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Viewing streaming services becomes more enjoyable with Kodi as it ensures complete privacy


Cheaper services of video streaming have brought about a complete changeover in the way people see television programs as users are now able to take full control over their choices. More and more viewers who want to enjoy the new-found liberty in consuming digital entertainment in their own way are choosing video streaming services over the traditional cable networks as it saves good money too. For example, Netflix subscription will cost you almost nothing as compared to what you pay for a cable subscription, and the added benefit is that you can view selected programs of your choice not offered by cable operators. Accessibility of the video streaming services on smartphones has added to its popularity. Installing an open-source media player like Kodi expands the viewing options many more times and allows creating your package of entertainment by choosing programs of your choice only.

Instead of depending on DVDs and various other media to get your daily dose of entertainment, you can now curate your programs offered by the streaming services and even catch up with live streaming of sports, music, and other events. You stay well organized, which enhances the enjoyment of viewing your favorite programs.

Highly personalized viewing

Viewers who are very particular about their choices and hate to compromise would find Kodi most suited. It tracks their online behavior to establish viewer profiles to ascertain what they like so that they can send recommendations based on it, which enhances the viewing experience many more times. Since the offerings match with your taste and preference, the enjoyment you derive from it is much more.

Multi-platform accessibility

Kodi setup is highly versatile as it is compatible with several hardware platforms and operating systems. Whether you use Windows, macOS, Linux iOS, Raspberry Android, or android or any other operating system, Kodi will run smoothly on devices like Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and NVidia Shield Android TV set-top boxes and many more. To get the most from Kodi, you must use Kodi addons that help to add new features and functionality to the platform for boosting your viewing experience.

Kodi is compatible with Ubuntu, which is a distribution of the OS named GNU Linux and to ensure safe viewing, you must use a freeVPN for Ubuntu, which increases the viewing pleasure. The VPN not only safeguards your online identity but also keeps it anonymous so that you can view restricted content and even some content for free without worrying about its legal implications.   Since VPN uses end-to-end encryption during data exchange with the browser, it ensures complete privacy during viewing.

Kodi legality

In its simplest form, Kodi is a media player, and it is 100% legal to use Kodi. But the problem starts when users tweak the platform to enhance its features and functionalities by using Kodi addons, many of which, especially the third-party addons, have dubious origins and could land you in legal problems.

Many addons are useful for accessing restricted content, and if you are not using a VPN, it could spell trouble for you.

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