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20 Best jQuery Plugins To Extend Bootstrap UI Library

20+ Best jQuery Plugins To Extend Bootstrap UI Library
Yashwant Shakyawal

Bootstrap is definitely essentially the most standard and generally used framework, at the moment. It’s a gorgeous, intuitive, and powerful web design kit for creating move browser, regular and good watching interfaces. It presents many of the preferred UI add-ons with a simple but elegant style. So right here for the sake of efficient progress with this framework, I’ll assist you to detect a set of the most priceless jQuery plugins to extend UI Bootstrap. So let’s dig in.

1. Paradise Slider


A set of responsive carousel and slider of bootstrap like fingernail slider, image slider, multi things slider, video slider, optical phenomenon slider, etc with new options. Paradise slider is created with a bootstrap carousel. we’ve got created quite a hundred thirty able to use real-world samples of totally different sliders.


2. X-editable


This library permits you to make editable components on your page. It is used with any engine (bootstrap, jquery-UI, jquery only) and includes each popup and inline mode. Please attempt a demo to visualize however it works.


3. twbsPagination


This jQuery plugin simplifies the usage of Bootstrap Pagination.


4. PNotify


JavaScript notification plugin, developed by SciActive. It can even offer desktop notifications supported by the net Notifications verbal description. If desktop notifications don’t seem to be accessible or not allowed, it’ll fall back to displaying the notice as a daily, in-browser notice.


5. ClockPicker


A clock-style time picker for Bootstrap (or jQuery).


6. tinyMce


This plugin adds Bootstrap Toolbar to your TinyMCE, giving access to visual editors to insert/edit Any Bootstrap part or Custom piece into your pages: Nav, Navbar, Modal, Carousel, Pagination, Alert, etc.


7. Responsive Bootstrap Carousel


Different types of carousel-like fingernail image gallery and content carousel with animated captions, testimonial carousel, portfolio carousel, video carousel, etc.


8. Pick-a-Color


There area unit some nice color picker plugins out there, however, most cater to the requirements of techies and designers, providing difficult controls to access each color conceivable. Pick-a-Color is intended to be simple for anyone to use.


9. Tags Input

Tags Input

jQuery plugin providing a Twitter Bootstrap interface for managing tags.


10. Multiselect


Bootstrap Multiselect may be a JQuery primarily based plugin to supply AN intuitive interface for mistreatment choose inputs with the multiple attribute gift. rather than a choice, a bootstrap button is going to be shown dropdown menu containing the one choices as checkboxes.


11. Validator


The Validator plugin offers automatic kind validation configurable via largely HTML5 commonplace attributes. It additionally provides associate unobtrusive user expertise, as a result of no one likes a naggy kind.


12. FileStyle


FileStyle could be a fast and easy plugin to assist vogue your form’s file transfer inputs.


13. Datepicker


Bootstrap-date picker provides a versatile datepicker gismo within the Bootstrap vogue.


14. Table


An extended Bootstrap table with radio, checkbox, sort, pagination, and different additional options.


15. Select


jQuery plugin that utilizes Bootstrap’s dropdown.js to vogue and conveys further practicality to plain choose components.


16. Star rating


A simple nevertheless powerful JQuery star rating plugin with fragmentary rating support.


17. Wizard


This Twitter Bootstrap plugin builds a wizard employing a formatted tabbable structure. It permits the creation of wizard practicality exploitation buttons to travel through the various wizard steps and exploitation events permit to hook into every step on an individual basis.


18. Range Slider


A complete rewrite of the first bootstrap-slider by Stefan Petre.


19. Lightbox


A lightbox module for Bootstrap that supports pictures, YouTube videos, and galleries – designed around Bootstrap’s Modal plugin.


20. Tree View


A simple and chic resolution to displaying stratified tree structures (i.e. a Tree View) whereas investing the simplest that Twitter Bootstrap has got to provide.


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