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Securifi Almond 3: A touchscreen-toting, voice-controlled home Wi-Fi system

Yashwant Shakyawal

Securifi Almond 3: A touchscreen-toting, voice-controlled home Wi-Fi system. The Almond three is Securifi’s 1st plan to deliver on the promise of simply blanketing an oversized home with a robust Wi-Fi signal. It joins a growing crowd of “Wi-Fi systems” that embody new names like Eero and Luma. Similar to these different systems, the Almond three system includes multiple identical Wi-Fi units. The initial set of 3 presently prices $299 (discounted from $399) and every further individual unit is priced at $119 (originally $149). you’ll be able to connect these units along via network cables, or wirelessly, to dynamically proportion your Wi-Fi coverage.

According to Securifi, the discounted pre-order value can continue until every week before it starts shipping in early August. (UK and Australian costs have nonetheless to be proclaimed, however, $399 converts to £300 or AU$535, and $149 is regarding £110 or AU$200.) For comparison, the Eero system prices $499 for a group of 3, or $199 for one unit, and therefore the Luma could be a very little more cost-effective, beginning at $149 for one, or $399 for 3, same because of the Almond 3’s regular value.

Dynamically climbable Wi-Fi coverage

Each of the units in AN Almond three systems will work as either a Wi-Fi router, AN access purpose, or a variety extender. If you connect one unit on to a web supply (such as a cable modem) it’ll work as a router, similar to the other Wi-Fi router. When a second unit is connected to the primary unit employing a network cable, this unit can work as AN access purpose, which extends the coverage space of the Wi-Fi network. however, if an additional unit is additional wirelessly, at the counseled distance of regarding forty feet (12 meters) away, it’ll work as a Wi-Fi extender. during this case, the Wi-Fi speed of the extender is around 1/2 that of the primary unit.

Whichever manner you select to attach up the units, the Wi-Fi network is extended mechanically. every further unit replicates the Wi-Fi settings of the primary unit. this suggests you will not get to manipulate setting all up. Securifi says one Almond three-unit will cowl regarding one,300 sq. feet (120 sq. meters) with a Wi-Fi signal, that is enough for any low home. If you have got an oversized home, however, 3 units can cover to five,000 sq. feet (465 sq. meters). And you’ll be able to spend to 5 Almond three units along.

Almond, meet Alexa

Apart from the cheaper value, the Almond three includes a few further options that create it additional appealing than the Eero. First is that the touchscreen, which, like the first Almond, permits for simple setup and management of the system, while not the requirement for a pc or a pill. The Almond three additionally has 3 network ports: one Gigabit WAN and 2 Gigabit LAN ports (the Eero has only 1 LAN). On high of that, the Almond three additionally has integral support for ZigBee one.2, a well-liked wireless commonplace for home automation. Z-Wave, another wireless commonplace, is additionally supported however solely through an electronic device (not included) connected to its USB port. The Almond tree is so compatible with many web-connected devices. and every Almond three-unit even includes an integral siren, just in case you connect it to your home security system.


The Almond three includes a mobile app for humanoid and iOS devices that permits for managing your home network once you are removed from the system, together with its Parental management feature. Securifi says the Almond three can work with all Amazon Alexa merchandise, together with the Echo, the Echo Dot, and therefore the powered faucet. that permits you to use voice management to activate the router’s pre-defined rules, known as “scenes” — primarily shortcuts. as an example, you’ll be able to produce a rule known as “Party Scene” that turns your connected loudspeaker system on, dims the lights and sets the thermostat to a lower temperature. at that time you’ll be able to activate this rule through oral communication, “Alexa, tell Almond to activate Party Scene.”

The Almond three includes a geofencing feature that triggers sensible home gadgets once it detects your phone’s science address effort or coming into vary. It’s faster and additional correct than victimization GPS information, however, Almond three uses each to assist avoid false triggers. As a Wi-Fi device, the Almond a pair of supports the dual-stream (2×2) of the 801.11ac commonplace, which means it’s a high Wi-Fi speed of 867 megabits per second once operating with 5GHz AC purchasers. For gift Wi-Fi purchasers, it’s high speed on the two.4GHz channel of 300Mbps. The Almond three is offered for preorder online currently and can ship in early August. it is also expected to be wide on the market for purchase in stores. Check long ago for our in-depth review.

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