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India is one of the highest markets for net app and DDoS attacks

Yashwant Shakyawal

India is one of the highest markets for net app and DDoS attacks

India is one of the highest markets for a net app and DDoS attacks. Hackers are attacking Indian sites for the past many years. it is now as a picnic spot for all hackers groups. India is struggling these attacks have lost many economical sector losses. The researchers at Akamai have discovered new security vulnerabilities and a wave of recent security attacks (including DDoS) on devices. Over 7.43% of all DDoS attacks created within the quarter came from the Asian nation, whereas China took the highest spot with thirty seven.01%. India was the same to be a prime target for net application attacks and accounted for a hundred and twenty-fifth of all the attacks created on a world level. The USA took the highest spot here with eighty-one of the attacks targeted towards the region.

The researchers conjointly found over forty nine security vulnerabilities in WordPress themes and plug-ins. this can be a get up entail freelance websites that use WordPress for content publication. Overall, DDoS attacks saw a rise of 132% compared to an identical amount last year, whereas a seven-membered increase was discovered compared to Q1 2015. Over thirty-fifth of all the DDoS attacks were targeted towards online gamers, which has been the popular medium of attacks for quite a while currently.

“The threat posed by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) and net application attacks continues to grow every quarter,” same John Summers, vice chairman, Cloud Security Business Unit, Akamai. “Malicious actors area unit frequently dynamic the sport by change ways, seeking out new vulnerabilities and even conveyance back recent techniques that were thought of noncurrent. By analyzing the attacks discovered over our networks, we’re able to determine rising threats and trends and supply the general public with the knowledge to harden their networks, websites, and application and improve their cloud security profiles,” he added.

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