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The Future of WordPress Plugins 2016 and Beyond?

author wpshopmart 21 May 2016

One interesting questions in all the wordpress lover’s mind that The Future of WordPress Plugins: What’s on the Horizon for 2016 and Beyond? When you sit back and deem it, WordPress really has created a ton of advancements during a comparatively short quantity of your time. Over the years, we’ve seen architecture for plugins, themes, WYSIWYG written material, widgets, and so rather more designed into the CMS.
The Future of WordPress All this reflection raises an necessary question: with twelve years gone past, where do you assume the long run of WordPress are twelve years from now? What new options and capabilities might it have? Is there a clear stage that WordPress may not even (gasp) still be relevant to the web site development space?

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Now, please don’t assume that I believe WordPress goes to be dead and buried in 12 years, because I don’t.The Future of WordPress What I do know, however, is that history shows that nearly all major websites have fallen over time.
The examples are endless. Myspace. AOL. Geocities. There’s even speculation that Facebook is now troubled to keep relevant to the younger generation (this glorious Medium article, penned by a juvenile person, reports on the issue brilliantly. I personally don’t assume that Facebook is on its means out, but I assume it’ll undoubtedly be in bother during a decade’s time).

Bottom line

all major web corporations do have associate expiration date. That goes for WordPress, too. There’s no doubt in my mind that WordPress will, eventually, be replaced by a younger. In the immediate future, though, I don’t think WordPress is going anyplace.

Case in point

in my social circles outside of the Internet, I personally am seeing that a bigger share of my non-web developer acquaintances grasp concerning WordPress (or a minimum of have detected of it). For right now a minimum of, WordPress seems to be on the increase. 12 years’ time, I estimate that WordPress will be solely slightly past its prime. But again, all of that’s pure speculation. Let’s go on to debate more concrete things that we tend to do grasp might happen.

A Better UI

Another thing that we tend to will most likely foresee to could be a higher UI. The members of WP Think convey, a panel of prominent WordPress consultants, have talked at great length concerning this.
Mike very little, the co-founder of WordPress, has also talked concerning however as WordPress grows in quality as a complete, the number of non tech-savvy folks that use the WordPress UI is barely aiming to increase. A couple quotes from him on the subject:

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