21 Best Free Windows STL Viewer Softwares

Best Free Windows STL Viewer Softwares
Yashwant Shakyawal

Here’s a list of 21 Best Free Windows STL Viewer Softwares For windows. All these applications will aid you view, edit, draw, analyze, retailer, import, export, and print STL documents. You could with no trouble open a 3D mannequin and use more than a few tools to edit. You don’t need to create the 2nd drawing. You could view and edit CAD information alternatively of 2d drawing.

STL stands for Stereolithography. It describes the geometry of 3D mannequin without any CAD application. It’s a triangular representation of 3D structure of an object. A surface of the structure is broken into small facets. STL usual includes two data codecs: Binary and ASCII.

That you would be able to without difficulty edit, redraw, and analyze the 3D object. It lets you view and examine each portion of the 3D object. It will probably also measure more than a few dimensions and different knowledge. You should utilize quite a lot of instruments to edit and look at like wireframe, color skin, rotate, pan, reflect, scale, and so forth.

1. STL Viewer

STL Viewer is a free and easy application to open the file with extension. Stl. It permits you to view a 3D object in admiring of all angles and direction. That you can view its proper, left, prime, bottom, again front, edges, vertices, and many others.


2. 3D Builder

3D Builder is a free easy utility to open STL file. It has some built-in models, so that you may open these built-in models and records from disk as well. Developed in photos are toys, gadgets, instruct set, trophy, family, miniatures, and so on.


3. ADA 3D Viewer

ADA 3D Viewer is a further free STL viewer and STL 3D printer. Open a file via Open icon or drag and drop a file. You have to use a mouse to navigate. Use (Press and keep) core and correct buttons of a mouse to rotate and translate respectively.


4. FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a free STL 3D viewer. It lets you view and creates 3D designs and items. It might create MCAD, PLM, CAE, and CAX tasks. Opt for, rotate, transfer, edit and scale an object. You need to use various 2d and 3D drawing instruments to create a project like a circle, arc, point, factor line, polygons, wires, sphere, cylinder, torus, cone, box, etc.


5. GOM Inspect

GOM Inspect cross-check is a free application to open STL 3D models. That you may open a brand new file, import, and export an STL file. Quite a lot of modifying options are on hand: delete an element, rename detail, delete a selected field, choice in 3D(like the main, floor, mesh, geometry, deselect, and many others).


6. Autodesk Meshmixer

Autodesk Meshmixer is a freeware to open STL file. Click on Import icon to open an STL file or that you would be able to also use drag and drop perform. That you could draw 3D image utilizing more than a few tools.


7. Gmsh

Gmsh is a free, easy, and cross-platform STL viewer. It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Open an STL file in a workspace and look at wire body mannequin. Proper click on your mouse and drag to rotate the thing.


8. DeskArtes View Expert

DeskArtes View proficient is a free STL file viewer. Open STL file and consider through rotating it alongside x, y, and z-axis. It splits workspace in different views: left, correct, bottom, and high. The left panel of the interface permits you to view file small print and properties.


9. Materialise MiniMagics

Materialize MiniMagics is a free STL viewer. It could rotate, zoom, and pan. Which you can view internal ingredients of a model. It additionally detects mannequin for more than one shells, flipped triangle, and bad edges; for this reason, helps you to assess the fine of a model.


10. MicroCFD

MicroCFD is a free STL viewer. Open an STL file in a workspace to view and practice some alterations. Which you could exchange grid, trade transparency, exchange intensity, alternate color, trade axis, invert sides, and so forth. It saves the output as STL.


11. OrthoView

OrthoView is a freeware to open documents of STL structure. View STL file in the workspace using various color schemes. It suggests material, shadow, and exceptional views of an object. That you can view an object from top, backside, proper, left, front and back. Rotate, zoom, pan, and manipulate transparency of the article at the same time viewing.


12. MeshLab

MeshLab is an open supply STL viewer. It might probably open a couple of STL files. View object as wireframe, features, flat strains, boundaries, soft surfaces, etc, that you would be able to additionally view vertex area, label, axis, boundary, field corner, present, mesh, histogram, curvature, and so on.


13. Viewer

A viewer is a free 3D viewing tool. Open STL, OBJ, and IBF file in a workspace and rotate in a distinctive course to view the item. Trade color, use zoom in, zoom out and lots of different options to check up on the item. It may possibly show edges, faces, and vertices.


14. eDrawings

EDrawings is a free STL viewer. View, review, edit, print STL files, drawings, AutoCAD DWG documents, AutoCAD DXF files, and SOLIDWORKS. It allows you to play an animation. Which you could view 3D mannequin by using rotating, panning, zooming, and so on.


15. AnyCAD Viewer

AnyCAD Viewer is free STL viewer and STL 3D printer software. Open an STL file by way of file browser or drag and drop operation. It supports a couple of tabs and for that reason can open multiple STL files at a time.


16. SolidView-Lite

SolidView-Lite is a free STL viewer. Open STL file to view a 3D model of an object with the aid of rotating, relocating, zooming, and so forth. Regulate an STL file by means of more than a few functions: translate, align, flip, mirror, scale, combine, units, etc.


17. 3D-Tool Free Viewer

3D-Tool Free Viewer is free STL viewer. Import an STL file to open and view. It could possibly create cross-component of a model, insert textual content, photographs in 2nd-drawings, and portraits within the history of the 3D-view. You could additionally view phase assemblies procedure.


18. JavaView

JavaView is a free software to view 3D designs and mathematical designs of items. It could possibly display 3D designs of an object in any HTML documents. Which you could move, rotate, translate, zoom, edit, adjust, and so forth.


19. Repetier-Host

Repetier-Host is a free STL file viewer. It could open more than one STL files. It permits you to rotate, scale, move an object, move viewpoint, zoom, duplicate, and edit them. Transfer and rotate an object to view its high, bottom, again, front, isometric, edges, vertices, and so forth.


20. Wings 3D

Wings 3D is a free STL viewer. Import an STL file in a workshop to view and use. Proper click on the context menu for utilizing more than a few options. It has many common and advanced tools, corresponding to rotate, scale, extrude, cut, bevel, weld, bridge, plane reduce, sweep, intersect, sheer, inset, and bend.


21. STL 3dit

STL 3dit is a free and easy STL viewer. Open an STL file to view 3D items. Use your mouse gesture to rotate, transfer, and zoom. It additionally serves as an STL editor, so that you would be able to with no trouble edit an STL file in detail editor.


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