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6 Best jQuery HTML5 Plugins 2024 & Tutorials with Demo

jQuery HTML5 Plugins
Yashwant Shakyawal

In this article we’ve got compiled a list of 6 Best jQuery HTML5 Plugins 2024 that might assist you to optimize your websites and make your websites attractive and beautiful. From enhancing the usability of widespread HTML tables to placing a HTML5-powered audio participant to any internet web page, under HTML5 jQuery plugins are able to do various things for web developers, I wish you’ll just like the article and will find it beneficial to your net tweaks.

1. Fileuploader : Best jQuery HTML5 Plugins


Fileuploader is a lovely and effective HTML5 report importing tool. A jQuery and PHP plugin that transforms the standard document input right into an innovative and fancy discipline for your page.


2. Loud Links : JavaScript library for adding Interaction Sounds

Loud Links: jQuery HTML5 Plugins

An easy tiny Javascript library to feature interplay sounds for your internet site. The library creates HTML5 audio detail and uses it to play mp3/Ogg audio files which are currently supported in all browsers.


3. HTML Canvas Gauges using JavaScript

HTML Canvas Gauges using JavaScript

Canvas Gauges is tiny implementation of especially configurable gauge using natural JavaScript and HTML5 canvas. No dependencies. Suitable for IoT gadgets because of minimal code base.


4. jQuery Push Notification Plugin

jQuery Push Notification Plugin

This library allows us to apply html5 NotificationAPI in jquery.


5. Origami.js : Create things with HTML5 Canvas


Origami.Js changed at the beginning designed as a coaching device for geometry, JavaScript, and the net in colleges. It’s evolved into a powerful library for creating things with HTML5 canvas.


6. TempGauge : jQuery Temperature styled Gauge plugin

TempGauge: jQuery HTML5 Plugins

Mini jQuery Temperature styled Gauge plugin, that replaces Temperature Values with a Temperature Gauge.


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