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16 Best Helpful Tools And Web Services Freelance Writers Need

Best Helpful Tools And Web Services Freelance Writers Need
Yashwant Shakyawal

Here we have 16 Best Helpful Tools And Web Services Freelance Writers Need. Being a freelance writer is likely one of the fastest-growing careers within the writing industry. The profession owes this reputation to its many benefits like; no ordinary place of work routine, no daily travel, and the freedom to work from any corner of the globe.

However, should you take an appearance inside the world of freelance writing, you’ll see that as a contract author you need to put on many hats? One is required to manipulate the present clients and hunt for brand spanking new clients, generate suggestions, study themes, administrate what you are promoting, control funds, and, with all this, produce the best writing.

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So for all the hardworking freelance writers out there, here’s a list of 16 priceless tools that may support you to find new suggestions, create catchy headlines, make shareable photographs for your weblog, write without distractions, and extra.

1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

This app works beautifully simple, just fill in one to a few phrases you want to jot down and hit enter. Very quickly you’ll get a list of viable web publication post topics founded on your phrases.


2. Hemmingway


Writing is not almost figuring out capture phrases and showing off your huge vocabulary. Your job is to make your textual content readable and easy to comprehend. Hemmingway will aid you to do that, because it highlights complicated sentences, suggests choices for larger words, and extra.


3. Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahrefs is a preferred advertising instrument that helps you research backlinks, natural traffic, and keywords. Nevertheless, it also produces a report that suggests which content of your competitors works satisfactorily on Google and on social media.


4. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer is an exact instrument that offers you to assess your headline’s ranking. It also will tell you an analysis of how a lot of customary, wonderful, robust, and emotional words your title has, shows how it’s going to appear on Google, and provides some recommendations on bettering it.


5. Wordy


Wordy is a web page that provides real-time human editing services. Simply publish your content material and wait till some editor will declare the job is finished. It gives you access to editors from all essential time zones, so you can get your edited text fairly fast.


6. Grammarly

Grammarly: Best Helpful Tools And Web Services Freelance Writers Need

Grammarly is the world’s most widespread and accurate grammar checker. It scans your textual content for the correct use of developed grammar rules, corrects spelling, suggests synonymous, and enhances your vocabulary.


7. Streak

Streak: Best Helpful Tools And Web Services Freelance Writers Need

A streak is a straightforward Gmail extension permitting you to track your sent emails. It notifies you when a receiver opens your electronic mail, which might be particularly priceless for sending visitor posts and hunting clients.


8. Copyscape


Plagiarism is a usual predicament within the writing industry. So, this app helps you establish if the article is original and certain. It can be useful while you’re going to put up a guest post on your blog or buy some capable-made posts.


9. TweetDis


With this app, you can add the best textual content boxes to your article or highlight specific text to motivate people to tweet. In this fashion, your posts acquire extra engagement and get seen on Twitter.


10. WordCounter

WordCounter: Best Helpful Tools And Web Services Freelance Writers Need

The more you use some particular phrase, the less robust it turns into. Wordcounter can help you to fix word repetition swiftly. All you must do is insert your textual content right into a block, determine the settings and the instrument will exhibit your overused phrases, so you could exchange them.


11. Focus Booster

Focus Booster

Focus Booster is a web-based timer made especially for freelancers founded on the Pomodoro time monitoring method. Pomodoro system is a process that relies on having 25 minutes of time working and 5 minutes of rest etc.


12. Google Keep

Google Keep

It’s an app enabling you to create fast notes, a checklist, or write down your recommendations. There’s even a search box to swiftly browse via your notes. It has minimalistic skin but is actually a full-featured notes app. It’s available for Android, iOS, Chrome, and the internet.


13. Skitch by Evernote

Skitch by Evernote

To be able to annotate a screenshot, document, or photo you should use Skitch through Evernote. This software for Mac, iPhone, and iPad makes it incredibly simple and effortless to add arrows, textual content, stamps, and extra to portraits and records.


14. TextExpander

TextExpander: Best Helpful Tools And Web Services Freelance Writers Need

TextExpander is high-quality software that replaces a word or some letters with anything you want. It’s a carrier to help you form rapidly and be extra productive. For example, it could actually alternate the letter ‘tufv’ into ‘thank you for visiting.


15. Focus@Will

Focus@Will: Best Helpful Tools And Web Services Freelance Writers Need

It’s a new app that gives you put blocks of time and chooses a song to play even as you’re employed. This approach can aid you to remain targeted at one project and is a superb option for writers.


16. Feedly


I admire making use of Feedly to subscribe to news from prime blogs. You could search for an exact weblog or matter to subscribe to or arrange your feed into collections without difficulty in finding what you want.

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  1. alena says:

    Cool tools! I also use https://deskun.com/ instead of Streak, it’s free. Check out!

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