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5 best low income fast speed internet options

fast speed internet options

With an increased dependency on the internet,  it has become an essential part of every household.  In our everyday life internet plays a very vital role, we use the internet for shopping,  to pay our bills,  for entertainment purposes,  for staying connected with our loved ones,  for office work,  and for online classes.  So fast speed internet options are required for almost everything.

You need fast-speed internet and a consistent connection because many users complain about inconsistent fast speed internet speed whenever there is traffic in the lines.  You must use an fast speed internet provider that you can depend on when you face such issues. Spectrum offers reliable connection and 24/7 Spectrum customer service to all its users.  fast speed internet is a necessity, but most people cannot pay $100  each month for it.

We are going to mention five internet service providers that offer affordable fast speed internet connections and high internet speed.

Spectrum internet

Spectrum is a broadband fast speed internet service provider with over 30 million users spread over more than 40 states in the US.  If you want an economical option, and you want to find out the best provider for that, then Spectrum is the right option.

Spectrum offers a low-income fast speed internet option, which is called Spectrum Assist plan.  The internet speed in this package is around 30 Mbps, and the price of this package is almost $15 a month.  Apart from that,  Spectrum offers a free internet modem, and you can get a Wi-Fi router for only $5 a month.

Spectrum provides additional benefits and features that make it a better choice. Spectrum offers free access to Nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots, no matter where you are, you can connect your devices with your internet. Another relieving factor is the No Contract policy, you will not sign up for any contracts with Spectrum. You can also download the free mobile Spectrum App from the App Store, we will recommend it because it makes it feasible for you to control your account and pay your monthly bills.

Windstream Internet

The high-speed internet is an essential part, the speed of your internet connection heavily depends on the type of internet connection that you have. There are three major types of internet connections, DSL, Broadband Cable, and Fiber Optic connection. Windstream Kinetic internet is a fast fibre-optic internet connection. It is available in 18 states. You can get high-speed internet of 25 Mbps for only $27 per month.

Internet security is another important concern for many people especially because people use the internet for work. If your internet connection is not secure, you can lose important data because there are many hackers online. Windstream is an award-winning internet provider for security. They’ve security plans that you can take for a better experience.

Moreover, Windstream also offers parental controls that allow the parents to keep a check on the activities of their kids by simply controlling it on their phones. Windstream offers unlimited internet and there are no download restrictions on internet data. There’ll be no contractual restrictions or hassle.

COX Internet

It is one of the best broadband internet providers in the US with millions of users. COX took an initiative to provide Connect2complete initiative to help people find economical internet options. They offer internet speed up to 25 Mbps for only $9.99 per month.

This plan is available for the qualifying customers only and in order to qualify you must have one kid of K12-School at home and you must be enrolled in any of the assistance programs mentioned below,

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • HUD
  • Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • NSLP

If you are enrolled in any of these assistance programs, you will qualify for the internet package. All you need to do is to mention it when you will sign up for their internet package.

AT&T Internet Access

AT&T does not require any introductions. It is hands down one of the best providers in the country with millions of users. If you have a K-12 school kid at your home and AT&T is offering internet at your place, you can get the low-cost internet plan offered by AT&T. You can get a speed of 10 Mbps for only $10 a month.

The best part is that there’ll be no installation charges for this plan. However, you’ll be charged on monthly basis for this plan.

Xfinity Internet Essential

Xfinity offers an internet essential program to all the customers who qualify for it. You can get a speed of 15 Mbps for almost $10 a month. To make it easier for you, they do not require any contracts or installation charges. They’ll provide free equipment and no credit check is required.

You can contact their sales department and mention your query and they’ll further assist you with the process. To qualify, you or your kids should be a part of any of the following assistance programs,

  • Verified senior or veteran through Veteran or Senior Assistance Program
  • Pell Grant
  • HUD
  • NLSP


Wrapping Up

Internet is a necessity and everyone needs it. You can choose low-cost internet connections to get internet service. All the providers that we’ve mentioned, offer cheap internet plans for people who cannot afford to pay for internet.



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