9 Phenomenally Realistic Pencil Drawings

Realistic Pencil Drawings
Yashwant Shakyawal

Here we have 9 Phenomenally Realistic Pencil Drawings. You’d be forgiven for thinking the pictures on this list are photographs. However we assure you, they may be no longer. Everyone is hand-drawn. Right here, some seriously proficient illustrators have pulled out their first-class pencils and drawing methods to create some truly fine pencil art. Experience…

1. Cath Riley – Docs

Cath Riley’s pencil drawings are effective to appear at, however, she regards her hyperreal work as just a stage in her ongoing evolutionary procedure of exploration and development.


2. David Kao – Audi R8

David Kao first began drawing when he was just 3 years ancient. But it was once handiest on the age of 19, after his father took him to his auto keep, that Kao started out to take his art and realism significantly.


3. Rajacenna – You are not alone

Rajacenna is a 21-12 months-ancient artist from The Netherlands. Yes, you learn that correct, she’s 21. But even more brilliant is the fact that Rajacenna has never taken any art classes and she handiest started doing realistic illustrations three years ago.


4. Paul Lung – Tiger

This mind-blowing sensible photo of a tiger was once created via average artist Paul Lung. The Hong Kong-based inventive’s portfolio on Deviant art is astounding, featuring realistic pics of each human and animal.


5. Jay Varma – Mother Teresa

Provide self-taught artist Jay Varma a colored pencil and a bit of paper and it will obviously outcomes in a gorgeous illustration like this one titled mom Teresa. Artwork runs for the period of Varma’s family, his grandfather being master oil painter Raja Ravi Varma – one of the crucial tremendously considered artists in India.


6. Dirk Dzimirsky – Frozen

Dirk Dzimirsky draws essentially the most beautiful up-shut-and-personal pics. So shut correctly it must be easy to look that it is not images.


7. Mark Stewart – When I’m old and wise

The artist career of Mark Stewart began when, after graduating from an art and design course in London, he used to be hired as a natural world illustrator. The years that followed saw Stewart superb his skills, producing enormously distinctive typical natural world illustrations in watercolor and gouache.


8. Andy Buck – Dimples

‘Dimples’ is, unbelievably, an A-degree piece created by using artist Andy Buck. His online portfolio has a wonderful selection of sensible graphite drawings, a few of which took him up to 100 hours to entire.


9. Justin Meyers – Smitty

US-founded artist Justin Meyers specializes principally in graphite and charcoal drawings on paper. And with this as an illustration of his work, we will see why.


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