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5 Tips for Designing Compelling Company Blogs

Tips for Designing Compelling Company Blogs
Yashwant Shakyawal

Having a company blog is no longer a fad or a nice-to-have – it’s one of the prerequisites for succeeding in your digital marketing efforts. However, there is more to it than just creating a blog and posting something. A whole lot of thought and effort should be invested in the process if you expect it to provide some steady ROI. Let’s look at five Tips for Designing Compelling Company Blogs.

Connect It To Your Brand

Your blog needs to be an extension of your brand, not a place where you post random articles. There is certainly space for a couple of random articles, but the main goal of any company blog is to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

This will be done by covering topics that are both related to your product or service and of interest to your target audience.

A blog that does this incredibly well is Ahrefs. They cover more general topics that are of interest to their core audience and offer plenty of insight into how to use their solutions to achieve certain results and goals.

Feature A Call to Action

Your blog posts should highlight what your solution to a certain issue is. They need to convey clearly how what you offer can help solve the issue you’re talking about and contribute to a certain process. In short, you’ll want to be clear on how your product or service relates to the topic you’re writing about.

Once you’ve established that connection, the post should also feature a call to action – either for making a purchase or signing up for your services or for signing up for your newsletter, following you on social media, etc. This is how you utilize your blog to achieve your marketing goals.

Evernote does this really well with an unobtrusive call to action at the very end of their posts. They’re not shoving their product down your throat, but rather giving you a nice nudge in the right direction.


Offer Insights And Reviews

One type of post you can certainly utilize on your blog is the review. These kinds of posts tend to do really well because they offer readers plenty of useful information in one place. If you are able to digest and distill a lot of information that is otherwise scattered across many other websites, you could win yourself a steady readership.

Any insight that you are able to offer is what’s going to propel you to the top and help you attract readers. So, focus on the subjects you are an expert in, and provide as much useful and actionable information as you can.

Prime Massage Chairs does this very well on their blog, offering a good mix of more general interest topics and product reviews.

Prime Massage Chairs Tips for Designing Compelling Company Blogs

Source The Best Images

Your blog should also put a lot of stock in the images you feature. Every post should be broken up by images – it will make it easier to read, more visually appealing, and the images can also contribute to the story itself.

When choosing images, make sure they are of the highest quality, both in terms of the resolution and in terms of their actual content. You want them to tie the story together, illustrate your points, and allow the user to enjoy the post more. They shouldn’t just randomly be added because they need to be added – they should serve a specific purpose.

REI does an amazing job with their images – they’re able to transport you into the article itself and help you grasp their content easily and more firmly.

REI Tips for Designing Compelling Company Blogs

Mind The Formatting

Finally, your posts also need to be formatted well. It won’t matter whether your article is incredibly informational and whether it features advice that your readers would love to know of, if they can’t be forced to read your tiny font, without headings, with no visuals or enough white space.

Chunks of text are a very bad choice. Some very huge names in publishing still resort to the block-of-text kind of approach to blogging, but these kinds of posts won’t work on a company blog.

You want clear headings, fonts that are easy to read, bullet points and numbered lists that will help users digest information, plenty of white space to both sides that allow the copy to stand out, and visuals that will enhance the design.

Canva Tips for Designing Compelling Company Blogs

Final Thoughts

Designing your company blog is not a task you should expect to accomplish overnight, nor is it one you can hope to master in a fortnight. Allow yourself plenty of time for research and creativity, and you’ll be able to build a blog that will enhance your online marketing efforts.

I hope you enjoyed this article of 5 Tips for Designing Compelling Company Blogs. If you like this blog then, please share it with your friends and family.

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