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22 Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

Top Free Windows Currency Convertor Softwares
Yashwant Shakyawal

Here is a record of 22 Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares. This freeware shows out to be relatively valuable whilst you have to calculate the trade fee of special currencies. These kinds of free foreign money Calculator converters aid you view the modern-day up-to-date charges for unique currencies and are convenient to make use of.

All you need to do is simply enter the amount that you want to transform, then opt for the bottom forex and the foreign money to which you wish to have the exchange expense. Based on the quantity entered and the exchange rates, the modified quantity is displayed. These freeware update trade premiums routinely from various knowledge sources from the internet, like Google, Yahoo, and quite a lot of banks. A few of these apply to transform forex additionally can help you replace conversion premiums manually, in case alternate charges will not be up to date. Some of these alternate fee calculator application is dedicated currency converter, some are mathematical calculators with this feature, and some are unit converters with a choice for converting foreign money.

The program listed in this article is the great currency converter application and is wholly free to make use of. Proceed to read the article to know extra about this software to convert currency. You will also get to understand how to transform foreign money with this forex converter freeware.

1. Currency Converter

Currency Converter

Currency Converter means that you can convert forex on home windows without cost. It means that you can convert currency from every single place in the world. You simply have to decide upon the currencies and enter the price to calculate the exchange quantity. If you want to work with calculating trade premiums of quite a lot of currencies, that you would be able to keep the most desired conversion options to load them every time you need them.


2. Currency: Quad-Lock Converter

Quad-Lock Converter

Forex: Quad-Lock Converter is a good software to calculate foreign money conversion costs. It could possibly additionally convert more than a few other models of measurements. Decide upon the forex option from the class dropdown. Now, pick the foreign money from which you wish to have to convert and the currency to which you want an amount to be transformed. Enter the quantity within the box available and consider the outcome immediately.


3. Quick Exchange

Quick Exchange

Quick Exchange is a free currency converter that allows you to calculate trade premiums from either Yahoo or x-premiums.Com. Decide on the From and To currencies, enter the amount to transform, and examine the effect. Forex charges will also be updated at any time when wanted. Last, replace time is displayed on the UI.


4. Google Currency Converter

Google Currency Converter

Google Currency Converter is a free product to calculate trade fees. Its no longer a Google product, but uses Google’s information to replace alternate premiums.


5. Foreign Exchange Currency Converter

Foreign Exchange Currency Converter

Foreign Exchange Currency Converter provides actual time foreign money trade information and allows you to convert currency. Simply select the currencies and calculate the alternate amount.




Currency CONVERTER EX is one more simple alternate rate calculator, which can also be up to date from time to time via the internet. Decide upon the supply forex and the target forex from corresponding drop-downs. Then enter the amount that you need to transform. It is going to right away show you the converted quantity.


7. AB-Euro Currency Converter

AB-Euro Currency Converter

AB-Euro forex Converter is a straightforward and lightweight foreign money converter program that can be utilized to convert the currency of more than a few nations. Just enter the quantity to be transformed and select the currencies in which you wish to have your foreign money changed using the drop-down menu.


8. HEXelon MAX


HEXelon MAX is a free scientific calculator, which can be used for converting currency. Go to tools>forex Converter or press F7 to enter the forex converter. As quickly as you open this software, currency alternate cost data is up to date as per the countrywide financial institution of Poland and European critical bank.


9. Alzex Personal Finance

Alzex Personal Finance

Alzex Personal Finance is especially a program to manage a private budget. It also entails a free forex converter device, which can be really valuable. There’s a Currencies button on hand; click on it to view foreign money conversion choices.


10. Microsoft Calculator Plus

Microsoft Calculator Plus

Microsoft Calculator Plus is a discontinued Microsoft product, but still can be downloaded to be used as a calculator and converter. Which you can without problems use it to calculate the trade fee of extraordinary currencies. Go to category>Currencies and decide on exceptional currencies in the Convert From and Convert To dropdowns.




LINGOES is a free language translator application, which includes a foreign money converter device. It displays updated foreign money trade rates for a number of noted currencies. The foreign money trade information is regularly up-to-date from Google Finance.


12. Converber


Converber is a multi-converter device that is valuable to transform foreign money on a home windows computer. All conversion options are displayed when you begin this program. Pick the forex alternative from the record of alternative conversion choices. Different conversion choices include discipline, Acceleration, Distance, Density, vigor, drive, Mass, energy, and many others.


13. worldcalc


Worldcalc is a committed alternate rate calculator for home windows. Effectively decide upon the currencies for conversion and enter the quantity. The result is displayed. Update the alternate fee from the web. The update is done from charges.Wc.Currencysystem.Com. Set the replace for auto-sync if required.


14. Units!


Units! Is a simple unit conversion software that additionally includes a currency conversion. Quite simply opt for Currencies alternative from the category dropdown, then decide upon currencies for conversion. Enter the quantity to view the transformed worth.


15. UConvert

UConvert: Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

UConvert is a straightforward and free forex converter software and has different unit conversion choices as well. Decide upon the currency option from Fields of items. Opt for the conversion currencies from the original Unit and ultimate Unit fields. Enter the quantity to be transformed in enter section and click on Convert to get the effect.


16. Versaverter

Versaverter: Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

Versaverter is a free conversion tool to convert various units including currency. All of the units can also be accessed by means of their respective tabs. Access the currency tab to opt for the To and From currencies. Enter the amount into the space supplied beneath to view the conversion outcome.


17. Qonverter

Qonverter: Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

Qonverter is yet another just right conversion tool that is capable of changing currency and other models. Go to View > foreign money Converter to enter the instrument. Select enter and output currencies, then enter an amount to transform in the money section.


18. Unit Conversion Tool

Unit Conversion Tool: Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

Unit Conversion software is a straightforward device to transform items with a few ECU currencies to calculate exchange costs. Prefer the EU forex choice to calculate a value of trade among Euro, Irish Pound, Deutsche Mark, Dutch Gulden, and Finnish Mark.


19. Alternate Calculator

Alternate Calculator: Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

Alternate Calculator is a simple calculator which points to a free forex converter. Use the listed currencies to calculate currency alternate expense. You additionally get an option to manually add and edit foreign money. You could set a base currency and calculate values as you want.


20. EuroCyp Currency Converter

EuroCyp Currency Converter: Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

This straightforward Currency converter program, EuroCyp currency Converter handiest permits you to convert Cyprus pounds to Euro and vice versa. The charges are up to date constantly. There’s additionally a choice to manually edit values.


21. EuroConvert

EuroConvert: Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

Use EuroConvert for converting foreign money for your computer. Enter the quantity to be calculated for conversion, then choose the currencies with the aid of clicking on the nation’s flag. The changed value is displayed on the UI.


22. CrossGL Surface Calculator

CrossGL Surface Calculator: Top Free Windows Currency Converter Softwares

CrossGL floor Calculator is an easy calculator, which can also be used for changing currency. The UI shows an easy calculator; click on the yellow button on the top of the UI to broaden the forex converter.

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