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Open Source Definition

author wpshopmart 30 May 2016

Open Source Definition

Open supply could be a term wont to describe pc programs with their ASCII text file offered for everybody to check. WordPress is AN open supply computer code and anyone will use, study, modification and spread its ASCII text file.
The open supply computer code development model permits others to not solely study the code however conjointly improve it by testing, bug coverage, and submitting patches. Supporters of this development model argue that the open development surroundings permits computer code developers to quickly realize and fix security loop holes and bugs within the computer code.
Opponents of the open supply development model argue that open supply computer code is truly additional vulnerable as a result of the supply is well offered for anyone to check and hack. They conjointly argue that open supply computer code comes with fully no warrantee and if one thing unhealthy happens nobody is chargeable for damages.

These downsides square measure usually offset, however, by the extensibility and customizability of the open supply computer code. this can be simply seen in comes like WordPress. As a results of its open supply license WordPress has become the dynamic net business enterprise platform that it’s nowadays.

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