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Top 10 Hackers Teams of Earth

Top 10 Hackers Teams of Earth
Yashwant Shakyawal

Top 10 Hackers Teams of Earth

Hacking has grown massively over the past few years. What merely started out as net pranks on personal computers has currently adults into a nexus of activities like holding massive firms to ransom over their vital information or movement down the whole government and non-government organizations’ services for long periods. Hacking is no more a talented coder’s hobby, for it has become a full-fledged profession.
As hacking has grown, like-minded hackers have returned along to figure in alliance and kind hacking teams, some of which area unit very ill-famed and have attracted the eye of the globe. Some attract attention due to their good deeds whereas most attract attention to his or her ill fame. We cowl ten of the most ill-famed hacking teams of all times here.


Famous with the general public for his or her blood feud (pun intended) against ISIS whereas donning the Guy Fawkes masks, Anonymous is an open online creation cluster unfold in several components of the world. They stand against the injustice of all kinds, keeping with their personality of vigilantes that become apparent with their Guy Fawkes masks. They acted against the Church of Scientology, hacked the Pentagon, attacked Visa, PayPal and MasterCard for refusing payments to WikiLeaks, and took down some websites belonging to ISIS. Many people from countries like a European nation, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, and Turkey have been arrested for being allegedly happy to Anonymous.


Lizard Squad’s list of victims includes high profile websites just like the Malaysian Airlines website, where users were redirected to a page with the message “404- a plane not found”, and Facebook. Although Facebook denied being hacked, their network was down for some time owing to a DDoS attack by Lizard Squad. The group has additionally attacked Sony and Microsoft, with their members posting ISIS flags on Sony’s servers. Some members were arrested in the USA and European nations following their Xbox and PlayStation hacks.


One of the foremost notorious teams of previous years, The Level Seven Crew was involved in some huge hacks in 1999 however their functioning stopped in 2000. They were allegedly inspired by the seventh level of hell according to Dante’s Inferno, which is a violent level. Their list of victims includes The First yank commercial bank, NASA, the US Embassy in China’s web site, and Sheraton building.


Founded in Berlin in 1980 and one of the biggest European Hacking teams, CCC is one of the nice hacking teams of the globe that has been teaching the common public regarding technology since the Nineteen Eighties. The working of three hundred is directed towards uncovering security flaws in major government and non-government services. They said that they had to consult lots of legal advisors before ascertaining what’s bootleg hacking and what the gray area of lawfulness in hacking is.
They clarified their intentions once they scarf 134,000 marks from a bank in Hamburg mistreatment their Bildschirmtext page. They showed their true intentions by returning back the entire money once exposing the protection flaw within the web site. However, they have been found guilty of selling U.S corporations’ and government’s source code to the Committee for State Security.


This group, short for Lulz Security, was founded as a spinoff of Anonymous once the 2011 HBGarry Hack. Their slogan aforesaid “laughing at your security since 2011”. Their existence was announced to the world after they initially hacked Fox.com, followed by Sony Pictures, in 2011. After that, LulzSec took down the CIA’s website as well. However, in 2012, the group members were in remission by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a result of their leader, named Sabu, gave them away.


Syrian Electronic Army aka SEA is one of the groups that incorporates a strict purpose of their functioning, which is to stamp out opposition teams in the Syrian Arab Republic. They are wide authorized to move supporters of Syrian Arab Republican president Bashar al-Assad and establish themselves as active Syrian youths United Nations agency won’t stand by lazily to observe huge distortion of facts regarding recent uprisings in Syria.
Their activity is routinely marked by posting of the Syrian flag on a victim’s web site, with the group mistreatment techniques like phishing, DDoS attacks, spamming, and malware. They have targeted Twitter accounts additionally as Facebook pages of influential individuals like Barack Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.


This was a hacking group that was started by a street-gang member named St. Patrick Gregory. The group’s activity includes hacking some 115 websites and destroying their information leading to countless dollars’ value injury. Although Gregory took to computers, his group behaved in a similar manner a street gang will, with the group often writing “global hell cannot die” on U.S. Army’s web site.


The NHCP Group is believed to have been found in China in 1994, the group is purportedly the one United Nations agency funded the People’s Liberation Army. Their leader, Tan Dailin, was also widely believed to be operating for the Chinese army.


This group was started by a 16-year in previous in 2010 United Nations agency used the anonym Trick. The activity of this group enclosed hacking into an international organization, Facebook, Daily Mail UK website, the English Defence League, which enclosed Tony Blair’s account. Although they are purportedly stone-broke up in 2012, they resurfaced in 2015 as a white-hat security research cluster.


Tarh Andishan is an Iranian hacking cluster that is comprised of a bunch of twenty extremely complete and gifted hackers. It is believed that the group, based in the national capital, formed due to the Stuxnet worm virus that, according to Iran, was a joint effort by the US and Israeli forces against them. Their activity ranges far and wide, with the group being believed by several to wanting to manage all the web-based systems of the globe.

Their victims consist of many security systems additionally as airline gates. Their most notorious activity, though, is believed to be Operation Cleaver, which is associate operation targeting military, energy and utilities, oil and gas, airlines, airports, transportation, and hospitals. More than fifty entities in over sixteen countries, as well as China, the USA, Saudi Arabia, India, Israel, France, Germany, and England, have been hit by this campaign. Tarh Andishan uses techniques like SQL injection attacks, self-propagating software, backdoors, etc.


The hacking teams mentioned in this article area unit some of the various hacking groups that area unit functioning or area unit celebrated to possess functioned at some purpose of your time within the world. Their activity shows that hacking is a serious issue, with some reports claiming that more than $575 trillion has been lost as injury owing to cybercrime or activities of hacktivists.

While some of these hacking teams have a social or political agenda behind their formation and activities, others area unit simply teams of individuals United Nations agency are out there to insert concern in individuals. While some, like Anonymous, have gained popularity with individuals for targeting terrorist outfits like ISIS, others have received widespread hate and criticism for rendering public services helpless only for their personal gain. Their stamping out is like cutting a tree with seeds in its flowers; the cutting of one tree sprouts many others owing to the spilling of the seeds.

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