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Steps To Clear Spotlight Search History In iPhone (iOS 10)

Steps To Clear Spotlight Search History In iPhone (iOS 10)
Yashwant Shakyawal

iPhone’s have had highlight seek for really some time now, and it is extremely helpful. That you can effortlessly swipe left out of your residence reveal or swipe right down to access the spotlight search and seek for something you adore. That’s all good and good, however, should you use the highlighted search for your iPhone, or iPad a lot, you typically have quite a few stuff in the search historical past that shows up beneath it. If Apple bought one thing correct with spotlight search historical past on iPhone, it used to be the fact that it suggests most effective the final three searches you made. However, there’s no choice to clear that historical past. So, if you want to clear the highlight search historical past on your iPhone, or iPad, right here is how you can do it in iOS 10:

Clear Spotlight Search History on iOS 10

Even as it would possibly not look find it irresistible’s feasible to clear the highlight search history on an iPhone, there genuinely is a solution to do it. It’s no longer precisely a given “option”, but more of a speedy workaround that you should utilize to get rid of the hunt historical past for your iPhone:

1. Go to “Settings -> common -> spotlight Search“.


2. Here, without problems toggle the swap next to “Siri strategies” to “Off”, and then turn it again on.


This will likely clear the search historical past in your iPhone’s spotlight search, and deliver your highlight search reveal again to its easy(ish) look.


Do not forget after we navigated to the “highlight Search” web page in “Settings”? That is the monitor the place which you can control the whole thing concerning the highlight search screen for your iPhone. Alas, it doesn’t have any options to clear the search history for spotlight search, which looks like a tragic oversight with the aid of Apple. Nonetheless, this monitor does mean you can customize quite a few matters concerning the spotlight search for your iPhone, so play around with the settings here, if you happen to ever have got to tweak the outcome that spotlight search shows you in your iPhone.

Delete Spotlight Search History on your iPhone

Even as there’s no genuine option to clear the spotlight search historical past on an iPhone, you can use this workaround whenever you want to eliminate the search historical past that highlight displays. It’s easy and quick, and it doesn’t really mess up anything in your iPhone. So, do you utilize highlight probably? If that is so, how did you manage the hunt historical past that is displayed in your iPhone? If you already know of another way to delete spotlight search history on an iPhone, or iPad, do tell us about it within the feedback section beneath.

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