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TeamViewer denies hack when PCs hijacked, PayPal accounts drained

author wpshopmart 02 Jun 2016

TeamViewer denies hack when PCs hijacked, PayPal accounts drained

Updated TeamViewer users say their computers were hijacked and bank accounts empty all whereas the software package company’s systems cryptically fell offline. TeamViewer denies it’s been hacked.

In the past twenty four hours, we have seen a spike in complaints from those that say their PCs, Macs and servers were condemned via the wide used remote-control tool on their machines. Even users with robust passwords and two-factor authentication enabled on their TeamViewer accounts say they were hit. It seems miscreants gained management of victims’ TeamViewer net accounts, and used those to attach into computers, wherever they taken net browsers to empty PayPal accounts, access webmail, and order stuff from Amazon and eBay.

“Hackers got everything from Maine,” Doug, associate Idaho-based Twitch streamer UN agency was trying forward to celebrating his birthday these days along with his adult female and 2 youngsters, told The Register.

“They remote connected in at 5AM MT, went into my Chrome and used my PayPal to shop for regarding $3k value of gift cards. And yes, I had two-factor authentication.”

Over on Reddit, individuals were lining up with tales of their systems being compromised via TeamViewer, sparking fears the platform had been hacked. TeamViewer makes remote-control shoppers for Windows, OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS and humanoid.

“When I weekday down on my chair, I saw my mouse is moving across the screen. Of course, I now revoked device, and asked UN agency [the hacker] is. At that time, he disconnected, and tried to attach to my Ubuntu server, that has all my backups. smart factor I connected to [the server] right when he remote’d into my digital computer. I revoked his permission before he tried to open Firefox. now when, I started panicking, and thought he simply scarf all my passwords.”
Another Redditor, famguy07, added: “I had an equivalent factor happen to Maine tonight. as luck would have it i used to be taking part in Rocket League. I terminated [the connection] when but ten seconds. Once it clicked in my brain what had happened, I logged into my server and exited TeamViewer to touch upon it later.”

Pouring additional fuel on the fireplace that TeamViewer had been infiltrated by criminals, at regarding 0700 standard time (1500 within the UK) these days TeamViewer suffered associate outage lasting a minimum of 3 hours, that knocked its web site offline and left individuals unable to attach to their computers remotely.
It’s claimed’s DNS was screwed up throughout the IT snafu, so stopping individuals from obtaining through to the Germany-based company’s servers. We’ve detected that its DNS servers were inform towards Chinese science addresses at one purpose, however we’ve not been ready to verify that.

TeamViewer has aforementioned sorry the period of time

After obtaining its systems back on-line, TeamViewer insisted that its security wasn’t broken. in an exceedingly statement bizarrely dated last week however referencing today’s events, the occupation instead damned “careless use” of passwords by its customers. individuals are not victimisation robust enough credentials, or area unit reusing passwords from websites that are hacked – like LinkedIn and Tumblr, we’re told.
“Users area unit still victimisation an equivalent watchword across multiple user accounts with numerous suppliers. whereas several suppliers have correct security means that in situ, others area unit vulnerable,” the corporate aforementioned.TeamViewer spokesperson Axel solon told The Register by phone from Deutschland tonight that his company has not found any sign of a breach, and prompt those that are hijacked contact the police.

It is potential that some of us are caught out by watchword employ, or by weak passwords, or by a Windows Trojan disguised as associate Adobe Flash update that is doing the rounds victimisation TeamViewer to backdoor machines.Yet, we’ve detected from those that have used passwords distinctive to TeamViewer, UN agency have enabled two-factor authentication, and have found no malware on their computers, losing management of their systems within the past few days via TeamViewer. It’s potential the DNS mess-up was a part of associate elaborate arrange by cyber-fiends to intercept people’s logins and swipe their passwords, however the corporate is adamant there was no security breach.
If you are doing use TeamViewer, currently would be a decent time to triple check your watchword and security settings to stay miscreants out, and examine your affiliation logs and your browser history for any unauthorized accesses.

Updated to feature

In a second statement these days, TeamViewer aforementioned its DNS systems fell offline as a result of they were pummeled by a denial-of-service attack. “TeamViewer knowledgeable network problems owing to the DoS-attack to DNS servers and glued them,” the occupation aforementioned. “There is not any security breach at TeamViewer.”

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