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How To Select The Best Plugin For Your WordPress Website

How to select the best Plugin for Your WordPress website
Yashwant Shakyawal

How to select the best Plugin for Your WordPress website? WordPress.org boasts over 40,000 plugins. With so several selections, it can be arduous to seek out precisely what you’re craving. Often, there are many plugins that might suit your desires. When you’re long-faced with this state of affairs, it might be tempting to only decide on one. Then questions arise in our minds that how I choose a better plugin.? we are suggesting you Select the best Plugin for Your WordPress website.

Keep in mind, though, that picking the best plugin is vital. So however do you choose? We’ll review some things to stay in mind once sorting out WordPress plugins. So without wasting any more time, let’s start our article on how to select the best Plugin for Your WordPress website.

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Examine Your Needs

It’s important to confirm what you would like from a plugin before you search for one. Sit down and write a list of exactly what you’re craving. This simple act might prevent time and cash by supplying you with inspiration.
If you’re not sure what you would like however sort of a sure feature on a website, check out this WordPress plugin checker. This will tell you which of them the top 50 most well-liked plugins are used on any WordPress website and may offer you a plan of what plugins to appear for.

Downloading a WordPress plugin

You should forever transfer a plugin for WordPress from the official WordPress plugin directory. There are over twenty thousand WordPress plugins in this directory. By downloading a plugin from the WordPress plugin directory you are ensuring that the plugin you’ll be putting in on your WordPress is legit. Thousands of plugins are downloaded each day from the WordPress plugin directory thus if there’s one thing wrong with one in each of the plugins, people can complain and the issue can get corrected.

By downloading a plugin for WordPress from the WordPress plugin directory you will even be mechanically notified once an associate upgrade is obtainable for the plugin and it might even be terribly simple to upgrade the plugin while not suffering any website period of time.

Choosing a plugin for WordPress

When wanting a plugin for WordPress you’ll notice that there are many plugins that suit you would like, thus selecting the right plugin could be tough. So ideally once you decide what you would like and begin rummaging through the WordPress plugin directory, pick at most five plugins that can suit your desires and use the below tips to decide on the simplest one.

How several times was the plugin downloaded?


WordPress plugin information when looking for a plugin for WordPress, start by wanting what number of times this plugin was downloaded. The more times it was downloaded, it means the additional in style it is. A plugin that has been downloaded simply a few thousand-fold is clearly completely different than a plugin that has been downloaded by lots of users, A plugin becomes popular as a result it is well maintained, works as advertised, and will not have any, or have just a few problems.

WordPress Plugin ratings WordPress plugin average rating


The WordPress plugin rating is also a mirrored image of the standard of the plugin. If a WordPress plugin has a few ratings, or low ratings it is not an honest sign. A good plugin for WordPress that works as promoted will certainly have a superb rating. Never go for a plugin with but three stars (unless it’s a brand new plugin and not many folks rated it thus far).

Which version of WordPress will the plugin support?

If the plugin was not updated for a protracted time, it will be out-of-date and won’t work with the newest versions of WordPress. Though it is additionally common that a WordPress plugin works well on the newest version; the author ne’er updated the plugin details to replicate this.

Check out the Changelog

In addition to using it to ascertain if security problems are mounted; the plugin changelog is a good tool to grasp what you’re obtaining with a plugin. The changelog will tell you what options are added with every update. Generally, a lot of progress within the changelog suggests that the plugin developers are attuned to their customer’s desires and are actively attempting to form the plugin higher. This will build obtaining the options you would like out of a plugin easier than with people who have very little progress within the changelog.

WP White Security Blogger Tip:

Plugins that work for WordPress version 2.8 most likely still run on the newest version of WordPress, but the additional time passes and therefore the additional advanced the plugin for WordPress is; the more the probability that you simply would possibly encounter issues victimization such plugin.

WordPress Support Forums for Plugins

WordPress plugin support forum button on every WordPress plugin page you can see a ‘View Support Forums’ button. This is where plugin users usually post their feedback, complaints, and bug reports. Some of the plugins, mostly the in-style ones may additionally have their own forum pages; so build certain you make certain yet. This forum is also an honest indicator of the author responding to complaints and feedback; which suggests that the author has an interest in maintaining the plugin.

Free versus Premium

If you’re searching for plugins, you may be torn between going with free versus premium plugins. Free plugins are nice if you’re wanting for no financial commitment right off the bat. Depending on your desires, some free plugins can offer you precisely what you’re craving. Most also supply updates to the premium version to unlock additional options.

On the other hand, there is a heap of pluses to premium plugins. Premium plugins maintain compatibility with new WordPress versions. They also have more options to permit you to customize your website. If you’re worried about value, most premium plugins are comparatively low-cost. And you’re supporting the developers, so they’re additional seemingly to give the simplest product potential.

Reputation of the Plugin Developer

It’s important to take into account the name of the plugin developer and their different plugins before selecting them. You can confirm this by staring at reviews of their plugins and the way typically downloaded there.

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