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Newest Found species on earth walking catfish, Beelzebub bat and two-legged lizard

Yashwant Shakyawal

Newest Found species on earth walking catfish, Beelzebub bat, and two-legged lizard. From a devilish-looking bat to a frog that sings sort of a bird, scientists have known 126 new species within the bigger Mekong River space, the WWF aforementioned during a new report description discoveries in 2011. however threats to the region’s diversity mean several of the new species-area units already troubled to survive, the conservation cluster warned. “The excellent news is new discoveries. The dangerous news is that it’s obtaining more durable and more durable within the world of conservation and environmental property,” Nick Cox, manager of WWF-Greater Mekong’s Species Programme, said.

1. Subterranean blind fish


Subterranean blind fish (Bangana musaei). From the carp family of fish, and measurement seven.7cm, this species was found within the atomic number 54 Bangfai construction, a Mekong River tributary in central Laos that runs 7km underground through rock karst. Bangana musaei was found in “Grotte des Nuages” and “Tham Pong” caves.attributable to its subterranean nature, this fish is completely blind.

2. Ruby-eyed viper


Ruby-eyed viper (Trimeresurus Rubeus). a brand new species of snake referred to as the ruby-eyed inexperiencedviper (Trimeresurus Rubeus) has been discovered in forests close to metal Chi Minh town. Vietnam’s Cat Tien park could be a defensive structure for Trimeresurus Rubeus, that inhabits a rather tiny geographic vary, wherever pressure on forests area unit high.

3. Walking catfish


‘Walking catfish’ (Clarias gracilentus). This species lives in fresh streams on the island of Phu Quoc off the Mekong River Delta province of Kien Giang. whereas it doesn’t actually walk, Clarias gracilentus has the power to use its pectoral fins to remain upright whereas it wiggles forward with curved movements.

4. Sweet singing frog


Sweet singing frog (Gracixalus quangi). whereas most male frogs attract females with repetitive croaks, Quang’s tree frog spins a brand new tune anytime. No 2 calls area unit a similar, and every individual mixes clicks, whistles, and chirps during a distinctive order. it had been discovered within the high-altitude forests of northern Vietnam (Pu Hoat projected Nature Reserve).

5. Yin-yang


‘Yin-yang’ frog (Leptobrachium leucops). This new species of Leptobrachium was discovered in Bidoup-Nui Ba park on the Langbian tableland in southern Vietnam. Its putting black and white eyes area unit distinctive within the genus. Leptobrachium leucops measures between three.8-4.5cm and is understood solely at elevations one,558–1,900m higher than the water level in wet evergreen and cloud forest habitats.

6. Fantastically colored fish


Fantastically colored fish (Borarus naevus). a stunning new miniature fish was recently discovered 83km north of Surat Thani in the southern Kingdom of Thailand. measurement simply fifteen – 20mm, the species has been recorded at many spots at intervals the lower Tapi stream construction. The fish is known as when the big blotch on its body (the Latin naevus means that blemish).

7. Two-legged lizard


Two-legged lizard (Jarujinia bipedalis). This extraordinary two-legged scincid was discovered in Suan sled District, Ratchaburi Province in the central Kingdom of Thailand. it’s the primary scincid (and solely the second species of terrestrial vertebrate within the world) to own forelimbs however no hind limbs.

8. Murina beelzebub


Bat from the underworld (Murina Beelzebub). one amongst 3 new Murina bat species, discovered in Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. Murina Devil depends on tropical forest for survival – habitats facing severe threats from human pressures.

9. Pygmy python


Pygmy python (Python kyaiktiyo). This 1.5m-long python was found during a tiny dry bottom within the Kyaiktiyolife Sanctuary in an Asian country. Its mountainous environment, straddling the Thai-Myanmar border, is understood because of the Dawna-TenasserimLandscape – one amongst the very best priority conservation areas for tigers and Asian elephants globally. Given the high price of pythons within the international pet trade, and therefore the beauty and rarity of this new species, Python kyaiktiyo is extremely possible to be at immediate risk.

10. Thick-spiked orchidaceous


Thick-spiked orchidaceous plant flower (Coelogyne pachystachya). Despite its thorny name, this organism is pure-white, elegant, and majestic. Native to the Kingdom of Thailand, Its name was initially revealed within the German Orchideen Journal, by Elisabeth martyr.

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