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WordPress, Drupal, Joomla – the best CMS to create money?

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla - the best CMS to create money
Yashwant Shakyawal

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla – the best CMS to create money?


A general question all the CMS lover minds that can I earn sufficient money using these platforms. The answer is yes. You can earn an abundance of money using this platform. This is my experience. I have been making cash online for like ten years currently. I started with Joomla, switched to Drupal, and ended up in WordPress. I will tell you why. I loved Joomla on the 1st. However, constant SEO problems, duplicate URLs, and other bugs created the American state to run away from it. I have only 1 site in Joomla currently but I am making an attempt to switch it to WordPress. The biggest offence I experienced by victimization Joomla is that almost all of the modules ar business, and these assholes want a ridiculous quantity of cash annually for every module. So if you have like four business modules, you may like 200,300 USD per twelvemonth, just for one website. Furthermore, Joomla is very prone to hacker attacks.

Only Joomla was hacked off all of my websites. And once you let the stupid Iranian hacker infest your server; he drips his doo on each website and injects the code etc. So you would like to wash it manually, or if you have a backup. However, even cleaning the code was a terribly long and laborious method. Furthermore, Joomla uses huge databases, is very versatile, but even these days they do not have correct URLs for the SEO. You still can’t set the address name manually. It seems that the devs are still in the glacial epoch era. I then switched to Drupal. I loved it. I still do. You can hire Drupal web development services the best in the industry.

It is great if you would like a full-blown power once building your website. It is very easy to change, there are no business modules that I do know of. Everything is free. That is the most important plus. There are all types of modules. Drupal is the best site if you’ve got a vast server, and want a large website, really complicated. I mean whitehouse.com is built in Drupal for the god sake. It is practically hacker free thus Iranian hackers are busting their heads the way to hack it.


I have to make several e-commerce sites in Drupal. Why? Because if it is wonderful for whitehouse.com then it is good on my behalf of me too. However, Drupal uses a lot of info resources. The tables become very large. Each module that you install makes a few tables in your info. So if you have an inexpensive ass host WHO permits solely one thousand tables in your MySQL total, then you are screwed, if you are building dozens of websites on one account. So the traditional Drupal website has like two hundred tables or more. So you will build like four or 5 Drupal sites on one hosting account. However, if the money doesn’t matter, Drupal is your solution. Nevertheless, it is dangerous to keep up and also build. But once you learn however to use it’ll be terribly simple to make new sites. So here we have a tendency to return to WordPress. I had to switch to WordPress because the info of every WordPress website is admittedly tiny. So you will squeeze like fifty – a hundred sites on one low-cost ass host. It is a really simple website, but why you would like one thing complicated like Drupal if you simply publish easy articles? it’s conjointly SEO friendly. And most of the modules are free. However, you will purchase a subject a minimum of. So that is like fifty USD, And if you have 100 sites, that is 5000 USD. But…..I hope you know what I mean by, however…And a lot of modules are premium too, so {you would like|you would like|you wish} to shop for them if you need all full options. However, for me, where I build many sites, this is the most effective solution straight away. It is very simple to make, just install it, then buy a theme, change banners, logo, and you are done… So Joomla is still a doo, from my experience, and all the module developers are greedy plonkers thus be.

Drupal is completely free however as I same before the info is large, the same goes for Joomla. Huge info is the sole downside I see in Drupal, and yes there are virtually no commercial themes, WordPress has a lot of them. So if your goal is to have fifty – a hundred sites on one account, avoid Drupal or Joomla, because your host can shut down your account. Stick with WordPress for now. Each of my WordPress sites has like solely ten-twenty tables per web site. You can use the forum, thousands of articles, many modules, and the website still stays terribly tiny. And if you are made, have money for unlimited hosting accounts, go with Drupal, because it is the most effective CMS system around.

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