What Are The 10 Most Famous Software Programs Written in PYTHON ?

What Are The 10 Most Famous Software Programs Written in PYTHON
Mahak Mundra Mahak Mundra 03 Sep 2016

What Are The 10 Most Famous Software Programs Written in PYTHON ? every tech lover want to know answer of this question. Python is Associate in Nursing unbelievably powerful and helpful programing language that a lot of of the largest websites within the world place confidence in for his or her foundation. Python provides reliable results that ar purposeful and involve a range of dynamic written and non-scripted contexts. and since it’s free and open supply, it’s remained a preferred alternative for a range of various developers United Nations agency ar trying to make new sites on one in every of the foremost reliable languages obtainable. Here could be a cross-check ten of the foremost notable software system programs that ar written in Python and what they are doing.


you tube

If you’re keen on look hours of homespun and skilled quality video clips on YouTube, you’ll give thanks Python for supplying you with that choice. the inspiration for Python helped YouTube integrate streaming videos into their pages, furthermore because the ability to love videos and imbed sure info. YouTube is one in all the foremost common sites on the net, and it runs off of 1 of the foremost powerful languages in Python.


2. DropBox


What started as a robust app, DropBox is currently employed by a spread of people, businesses, companies, organizations and additional. This program helps you to save files to a cloud-based service, that you simply will then access from anyplace within the world. With Python at the basis of DropBox, there’s not a desire for USB sticks or blank CDs, since you’ll be able to currently save and share everything together with your cloud-based account.


3. Google


It takes loads of power to be able to handle the foremost common program within the entire world. that’s why Google uses Python for its mainframe foundation, still as additionally to varied apps that it runs in conjunction with the most website. the benefit that Google provides for locating sure info, would be not possible while not Python at the core.


4. Quora


Got a question? raise it on Quora. This website compiles a listing of queries and answers that return from a community of people. Those queries area unit then organized by numerous members of the community, that puts the foremost relevant info at the highest. The creators of Quora, WHO happened to be former Facebook workers, set to use Python to assist them produce the world’s best Magic eight ball in Quora.


5. Instagram


If you’re keen on taking photos of your food or a brand new outfit and posting it on-line for all of your friends to envision, you’ll give thanks Python for that ability. Granted, Instagram has each a really powerful app and a web site, however the latter runs on Python language. The system permits for users to browse, realize and post photos that they like on the location.


6. BitTorrent


BitTorrent has evolved quite bit in recent years, however its foundation and earlier years were engineered on Python. once it involves one amongst the most important databases of information, media and content, BitTorrent is that the thanks to go. however you wouldn’t be able to get any of these lectures or different legal stuff that you just ar downloading from BitTorrent, if it wasn’t for Python.


7. Spotify


Spotify modified the music game once it allowed you to pay attention to ad-free music of your selection. This wasn’t a program wherever you bought to pick out a list, however rather full songs that you just love, on repeat as over and over as you’ll imagine, if you thus want. however whether or not you’re rocking bent the newest K-Pop song from Psy or a classic jazz tune, you’re doing thus as a result of Spotify was engineered on Python.


8. Reddit


Reddit is one among the most important open communities on the net. you have got a matter, wish to speak concerning one thing in specific, or realize loads of data concerning a specific topic, you’ll be able to simply look on Reddit. the location depends on Python to assist them store user names, reason subreddits, transfer links to GIFs and, of course, award gold to valued posters.


9. Yahoo Maps


Much like Google, Yahoo conjointly uses Python for a spread of various resources. Most valued could also be Yahoo Maps. The API and programming behind the maps program, that is made with Python, permits for users to seek out locations, get directions and even realize reviews concerning native places.


10. Hipmunk


If you like to travel, you have got seemingly bump into Hipmunk. And whereas the location permits you to economize on booking your itinerary through Hipmunk, it’s Python that keeps everything organized. Python conjointly helps type the most effective discounts and rates, thus you’ll be able to get the most effective packages out there.


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