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What’s the most efficient way to take notes?

take notes

When it comes to taking notes, there are a lot of takeaways and important things to consider. If you’re wondering which way of taking notes is most effective, there are many types of strategies and systems that work for effective note-taking. But before you decide which method you are going to use to take notes, you need to prepare before the appointment.

Prepare topics, meeting time, duration, meeting attendees, and other important meeting components. More importantly, you don’t want to forget to add the Notiv app to your Zoom or other online communication tools to help you record your appointment.

What’s the most efficient way to take notes?

There is no one size fits all solution. Just because it works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work 100% for you. The concept is also the opposite. Therefore, before choosing the method you want to use for taking notes in a meeting, you need to first be aware of the options available to you. Here are the best methods for taking notes.

Selection method

The main goal of the sketcher method is to simplify the materials to a dense level so that everyone who reads the reports knows exactly what is at stake. The short action of this method is to select the most important questions raised.

The idea behind this method is to know the topics before the meeting so you know what to expect later. You can see a free guide to the Outlining Method from a trusted source.

Cornell Method

The Cornell Method originated at Cornell University. it is one of the most famous note-taking methods in the world. other methods may be inspired by the Cornell method due to its similarities. In this method, you are going to use several key points that are discussed in the meeting.

This method has three main components:

  • Cue
  • Actual Notes
  • Summary

In the tips section, you will write down the main points, possible questions, some other tricks, and so on. Cues can be cues to help you keep track of the topics under discussion.

The Factual Notes section is intended to explain or clarify key points. N However, details are not mentioned in long paragraphs or so. However, you will need to summarize them in denser words. A summary section is one that contains summary information.

The good thing here is that you don’t have to worry if you are missing a point. You can always keep track of appointments with Notiv. Notiv not only records the meeting but also summarizes important points and allows you to share the results with other team members.

Mind Mapping Method

Mind maps are more common in meetings with creative and abstract topics. The graphic design industry, digital marketing, web design, and other creative encounters are examples where composing your mind can be a great method for taking notes. In fact, many Apple employees have used this method for years.

The map is used here to help meeting attendees understand topics clearly.

Usually, the main theme starts in the center of the map. From now on, subtopics and other composite networks will move away from the center of the map. A lot of things will happen in mental mapping. You can capture all the lines of the meeting with a mind map. but this method has its drawbacks.

If there are multiple speakers in the meeting, it can be difficult to categorize the cues and moments. Not to mention, you have to work with the limited space of a mind map. To help you score all points, you can use the Notiv app. It is guaranteed that you will not miss a single thing from a particular meeting.

Stream annotation method

This method will help you save time on reviewing. The idea behind Flow Notes is to view you as a participant in the meeting rather than the person in charge of the verbatim transcript. In this method, you can do whatever you want to remember the main points of the meeting and repeat them. The data can be converted into other forms such as charts, charts, pictures, graphs, or whatever.

This method will greatly help you to obtain important information, at least for you. But it can be difficult for you to review and share it with your colleagues, as not all of them are able to use this method. Use the Notiv app to get an accurate summary and important meeting points.

Take notes

As you can see, these different methods are good depending on some variables. But more importantly, it will work or not, depending on you. If you can use this method and combine it with the simplicity that Notiv offers, the result will be amazing.

Note reflecting

For those with trouble flipping notes, there is nothing to worry about as the Notiv note-taking app can make your process a lot easier. Reflective can give participation.

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