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New Shield Android TV update it into a full Plex media server

Yashwant Shakyawal

New Shield Android TV updates it into a full Plex media server. The Nvidia protect is an associate degree mechanical man TV box, however, it’s far more than that. whereas the few different devices running on mechanical man TV stick closely to the quality Google-prescribed feature set, Nvidia has side an overplus of gambling and streaming options to protect. The protect has been bundled with the Plex streaming app since launch, however, currently, the protect is learning a brand new trick. The protect three.2 update adds the flexibility to run a full Plex media server on the box.

Plex, for people who don’t seem to be aware, maybe a piece of computer code that enables you to stream your video files over your native network or the net from a central media storage box. It will handle just about any video file, presumptively ones you’ve obtained from legal sources, however, we’re not here to gauge. Plex truly transcodes your videos in real-time, then streams them to your chosen screen. Thus, it supports any style of video on any screen.

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Plex depends upon 2 parts to urge this done: a media server and a streaming shopper that truly displays the video. before the new protect update, the hardware may solely play video from your media server like several different mechanical man device. Now, it will truly be the media server. the bottom model protects prices $200, however, it solely has 16GB of enclosed storage. The $300 protect bumps that to 500GB. However, each model supports expandable storage via microSD cards and USB ports for external onerous drives. The mechanical man half dozen.0 build running on protecting additionally supports adaptable storage, thus you’ll be able to treat auxiliary storage as internal to create managing files easier.

This is a cool feature as a result of within the past serious Plex users would need to build moderately powerful media servers to create their libraries streamable — transcoding will take some power unit. Some individuals merely use their main pc as a Plex server, however, it’s to stay online all the time to figure. Plex says the protection implementation is feasible because of the powerful hardware Nvidia used. The project relies on the Tegra X1 SoC, a quad-core 64-bit ARM chip with a 256-core Maxwell GPU. it’s support for hardware-accelerated video transcoding in H.264, MPEG2, and HEVC. That’s simply what you would like for Plex.

The $300 protection is currently the most cost-effective thanks to getting a usable Plex hold in and running. although you don’t purchase expandable storage, 500GB may be a sensible quantity of area to urge started. The Plex update additionally includes the flexibility to manage your Shield’s storage over a neighbourhood network victimization of your pc. That’ll be nice for loading video onto the server. Nvidia hasn’t nominal the discharge date for the three.2 update, however, it shouldn’t be quite every week or 2. Basic Plex streaming over your network is supported free, however some options like remote streaming and offline caching need a $40 yearly Plex Pass subscription.

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