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Things We Wish Android Handled Differently !!

Things We Wish Android Handled Differently
Yashwant Shakyawal

1. Multitasking


Ugh. Multitasking on any cellular device is currently a soreness. Even as Samsung and others have performed around with some dual screen capabilities, and we’re even seeing such elements baked in Nougat, it’s nowhere close as convenient to do two things immediately on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a computing device-type operating process.

Nougat seemed to be making bendy multi-window aid a fact, however, up to now the function has yet to be entirely mastered. Nevertheless, as soon as an artful developer has worked up a beautiful nifty workaround, in case you’re desirous about giving it a spin.

2. Memory management/increasing sluggishness

memory management

Recollect when you first got your device the way it seemed to just about fly? You would zip from app to app with ease, however now – just a year later – the item looks like an old piece of junk. How did you ever believe that this smartphone used to be a whirling dervish of techno-wizardry?

Good, as your smartphone’s interior storage fills up, it begins to get slow. And at the same time, it’s rather convenient to manipulate your tough force on a computer, inside storage administration on Android has always been an ache in the neck. Sure it’s far from inconceivable, but there’s room left to be preferred.

This might be a hassle of current technological know-how, but some extra cynical mobile lovers suppose that it’s in the manufacturers’ pleasant pursuits to let your gadget grow slower over the direction of a yr. That method when the new line of telephones comes out, you feel more inclined to make an replace. Failure to increase options in this area may be a case of passive planned obsolescence.

3. It doesn’t ‘just work’

it just dont work

The major selling point to Apple’s line of products is that they ‘simply work’ with your whole other Apple instruments. This isn’t a declare that Android could make in any respect. The complexity of the Android ecosystem and the type of gadgets capable of interacting with your Android smartphone or pill implies that there’s customarily a need for configuring, troubleshooting, or jury-rigging to get it “simply correct”.

Some see this as a function, not a worm. Android offers its customers a way a larger range of customization than iOS, and for those to like their instruments to feel and work precisely how they need them to, they’d by no means need to swap to a ‘just works’ method.

4. Security


Boy hey, this one. As the Android staff brought up at Google I/O this summer, safety is the largest trouble presently facing the operation. The more and more fragmented Android ecosystem makes preserving the bulk – or perhaps a first-rate percentage – of gadgets secure and up to the moment.

Now, Google has been making satisfactory strides on this field, rolling out monthly protection updates to their Nexus line. Samsung has also made just right progress applying these updates in a timely manner. Nevertheless, security issues on different contraptions have caused some safety gurus to suggest that you just simplest buy one of those two brands, as nobody else is rolling out updates effectively sufficient. Which brings us to our next point:

5. Updates


What number of months does it take to get to the trendy variant of Android? The arena could by no means recognize. Kit-Kat and Lollipop still dominate distribution numbers, and the present day variant of Android, Nougat, claims this sort of small part of the populace that it doesn’t even register on current tables (less than .1 percent). Main variation updates apart, average security updates – as acknowledged above – are also rolled out at a glacial percent for the significant majority of users.

Now, that is kind of a built-in hassle of the open source nature of the working approach. Whereas Apple has the posh of constructing all their iOS devices and rolling out updates in a timely manner to all of them, the Android ecosystem is a sprawling and colorful cavalcade of assorted devices developed by using a plethora of specific designers. The assignment of rolling out updates isn’t in Google’s full manage, and there are myriad possibilities for bottlenecks and shortcomings.

6. Sharing inefficiency

sharing inefficiency

That is obviously nitpicky, however, it could be first-class if the percentage option would incorporate a “most as a rule used apps” or “just lately used apps” bar whilst you’re picking out a photograph or file to share. For many skins of Android right now, you currently need to navigate a gigantic app tray of feasible sharing apps whenever you want to share something. When have I ever shared whatever to Autodesk Sketchbook, smartphone? Why is that close the highest of my recommendations for sharing?

7. iOS app dominion

ios app dominion

No fixing this one, sadly.

Proper now, iOS has an absolute stranglehold on apps, with the various most popular ones arriving first (Mario, any individual?) – or even exclusively – on iPhones. After that, Android, by and large, get the chop-shop seconds that the developer will also be afflicted to put out.

Despite Android actually being the largest working procedure on the planet, it may be an elaborate one to improve for. As soon as again, the open supply nature of the OS is both its force and its downfall. Considering the fact that there are such a lot of unique devices that Android apps must be ready to run on, it may be overwhelming for developers to construct on it.

Designing for iOS is arguably a safer choice, on the grounds that there’s a crowd of app-glad Apple customers ready to download their construction on just a handful of devices that they need to consider. In view that Android apps are on the whole given 2d priority, they in most cases don’t run as well as iOS apps or lack the aspects that iPhone customers experience. I mean, take one look at Snapchat.

8. Carrier bundled apps

careert bundled apps

Coming again once more with an iPhone assessment, in view that typically when we talk about the shortcomings of Android, we’re discussing it in the context of what iOS does otherwise.

When you buy a brand new iPhone, you are going to get a modicum of bloatware, undoubtedly. However, it’s Apple bloatware. Apple Watch, Apple news, and so on… whilst you purchase an Android gadget from your provider, it could most often come riddled with pre-setup bloatware that’s tricky to get rid of. That’s additionally to something apps the smartphone brand has made up our minds to push on you.

9. Decentralized messaging/voice calling

decentralised messaging

Google has made a push to create a FaceTime competitor with Google Duo, and despite the fact that the initial reception was wildly constructive, the thrill has died down at an alarming cost.

iPhones converse to each other particularly good. One of the most essential things that keeps some users from swapping to Android is an absence of iMessage and Facetime. Even probably the most diehard Android fanboy should be ready to admit that iMessage is a sleek piece of technological know-how that’s ridiculously easy.

Unfortunately, as soon as again the truth that Android is open supply means that the messaging world is a democracy, now not a dictatorship. There is no one messaging app to rule all of them, and as such, there’s a lack of that convenience that conformity presents.

These are our quibbles and gripes concerning the current state of Android. For the reason that we already love this working procedure and its contraptions, we knew we’d need to put on our pedant hat and get tremendous nit-picky, but many of these matters are worth seeing that.

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