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10+ Useful Android Features You Should Know

Useful Android Features
Yashwant Shakyawal

Here we have 10+ Useful Android Features You Should Know. Did you ever misplace or lose your Android smartphone? If you happen to do then it surely ought to have been a high-quality second of misery and panic. Well, the Android gadget supervisor is there to your rescue. With the Android device supervisor, that you would be able to with no trouble monitor where your gadget is and may also erase your crucial data for protection.

For instance, on your device, you have a school project prepared by writing services for you. You are worried that someone who finds your gadget first would take your project, and then you would need to get the new one from professional writers. That is when the eraser feature comes to the rescue. It will delete the data present on your Android device and you won’t need to worry about any of your private information being stolen.

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1. Android Device Manager

The Android gadget supervisor comes built-in on Android 5.0+ devices and can be simply enabled. Go to Settings > security > gadget Administrator and allow “Android gadget supervisor”. Well, that’s it.

Now, if you wish to find your gadget, you must head over to Android gadget supervisor’s internet web page on a browser. You should use a web browser to your laptop/Mac or on a smartphone itself. Within the Android device supervisor web page, log in with the Google account that you use in your Android smartphone. Once logged in, you get three options:

Ring: this will ring your cell at full quantity to be able to find your mobile if it’s regional.
Lock: this may lock your mobile and can reset the device password.
Erase: this will erase all your information present on your gadget.


For Android device manager to work, there are some caveats although. You ought to make certain that the lost Android phone is synced with Google Account and is connected to the web or GPS. In case your phone is just not connected to the internet then Android gadget supervisor will most effective show you the last on hand area and when was your mobile on-line last time.

2. Google Screen Search aka Now on Tap

Google screen Search or beforehand referred to as ‘Now on faucet’ is among the most overpassed points of Android 6.Zero Marshmallow. However, you will have to are trying it, as it might probably come in helpful in a lot of occasions. The important cause of Google reveals Search is to provide more expertise of what currently is being displayed on your display. For instance, when you’re reading some article on VR gaming then you definitely be provided with extra associated understanding on it. Should you’re watching some movie trailer on YouTube then it is going to show you associated expertise about the forged, film summary and extra. Well, if you’re no longer fairly aware of use it then right here’s a rapid rundown on easy methods to allow it and use it.


To permit Google to reveal Search go to the Settings->Google->screen Search and enable the first choice. Now, to trigger monitor Search, you ought to press hold on the home button. The nice factor is, it can be prompted from any screen.


That you can even take a screenshot of the present display and pick a phrase on the screen and Google it. Text choice works even on snapshots. So, that’s a plus. So, in case you are using Android 6. Zero devices you then must surely verify it out.

Note: monitor Search in Android 7.0 and above is replaced with Google Assistant. It’s sincerely been integrated inside Google Assistant.

3. User Accounts

It’s at all times really a bother when there’s only one Android tablet that specific member in household use. Each and every character has they possess on-line debts and interest in games and apps. Thankfully, Android lets you create more than one person money owed or profiles. In a brand new consumer profile, the user can set up a new look for that profile and can even set up new apps which received have an effect on the long-established account. Android drugs have had this option from Android 4.2 however this option best arrived on smartphones with Android 5.0 Lollipop. So, let’s see how you can add a brand new person account to your Android gadget.

First, head to Settings->customers and faucet on “Add person“. Then, faucet on “hooked up now” when triggered, after which you are going to be taken to the brand new user account and that you may add the bills and install apps.


To switch between customers, deliver down the rapid Settings within the notification color and faucet on the user profile icon in the high-right nook and pick the consumer.


Note: Now, some manufacturers set their own maximum to restrict for customers. For example, for my telephone, the consumer limit is about to 2. The visitor account is not counted within the restrict though. Your mobile would have greater restrict. So, create customers as a consequence.

4. Screen Pinning

You have got to have been through this difficulty the place your friend asks you to make a cell name out of your telephone and after he’s performed with the call, he begins messing together with your mobile; studying chats and trying out exclusive photos. It’s worrying, right? Well, there’s the best resolution for such situations. Google presented a brand new “monitor Pinning” characteristic with Android 5. Zero Lollipop that not many men and women are aware of. What it in actual fact does is, it pins a detailed app in your phone, which means a consumer can simplest use that targeted app and will not be equipped to open another app. Even the home, again, and the recent button become unresponsive. As a result, you can hold a consumer constrained to a designated app.

To allow display Pinning go to Settings->-safety->reveal Pinning and enable it. Now, simply open the app you wish to have to pin, tap on the Recent button and also you should discover a pin icon in the bottom-proper nook for the app. Faucet on the pin icon and the app can be pinned.


To unpin the app, you simply have to long press the again button. Good, you can also enable the option ‘Lock gadget when unpinning’ in the display Pinning settings for more safety.

5. Smart Lock

An additional safety feature that you just more commonly aren’t utilizing on your Android smartphone, is the clever Lock. Wise Lock robotically unlocks your mobile when it’s around some relied on agent like your Android smartwatch, your condominium or probably, in your pocket. Should you happen to lock your telephone with PIN or pattern then this selection can be rather easy. So, let’s see easy methods to permit it. You’ll want Android 5.0 or above for this.

Go to Settings->safety->relied on agents and allow “smart Lock”. If the option is grayed, it way you haven’t brought a PIN or a sample Lock. Set a lock first after which enable the option.


Now, to customize and set your trusted retailers, go to Settings->protection->smart Lock in your cellphone. Here, you’ll to find the choices to established extraordinary trusted marketers like places, instruments, voice, and many others. You could install whichever alternative is convenient for you.


6. Notification Control and Priority

Android 6. Zero used to be all about giving control to the users. It brought a new ‘App Permission supervisor’, which enables customers to disable exact permissions for an app. Permissions like camera access, storage access, vicinity, and others. Together with that, which you could also hook up the precedence of notifications from a designated app.

In case you are on Android 6. Zero, that you could just go to Settings->Apps, decide upon an app, then tap on “Notifications“. Here, you could ensure the app’s notifications are treated as a priority. That you could even make certain to cover touchy content material from an app within the notifications. There’s additionally an option to dam the entire notifications from an app, whose notifications you don’t in finding valuable. Android 7.0 Nougat takes it even additional. Within the “Notifications” web page of an app, you’re going to find a bar, which that you would be able to set to provide the app notifications one-of-a-kind priority stages.


You could also get to an app’s notification settings through press maintaining on the notification of the app and tapping on “data” button.


Note: Some manufacturers include much more notification control choices, so you must verify them out.

7. The Do Not Disturb Mode

Good, most of the users learn about this feature however they more commonly forget about it. Possibly it’s a meeting otherwise you’re performing some predominant work; switching off your cellphone or surroundings it to vibrate will not be the one answer. The do not Disturb Mode can particularly be invaluable in these instances.

That you may allow the do not Disturb Mode from the notifications panel. Faucet on it and you’ll get the options to set the time interval until you want it to be energetic or you can simply set it to indefinite time until you manually disable it. You probably have some most important contacts whom you couldn’t ignore, you must decide upon the precedence handiest mode. That you could also decide upon the “Alarms only” mode when you don’t want to miss out any alarms.

To mount the priority mode, that you could head to Settings->Sound & Notification->don’t disturb and tap on “precedence best makes it possible for“. Right here, that you could enable reminders, movements, messages, and calls from starred contacts only and more.


That you could additionally set “automated principles” to be able to permit the do not Disturb Mode robotically when a rule comes into action. That you would be able to set the Start Time and the tip Time along with the actual day. Also, if you happen to occur to have an occasion in Google Calendar then that you can set that too. You’re going to find these options in Settings->Sound & Notification->do not disturb.


8. Format SD Card as Internal Storage

Should you happen to run low for your inside storage and also you also happen to have Android 6. Zero or above jogging to your cellphone then which you could structure your SD card as inner storage for extra space. It manner your SD card will come to be a part of the internal storage and you’ll be competent to install apps on it. It will are available very helpful in case you have a gadget with low inside storage. Well, let’s see how you can do it.

First, you must have an excessive-speed SD Card with good read/Write speeds. Good, in the event you don’t have one, we’ll advise you to not permit this option, as your gadget could slow down significantly. But, when you have an excessive-velocity SD Card, go to Settings->Storage and USB->transportable Storage and faucet on “layout as the interior”. Your SD card shall be erased and formatted as inside storage. Do make certain you backup your SD card information first. After you’re accomplished, tap on “Erase and layout“.


To format SD card back as moveable Storage, just return to the SD Card settings and you will have to get the choice “format as transportable“.

Also, do hold in mind that formatting an SD card as internal storage will encrypt the cardboard, so you will not be able to put off it.

9. Screen Recording

If you happen to desire to make use of a reveal recorder app on your device strolling an Android variant prior to five.Zero Lollipop, your device needed to have root access. Nonetheless, that has converted and now which you could document the Android display utilizing quite a lot of exceptional apps.

The app I normally use for reveal recording is Lollipop display Recorder (Free). Open the app and that you may start recording your phone’s screen by using tapping on “Start Recording”. In the Recording Settings, which you can alternate the resolution, orientation, and even the bitrate. Which you can also record voice utilizing your phone’s microphone and even installed a PIP view of your front camera.


10. Encrypt your device

Device encryption was offered back in Android Gingerbread (2.3) and due to the fact that then it’s been sitting there in the safety settings. Should you occur to have an Android device that you just use for sensitive knowledge then telephone encryption is a feature that you just might want to allow.

Encryption really makes the info unreadable and random. While you liberate your phone utilizing a PIN, the telephone undergoes decryption using a secret key, making your knowledge readable. This makes certain that although your mobile is misplaced or stolen, any person else won’t be capable to decrypt the information.

Few things to keep in mind before encryption:

1. There might be a mild performance drop after encryption. It received be that noticeable while utilization.
2. The only approach to undo this approach is by means of a manufacturing unit reset.
3. Encryption can reason issues on rooted instruments.

To start the encryption procedure, go to Settings->security and tap on “Encrypt cellphone”. Now, you’ll first need to have your battery charged as much as 80% and connected to a charger for the duration of the encryption approach. If it’s now not charged then the option to encrypt telephone shall be grayed out as shown in the under an image.


Whilst you’re capable, tap on “Encrypt cellphone“. It will simply ask you again should you really need to Encrypt. Again faucet on Encrypt mobile phone and the phone will reboot to start the encryption approach.

Know any more hidden or lesser used useful Android features?

The fundamental goal of this article was to shed some gentle on the useful Android points that humans don’t particularly useful. So, did you to find these aspects valuable? Additionally, if you already know of other Android features that humans seldom use, do tell us within the comments part below.

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