25+ Phenomenally Realistic Pencil Drawings

Realistic Pencil Drawings
Mahak Mundra Mahak Mundra 07 Jan 2017

Here we have 25+ Phenomenally Realistic Pencil Drawings. You’d be forgiven for thinking the pictures on this list are photographs. However we assure you, they may be no longer. Every one is hand-drawn. Right here, some seriously proficient illustrators have pulled out their first-class pencils and drawing methods to create some truly fine pencil art. Experience…

1. Franco Clun – Ray Bradbury

This exceptional portrait of sci-fi legend Ray Bradbury is the work of Franco Clun, a self-taught artist who from Italy who has picked up the whole lot he knows about drawing from reading manuals and plenty of follow.


2. Cath Riley – Docs

Cath Riley’s pencil drawings are effective to appear at, however she regards her hyperreal work as just a stage in her ongoing evolutionary procedure of exploration and development.


3. David Kao – Audi R8

David Kao first began drawing when he was just 3 years ancient. But it was once handiest on the age of 19, after his father took him to his auto keep, that Kao started out to take his art and realism significantly.


4. Diego Fazio – Sensazioni

Entitled Sensazioni – sensations, in English – this intellect-blowing pencil drawing used to be created by way of artist Diego Fazio. Over a interval of roughly 200 hours, Fazio drew this tricky piece, which we nonetheless – irrespective of how lengthy we seem at it – cannot believe is a drawing. With ease potent.


5. Stefan Marcu – Cat

“From the age of five, I began drawing, and over time I added more competencies, comparable to drawing, portray, sculpture, all forms of image design, sketch and digital photography,” explains artist Stefan Marcu.


6. Giacomo Burattini – Clint Eastwood

“Hyperrealism in my work shows the great thing about the imperfections perfectly, opening a door within the discipline that isn’t most often depicted in actual existence,” says Italian artist Giacomo Burattini.


7. Keith Moore – Big Ben

“i love the task of creating small scale hyperrealistic graphite pencil artwork with out compromise,” says Keith Moore.


8. Paul Cadden – Shower

When we first noticed the work of 47-yr-old Paul Cadden, it took a whilst for us to recognize that they were in fact illustrations. Much more implausible, the hyperrealist artist used simply graphite and chalk to create these wonderful graphics.


9. Rajacenna – You are not alone

Rajacenna is a 21-12 months-ancient artist from The Netherlands. Yes, you learn that correct, she’s 21. But even more brilliant is the fact that Rajacenna has never taken any art classes and she handiest started doing realistic illustrations three years ago.


10. Paul Lung – Tiger

This mindblowingly sensible photo of a tiger was once created via average artist Paul Lung. The Hong Kong-based inventive’s portfolio on Deviant art is astounding, featuring realistic pics of each humans and animals.


11. Jay Varma – Mother Teresa

Provide self-taught artist Jay Varma a coloured pencil and a bit of paper and it will obviously outcomes in a gorgeous illustration, like this one titled mom Teresa. Artwork runs for the period of Varma’s family, his grandfather being master oil painter Raja Ravi Varma – one of the crucial tremendously considered artists in India.


12. Randy Atwood – Sir Sean

Artist Randy Atwood creates exceptional photorealistic pencil pieces, similar to this Sean Connery portrait. On his ridiculously just right Deviant artwork portfolio, the 25-12 months-historical states, “When time allows for, I experience practising the craft of snapshot-making.


13. Dirk Dzimirsky – Frozen

Dirk Dzimirsky draws essentially the most beautiful up-shut-and-personal pics. So shut correctly it must be easy to look that it is not images.


14. Linda Huber – Light bulb

Linda Huber has been practising the artwork of drawing with a pencil for over forty years. Influenced by her environment, Huber attracts everything from portraiture to inanimate objects, every piece taking anywhere from 20-eighty hours.


15. Ken Lee – SADA Beats

UK-founded artist Ken Lee is the person behind this gorgeous pencil portrait. An ongoing theme, Lee’s on-line portfolio is brimming with artwork of noted Asian girl. And they’re all powerful.


16. Mihályi Anita – Morning Rose

This gorgeous ‘Morning Rose’ drawing is the handiwork of normal artist Mihályi Anita. Founded in Hungary, Anita attracts idea from the whole lot she sees, literally.


17. Damien May – Yesterday

Damien may just is a graphite, charcoal, and pen artist based within the UK. A self-taught artist, may just is an mighty talent whose expertise extend to images of each people and animals.


18. Helen McNicholas – Rhino

This stunning beast used to be drawn by means of UK artist Helen McNicholas utilising simply graphite pencil. An exquisite ability, McNicholas has spent over a decade lecturing art and design in additional education, sharing her expertise and advantage with scholars venturing into the inventive industries.


19. Mark Stewart – When I’m old and wise

The artist career of Mark Stewart began when, after graduating from an art and design course in London, he used to be hired as a natural world illustrator. The years that followed saw Stewart superb his skills, producing enormously distinctive typical natural world illustrations in watercolour and gouache.


20. Robert Eaves – Teacher

This stunning trainer illustration, created final 12 months by way of Canadian artist Robert Eaves, immediately obtained a variety of attention. And it can be clear to see why.


21. Armin Mersmann – Steve Packhurst

German artist Armin Mersmann is the person behind this hyper actual portrait. Even though he additionally works with oils, Mersmann is most recognized for his severe naturalistic graphite drawings.


22. Martijn Versteeg – Audrey Hepburn

Martijn Versteeg is a 23-12 months-ancient artist from The Netherlands, who seems to have a small obession with Audrey Hepburn. But, extra importantly, he also has giant amounts of skill within the art of pencil drawing.


23. Andy Buck – Dimples

‘Dimples’ is, unbelievably, an A-degree piece created by using artist Andy Buck. His online portfolio has a wonderful selection of sensible graphite drawings, a few of which took him up to 100 hours to entire.


24. Justin Meyers – Smitty

US-founded artist Justin Meyers specialises principally in graphite and charcoal drawings on paper. And with this as an illustration of his work, we will see why.


25. Mike Rider – Grandfather and Grandson

Last, however not ever least, is artist Michael Rider. Having worked at some prestigious animation studios throughout his profession, Rider has spent years perfecting the art of illustration.


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