, options to export DICOM as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and so forth., and export DICOM to Video are offered by way of some of these free DICOM viewer program.

Go by means of this list of best free DICOM viewer applications to grasp more about them, and in addition, understand how you can open DICOM files making use of these.

1. MicroDicom

MicroDicom is a free DICOM viewer software that allows you to view single and a couple of DICOM files. To view multiple DICOM records, select and open a folder containing DICOM records. Proper beside the DICOM picture viewer, which you can view DICOM tags containing the following information: sufferer title, patient identity, DOB, Sex, Age, Weight, study date/time, File description, and many others.


2. RadiAnt DICOM Viewer

RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is an extra good DICOM viewer with a handful of integral points to view DICOM files. Open a single or more than one DICOM record to view them. DICOM records show up as a slideshow as you scroll your mouse.


3. Philips DICOM Viewer

Philips DICOM Viewer allows you to open DICOM documents together with patient data, akin to sufferer id, Date of birth, gender, and so on. Typical DICOM viewing tools are to be had to permit you to zoom, pan, and enhance the photo.


4. Sante DICOM Viewer FREE

Sante DICOM Viewer FREE is a free version of Sante DICOM Viewer. The free variant has virtually all elements the paid version has, however, some batch processing and other features, which that you would be able to check out right here.


5. Mango

Mango is a simple software to view DICOM files on windows. Load a folder containing DICOM records to open them; each and every file opens in a brand new window. For the loaded photo which you could trade orientation, View records, Generate histogram, export DICOM to JPEG, Export DICOM to video, and Add notes.



ORPALIS DICOM Viewer is a free DICOM viewer which supports DICOM files with a couple of embedded pix. Open single or multiple DICOM files right here at a time. Along with DICOM pix, which you can view tags here, that endure knowledge concerning a patient, surgeon, and the challenge.


7. Onis

Onis is another DICOM viewer that’s free for schooling and non-commercial functions. There are few boundaries with the free variation, which we will be able to check out after knowing the DICOM viewing options on hand.


8. MiViewer

MiViewer presents various options to view, annotate, and play DICOM files in a loop. Open single or a couple of DICOM files, then make use of quite a lot of viewing tools to zoom, flip, rotate, and invert pics. Annotation instruments to measure size and perspective, draw shapes, and insert textual content are additionally on hand.


9. Ginkgo CADx

Ginkgo CADx lets you open DICOM documents from nearby drives as well as Cloud. More than a few layout choices are on hand to view portraits in 2×2, three×three, four×four, and so forth. Sizes. You could additionally zoom, play a slideshow, rotate, or flip a file. A choice to alter the color map is available to view DICOM in keeping with requirements: B/W, hot steel, hot iron, sizzling green, Pet, drift, Loni, VR bone, and so on.


10. MEDISP Lab DICOM Viewer

MEDISP Lab DICOM Viewer is an additional just right DICOM photograph viewer software that displays DICOM pics along with tags. Whilst you load more than one DICOM graphics, their thumbnails are displayed; pick one to view a better image of it.


11. Weasis

Weasis is a free DICOM viewer which requires JAVA Runtime environment 6 or later to run. To open a DICOM file right here, you have got to import it to this program first. View single file or multiple files in more than one body tabs.


12. DICOM Viewer

DICOM Viewer is a modest DICOM viewer that lets you view more than one record at a time. Each file opens up in a separate window. View sufferer understanding tags along with the DICOM snapshot displayed. It’s a just right photograph DICOM viewer, however, the slideshow option does not work correctly.


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