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Manhunt on for Indian student threw a puppy from a roof

author wpshopmart 05 Jul 2016

Manhunt on for Indian student threw a puppy from a roof. Over the previous few days, a worrisome video of AN Indian man throwing a dog from a terrace within the southern town of Madras has gone microorganism. native police and animal rights activists are making an attempt to find the person within the video, UN agency has been known as a student from a town faculty.

The frightful 33-second video was shot in pic and shows the dog whimpering in worry because the man appearance at the camera whereas holding it by the neck. He then throws the dog from the terrace, and therefore the video ends with the dog’s cries. The video was wide shared on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp over the previous few days. The man was finally known as Gautam S, a final year student at Tamil Nadu’s Madha Medical faculty by his classmates. The one who shot the video has additionally been known, however each stay absconding.

Animal rights activist Sharavan Krishnan discovered that the dog lost its life. He additionally aforementioned that the video was initial uploaded period of time past, however once the school students recognised Gautam, he vulnerable them to stay quiet. There are many incidents of cruelty towards animals, particularly stray dogs in Republic of India in recent months. In March, a Bengaluru resident was in remission for killing eight puppies to show their mother a lesson.


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