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How to Find Mugshots Online Quickly and Easily

Find Mugshots

Getting access to information is one of the main reasons for the online world. The internet can provide you with data about virtually everything in the world, and it is a powerful tool. Also, you can use the web to find information about people in your life. Using social media optimization and search engines is helpful for finding basic data, but what about more in-depth info? What if you need to find someone’s arrest photo? Here is how to find mugshots online quickly and easily.

Why should I search for mugshots?

Let’s say that you start talking to someone on an online dating app. The conversation is flowing, you have a lot in common and you decide to meet up. This is a very common scenario, as more and more people are using online dating services these days.

While it is always fun to meet a potential love interest, you also need to make sure that the person that you intend to meet is who they say they are. Finding mugshots of people that you want to date helps you find out if they have a violent criminal past if they are registered sex offenders, or whether there is something else that you should know about.

This is just one example of why an arrest photo search is important. It can also come in handy with new neighbours, with potential business partners, and in any other case where a criminal past can affect your relationship with the other person.

Like with other information, you can use the internet to find mugshots. There are several mugshot search options, and the following are the main ones.

Finding mugshots online: how to do it

The first place you can go to is state/law enforcement websites; arrest records are public records, so official agencies provide access to them. To find arrest records with these types of websites, the first thing you should do is type the name of the arresting authority/the name of the state where the arrest took place. Type it into a search engine of your choice along with “mugshot search”.

Then, go to the official website of the arresting agency/state, and there you will get access to arrest records and mugshots.

Another way to find arrest photos is to use a public records search directory, like GoLookUp. With this website, you need to provide the full name of the person in question. You also need to type in the state in which that person lives or lived in the past.

The search of the mugshots will begin at once, and you will get a report about the person within minutes. The report will contain a detailed account of the said person’s arrest history:

  • Fingerprints
  • Arrests
  • Arrest photos
  • Police records
  • Reasons for arrest

And much more. So, you will get a complete look into people’s criminal past. That way, you will be able to find accurate data about people’s criminal past, and make decisions to your benefit, every time.




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