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10 Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions You Should Install In 2024

Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions
Yashwant Shakyawal

Let’s look at our 10+ Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions. The browser struggle is practical as historic because of the web itself. From Netscape Navigator of the days of yore to Google Chrome and now Microsoft area (and the whole lot else in between), customers had been extensively divided on what the quality browser looks and feels (and performs) like. You may have your factors for opting for your favorite, and you might have had very valid explanations for hating the infamous web Explorer, but two things have nearly gained the popularity of reality: one, a big purpose for the vast popularity of Firefox and Chrome is their aid for add-ons and extensions, respectively, and two, Microsoft side is a quite strong competitor to each these reigning champs.

The area has been a pretty strong browser in view that it was once unveiled with windows 10, and it has frequently accelerated in view of that. What is particularly lacked for one full yr, nevertheless, was once help for extensions. That all transformed with the home windows Anniversary replace, which noticed aspect getting support for extensions as well, making it a good first option for an extensive quantity of home windows 10 customers. Despite the fact that facet’s extensions library is nowhere almost even being on par with what Firefox and Chrome have, it’s developing and has some particularly nice hidden gems. Right here, we gather the quality (or need to have, in the event you like) of the Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions that you must are be trying. You can do easily browser testing on website across any versions of IE, Edge, Safari, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on real Windows and macOS machines for getting accurate test results.

How to install extensions in Microsoft Edge

Putting in the Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions facet is similar to how you’d add add-ons in Firefox or Chrome extensions, but on the grounds that discovering them is slightly intricate and side is rather new, let’s spell it out. Stir up an area and click on the top-proper menu button. Right here, you’ll see “Extensions” when you’ve got upgraded to the Anniversary replace (in case you don’t see that, please install the update first).


Click that and the ensuing reveal will exhibit you all your currently-installed extensions, as good as an option to “Get Extensions from home windows store,” clicking so that they can take you to a committed area in home windows retailer with area extensions. To put in an extension, simply click the “Free” button subsequent to it (much like how you possibly can install apps) and let it whole. As soon as that’s performed, head back to the side and you’ll have a prompt informing you that the extension has been established and asking if you happen to like to allow it (facet extensions are turned off by way of default once hooked up). Permit the extension to run, and you’re just right to move.


Now let’s start with the list of Top 10 Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions In 2024:

List of Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions:

1. Honey 
2. Grammarly
3. Popup Blocker
4. Tampermonkey
5. PrintFriendly and PDF
6. Reddit Enhancement Suite
7.  AdBlock
8.  LastPass
9. Amazon Assistant
10. Microsoft Translator

1. Honey

Honey Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

Honey is one of my most favorite Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions available on the list and it’s one of the best ones that I install on every device. If you love online shopping then this extension is best for you. It Automatically finds and applies coupon codes when you shop online. The extension will help you to save a lot of money if you love to shop online. So don’t just wait, click on the link below to install the extension.


  • Automatically find and apply the best coupons to your cart.
  • Get FREE cash back at thousands of stores.
  • Get the best deal while automatically comparing every seller in the Amazon marketplace.
  • Trusted by over 15 million users.


2. Grammarly

Grammarly Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

If you are a writer or a blogger and loves writing a lot of articles then you should definitely install the Grammarly extension. This extension will help you to correct your grammar mistakes. It checks for the most common grammatical errors people make while writing and suggest you correct words to change them. Whether you are typing an email, publishing a post on your website, writing an article, writing for your clients, or chatting with your friends, Grammarly can help you in improving your writing skills.

Grammarly extension is free to download and use, and there’s also a paid plan which offers advanced grammar checking skills.


  • Automatically find grammar mistakes and suggest correct words to change them.
  • Helps you to improve your writing skills.
  • Free and paid versions available.


3. Popup Blocker

Popup Blocker Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

If you hate when you open a website to read the article and you get tens of different popups then this extension plays a major role on your device. Popup Blocker blocks unwanted popups and improves your reading experience. The extension blocks all sorts of window opening requests for user attention. You can also Allow and Deny popup requests.


  • Blocks the unwanted popups
  • Blocks only popups and not relevant ads.
  • Improve your user experience.


4. Tampermonkey

Tampermonkey Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions

Tampermonkey is not an extension for every user as it does require a little knowledge of Javascript to operate. It is the most famous user script manager, with over 10 million weekly users. It’s available for Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox. It basically allows peoples to change the Javascript on web pages to enable different features. When you click on the Tampermonkey extension icon, it will show you that what scripts are running and what scripts may run on the open page.


  • Makes it very easy to manage your user scripts
  • provides features like a clear overview of the running scripts, a built-in editor, ZIP-based import and export, and much more.


5. PrintFriendly and PDF

PrintFriendly and PDF

When you want to print articles on the web, but you don’t know the best method to do it, then this is the perfect extension for you. The PrintFriendly and PDF extension will remove ads, navigation, junk, and all the other materials that you don’t need while printing the articles. You can also remove images and a part of the content that you don’t want to print. Also, you can change the font size from larger to smaller. This extension is developed for a comfortable read experience.

It also generates PDFs for archiving, sharing, or saving. PDFs include clickable links, and source URLs so you can continue to interact.


  • Print Preview.
  • Save as PDF.
  • Email Page.
  • Remove Images and text you don’t want.
  • Change the font size.


6. Reddit Enhancement Suite

Reddit Enhancement Suite

It’s befitting that the “entrance web page of the web” gets an area extension early on, and that’s what Reddit Enhancement Suite does. This extension targets at improving your Reddit expertise through points like everything on one page (they preserve loading as you scroll down), so that you never have got to click the following web page link again. There’s a nighttime mode for less complicated studying, an inline photograph viewer (ultimately) that even supports Imgur hyperlinks, keyboard navigation, and plenty more. My individual favorite is the user tagger function, which suggests those customers that you want to monitor or engage with normally.


  • Dark mode for less complicated studying.
  • Improves your Reddit experience.
  • Helps you to get more points available on the web page.


7. AdBlock


In case you are looking for an advertisement blocker, AdBlock will be the best option for you. With AdBlock, you can finally visit the web without unwanted advertisements. It Blocks all annoying ads and pop-ups on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and all your favorite websites. AdBlock can be used for all the web pages where pop-up ads appear frequently. It will show you the number of pop-up ads that the extension has blocked on the AdBlock icon in your toolbar.  If you want a better and faster web browsing experience then you must have to use AdBlock.


  • Block pop-ups, ads, and annoying ads
  • Block third-party trackers and protect your privacy
  • Improve page load times and enjoy a faster internet
  • Customize your experience with filters, whitelists, dark mode, and other colorful themes


8. LastPass


one of the amazing free password managers is now available as a Microsoft extension. This extension is super friendly for those who do not remember their passwords. LastPass securely stores all your passwords and username to LastPass you just need to remember only one password that is your LastPass master password, And it will auto-login to your sites and sync your passwords everywhere you need them. It makes existence infinitely extra easy, is comfortable and free if you wish to use it on a computing device.


  • Best password manager.
  • Efficient and does what you need.
  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent cross-platform password manager with a free tier.


9. Amazon Assistant


If you love online shopping then this extension will help you to grab the best offers. Amazon is widely used for online shopping and if you also love amazon then this legitimate Amazon Assistant extension for Microsoft improves your shopping selections by striking the Deal of the Day right on your browse and much more best offers.

Amazon Assistant helps you to make better decisions whenever you shop online by giving you access to:

  • Deal of the Day Never misses a deal.
  • The Assistant delivers the best deals every day.
  • Get updates on your recent orders including shipping and delivery confirmations.
  • Keep an eye out for product and price comparisons that can save time and money.
  • Save products from any website with the Wish List tab.
  • Save time.
  • Assistant gives you shortcuts to popular Amazon destinations right in your browser.


10. Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator

This extension translates the content of any website automatically in a fast and easy way. Not every website is written in a language that you easily understand, and if you need the information from that website then this extension will translate the complete page in your chosen language.  Also, if you don’t want or need a translation of the whole page, you can also select a part of the information that you would like to have translated.

How to translate the text:

  • select required text on any web page and press on the extension’s button.
  • press on extension’s button, enter required text in upper field and press “Translate”

How to translate the web page:

  • load required web page, press on extension’s button, and click on “Translate active page.
  • open preferences (right-click on extension’s button), choose “Default target language” and “Use Translate Toolbar” => each foreign web page will have a hint to translate it.

These 10 Best Microsoft Edge Browser Extensions will help you to enhance your work, shopping, internet surfing experience. So get your extensions now.

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