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Why Mobile Games Are Taking Over The Industry

Mobile Games

Mobile gaming is nothing new, but some fans agree it still has a new feel. It isn’t like buying a traditional video game that once it is beaten, you are ready to trade it on. Most mobile games are designed to never be beaten. Thanks to frequent updates, a mobile game could last forever. As long as the developer is willing to roll out a new update from time to time, players will stick around. The traditional console game did not include updates. This is not to mention, that some titles could be beaten in a few short days, depending on the player’s skill level. This is just one reason why mobile games are taking over the gaming industry.

Players Are More Budget-Wise

Since most mobile games are never beaten, thanks to regular updates, consumers can save money over time. Even though some mobile game developers charge fees for updates, it is still possible to save money. Game update fees are fairly affordable.

When mobile game update fees are compared to the price of a console game there are very few similarities. A popular video game title in cartridge form could set a consumer back at least $50. A cost of a mobile game update ranges between $19 and $29 for most titles.

There are no rules when it comes to mobile game updates. Players have the option of ignoring or purchasing updates. So, it is possible for players to continue playing uninterrupted if they opt for the former.

Virtual Reality And Mobile Gaming

Console games are limited to two-dimensional “2D” environments. While most players are unaware of it, images in console games are flat, especially when compared to three-dimensional “3D” images. Believe it or not, the virtual environment can make or break a video game. When video game developers fail to provide players an extraordinary virtual environment, they are guaranteed to not stick around very long. Who could blame them when there are much better options on the table?

To enhance the virtual environment, some developers are making their mobile games are turning to Virtual Reality “VR” technology. This technology allows a virtual game environment to transition from 2D to 3D. Instead of flat characters, props, and graphics, you get a much better 3D alternative. Three-dimensional game environments consist of images, graphics, and characters with more depth. Some players describe the depth of 3D video game images as being very similar to the real world.

Players can enhance their online slots experience with VR.

Augmented Reality Modification

If you think VR technology is amazing, you may not be familiar with Augmented Reality “AR” technology. Many traditional console games lacked a virtual environment in real-time. When AR is combined with VR in mobile games, there is no end to the possibilities.

AR combines video game visuals with sound effects in real-time. These technologies enhance player experience through video game interaction. These extraordinary audio elements are integrated into mobile video games through state-of-the-art technology. When you think about it, these technologies are just one reason why mobile games are taking over the entire video game industry.

More Advancement Options

Most traditional video game titles like “Super Mario World,” “Pac-Man,” “The Legend of Zelda,” “Mortal Kombat,” and “Tetris” had little to no advancement options. The starting and ending points were the same for all players. The time it took to beat the traditional video game varied, depending on several factors. When players had more time to invest in playing and more experience, the traditional game could be defeated in a few short days. Otherwise, you could spend several weeks beating the game.

Thanks to in-app purchases, mobile game players can advance at a much speedier pace. In fact, players can now advance from one level to another in a few hours. Of course, in-app purchases are not always as cost-efficient as they seem. In-app purchase prices vary from one mobile game title to another. Players can expect to pay as little as $0.99 or as much as $9.99 or more for an extra life or energy-fueling elixir. Whatever the case may be, in-app purchases can ensure players survive some of the most difficult virtual game tasks.


Another benefit of mobile gaming worth mentioning is multi-player capability. Some mobile games allow up to eight players unit as a team.


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