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Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi Signal With These Router Tips

Yashwant Shakyawal

Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi Signal With These Router Tips. A typical home’s Wi-Fi signal is often improved in barely a couple of minutes with some basic tweaks. For a lot of enhancements, look to your hardware — routers, repeaters, and extenders. And make certain no ancient Wi-Fi devices square measure dragging down your network.
Upgrade to five gigahertz Wi-Fi

Most wireless routers out there square measure still in operation on the decade-old a pair of.4 gigahertz frequency, whereas trendy 802.11ac routers operate each on five gigahertz and a couple of.4 GHz. New devices compatible with five gigahertz mechanically hook up with the five gigahertz Wi-Fi, whereas your older devices will hook up with the two.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi.

5 gigahertz may be a less littered a part of the spectrum. Most of your neighbors square measure doubtless still mistreatment a pair of.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi, therefore there is less interference on five gigahertz. a lot of significantly, 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi solely offers 3 non-overlapping channels — channels one, 6, and 11. Meanwhile, five gigahertz Wi-Fi offers twenty-three channels, and none of them overlap. Older 2.4 gigahertz wireless devices like conductor telephones and baby monitors will not interfere with five gigahertz Wi-Fi, either.

The bottom line: forward you have got five GHz-compatible devices, upgrade to AN 802.11ac five gigahertz wireless router for interference. Devices that support five gigahertz can get a lift, and 2.4 gigahertz devices can still perform as they did before.

Extend Your Coverage With a Repeater

Repeaters permit you to increase your Wi-Fi coverage. they’re helpful if you are making an attempt to hide an oversized home — or a home that has nooks and crannies wherever the signal does not reach. you’ll be able to extend Wi-Fi to the farthest corners of your property with one or a lot of repeaters. Head to Amazon (or another store wherever networking instrumentality is sold) and look for wireless repeater or wireless vary extender. make certain to shop for one compatible together with your router — therefore, if you are upgrading to AN 802.11ac router, get a spread extender that supports 802.11ac. it will work through it solely supports AN older commonplace, however, it will repeat traffic mistreatment that older, slower Wi-Fi commonplace.
These devices square measure fairly easy to use, and lots of-of them square measure sufficiently small that they’ll simply be obstructed into AN electrical socket sort of a night light-weight. They perform as repeaters to increase the Wi-Fi signal, which implies you may simply have one single Wi-Fi network you have got to log in to — not multiple ones. Some routers are often organized to perform as wireless repeaters, therefore you may doubtless use AN recent router you have got lying around rather than shopping for some new hardware.

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Get a a lot of Powerful Antenna

Rather than employing a repeater, you would possibly purchase a stronger antenna for your router instead. A lot of powerful antennae will boost the vary of your router’s Wi-Fi signal, extending Wi-Fi coverage and up all around-signal strength. Check your router before shopping for an antenna. you’ll have an antenna that is compatible with the connective on your router. shopping for a pre-made antenna is not the sole thanks to going, though. There square measure all types of DIY ANtennas you may decipher of everything from a recent Al will to some tin foil.

Decommission Wireless B Devices

If you have got any devices still mistreatment 802.11b Wi-Fi, they are fastness down everything. Wireless B was the primary thriving Wi-Fi commonplace, and it debuted in early 2000. it absolutely was replaced by 802.11g in 2003.
Modern routers square measure still compatible with these recent 802.11b devices, however, they need to perform in a very style of compatibility mode once 802.11b devices square measure connected. This slows down the Wi-Fi affiliation for each device on your network a little. If you have got unspecified devices still mistreatment 802.11b, it is time to switch them. trendy Wi-Fi standards do not have this drawback — you’ll be able to connect AN 802.11g device to AN 802.11n network and it will perform at wireless G speeds, however not block those wireless N devices. Check your oldest Wi-Fi-enabled devices and guarantee they support 802.11g at a minimum.

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