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Why Build a Drupal App for Your Business

Drupal App
Yashwant Shakyawal

Today, consumers are no longer satisfied with desktop websites. To find and retain customers, companies make their services accessible on the go. It seems there is a smartphone app for anything, from shopping to education. If you want to grow your business, the Drupal technology may be exactly what you need. It is now obvious that people prefer to interact with brands via smartphones. Learn about the basics of developing a Drupal app on https://gole.ms/services/mobile-integration and the services offered. Here is an overview of the key benefits brought by Drupal-based solutions.

Drupal App

Drupal for Mobile

Originally, Drupal mostly used for website creation. It is classified as a PHP-based, enterprise-class framework for content management. Today, Drupal widely use to create state-of-the-art smartphone apps. There are two possible scenarios. We will look at both.

  1. A mobile app for an already existing Drupal-based site;
  2. A mobile app from scratch using Drupal as a backend platform.

Since the adoption of the API-first principle by Drupal 8, app development has been booming. The system has five modules for web services integrated into its core. The result is effortless communication between Drupal and smartphone apps.

Native Mobile Apps with Drupal

Native apps are created using the language native to the target OS. For instance, Android recognizes Java and Kotlin. These products offer incredible productivity, the inclusion of device-specific features, and more. Many JavaScript frameworks are famous for their interactivity and speed pair with Drupal. Skilled developers may create a cutting-edge app that will connect to Drupal flawlessly.

Web-based Mobile Apps with Drupal

This category of apps is based on HTML, Java, and other standard web technologies. Such products are designed for mobile browsers. Although fairly limited, they are also versatile and require less development time. They connect to Drupal through a REST API but look native to the popular OS systems.

Wider Reach

Through a high-quality app, your brand will reach more customers. Users will have more channels of communication and useful features that will keep them interested. Eventually, you will get closer to your target audience and expand it more quickly.

Special Benefits for Online Stores

Make your customers’ shopping experience smooth and pleasant with cutting-edge Drupal systems. There are many benefits to commercial sites. Keep your customers informed with push newsletters and enjoy the classy eye-catching design on Android and iOS. Product balances arrive in your CMS in real-time and orders go directly to the website. A Drupal-based app is a quick-start solution that supports different payment systems, provides easy catalog filtering, and much more.

Drupal App 1

The Takeaway

Today, it allows companies to create lightweight, quick, and efficient software. This contributes to their bottom line as consumers appreciate smooth mobile solutions. Thanks to a wide range of SDKs, modules, plugins, and libraries, developers craft popular apps for smartphones and tablets.

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